Moneygrator Casino Payment System: Functionality of the Solution

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A wide variety of settlement methods is an important element of successful work in the gambling industry. The Moneygrator program is considered a leader in this field. The multitasking software supports different payment options and contains tools for quick entry into the regulated markets of the European Union.

Moneygrator payment system for casinos

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About the Aggregator

Modern gaming sites offer many methods for depositing and withdrawing prizes or receiving bonuses. If users see that it is convenient to replenish accounts, then they will perform the desired action, and an operator will receive new solvent clients.

Among the available solutions in the casino industry, payment by card is the most popular. At the same time, part of the audience prefers electronic wallets or cryptocurrency transactions. The task of entrepreneurs is to collect as many popular financial services as possible within one platform. The Moneygrator gateway can help to solve this problem.

The product was presented in 2018 by Slotegrator, a manufacturer from Prague. The company used its vast experience in the European casino market to present a high-quality system with many features.

The connection of the Moneygrator service is versatile. The software combines all common settlement methods in one place, which is convenient and profitable.

Owners of iGaming platforms receive a solution that can be immediately used. There is no need to:

  • negotiate with third-party providers;
  • wait for regulatory approvals.

Cooperation without an aggregator involves going through several registration procedures. There are several main possible challenges for enterprises:

  • each developer has its requirements for a gaming site (placement of information, verification rules, publishing advertisements, etc.);
  • the signing of the contract takes at least 2–3 weeks (negotiations, numerous approvals, and checks await the entrepreneurs);
  • banks often refuse to provide Internet-acquiring services to high-risk businesses (in some jurisdictions, gambling is included in this category);
  • operators need to hire a programmer who will deal with the integration of each financial product;
  • business owners will need a powerful CRM service to better control cash flows from different sources.

The decision to connect the Moneygrator payment system helps entrepreneurs avoid various difficulties. The solution is characterised by ease of use, fast installation, and minimal operating costs.

Advantages of the Premium Financial Module

Moneygrator financial gateway: advantages

The main reasons why casino owners buy the vendor’s software components:


The integration of the casino with the service provides for the combination of all popular financial options in one tool.

Operators do not need to go through numerous approvals and sign contracts with different vendors. All options that are necessary for a successful operation are already included in the Moneygrator software

One merchant account

All payments (bets placed by players, advertising revenue, tournaments, and seasonal missions) are transferred to one account.

The main mutual settlements with the B2B segment are also carried out through the connection of the Moneygrator service.

Businessmen can easily calculate analysis costs, track various cash flows, prepare financial statements, and generate tax reporting


All actions taken within the financial environment are automated. Thanks to this, money is transferred as quickly as, for example, in the case of Internet acquiring

Trouble-free launch

Installation of the Moneygrator casino payment system takes one day. All processes are optimised and customised based on the peculiarities of working in the market and the requirements of specific gambling commissions

Cost saving

It is usually much cheaper to pay for the services of an aggregator than to transfer funds to several banks under an Internet acquiring agreement

High security

Money is protected against theft and operations with the participation of dubious organisations (for example, enterprises under sanctions).

The Moneygrator online casino service comes with a powerful anti-fraud module. It scans the financial environment of a gaming site for vulnerabilities and instantly detects suspicious user activity

How the Payment Aggregator Works

The integration of the Moneygrator solution into casinos and other iGaming platforms (sportsbooks, poker rooms, lottery sites) simplifies and speeds up interaction with clients’ transfers.

How the program works:

  1. Users visit a platform, pass verification, and submit an application to replenish their accounts.
  2. Having chosen a financial option (Internet acquiring, mobile transfers, transactions via a QR code, etc.), clients get to the payment page. Its form and content (for example, available details for filling) may differ depending on the settlement methods used.
  3. After entering the necessary data, gamblers confirm the transfer and receive a notification about the successful withdrawal of prizes.
  4. Money is credited to the user account, and customers can start placing bets and launching the reels in slots. After each bid, the funds are transferred to the operator's account, from where they will be returned to the clients if they win.

Integration of the Moneygrator gateway is carried out together with a convenient CRM module. The application was created to control the receipt and expenditure of profits, create analytical reports, and manage settlements with B2B partners.

What Payment Options Are Available in the Online Environment

The CASEXE studio suggests that business owners connect the vendor’s service with the following methods of depositing and withdrawing funds:

  1. Payment by bank cards. These are products of such international corporations as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and American Express.
  2. Cryptocurrency. Moneygrator is one of the few programs in the market that has added blockchain settlements. Entrepreneurs and their clients have 15 digital tokens to choose from. These are Bitcoins, Ethereums, Ripples, Moneros, Trons, etc.
  3. eWallet. The software is compatible with Skrill, Privat24, Neteller, BitGo, Cubits, and other services popular among gamblers. Among the supported options, there are eWallet programs for fiat money and cryptocurrencies.
  4. Bank transfers. Crediting funds directly to an account of a financial institution will be useful for interacting with B2B partners: software vendors, hosting companies, and affiliated services. Money can be sent within two global systems — SEPA (for companies from the European Union) and SWIFT (for international transfers).

Compliance with the Requirements of Gambling Regulators

It is worth installing the gateway due to its versatility. The solution was created for the casino niche. It supports those transactions that are of interest to users from the European Union and approved by local regulatory commissions.

Operators receive a legal product, which takes into account:

  • user authentication rules (including age verification) in the EU;
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and FATF (Financial Action Task Force) policy requirements;
  • nuances of accepting payments from credit cards (restrictions are valid in the UK, France, and some other countries);
  • limits for depositing money to a gaming site.

Five Reasons Why It Is Profitable to Connect the Gateway from Slotegrator

Moneygrator payment service: connection

The provider’s system has the following benefits:

  1. Years of experience in the market. The software vendor knows all the nuances of receiving and transferring funds, the rules for installing the solution, and the peculiarities of local regulation.
  2. Focus on the gambling industry. The brand is focused on interaction with high-risk projects (including casinos, betting platforms, and Forex exchanges). For this reason, the product supports multi-level customer identification and contains a wide range of additional settings (for example, there are limits on the deposition and withdrawal of funds and checking transfers for compliance with AML policies).
  3. Available payment options. More than 100 settlement methods have been added to the software. According to this indicator, Slotegrator occupies a leading position in the EU gambling market.
  4. Excellent quality of technical support. Employees of the company are in touch 24/7. Operators can consult on all issues related to the acquisition of the gateway and its adaptation to the requirements of local regulators.
  5. Simple installation. The manufacturer provides all necessary technical documentation for API and software synchronisation with third-party financial services.

The Main Things about the Monigrator Solution

A multifunctional product from Slotegrator for running a successful gambling business is quite popular with casino operators.

  • Installation of the tool helps entrepreneurs avoid many problems. They do not need to negotiate and sign agreements with dozens of banks, modify gaming sites according to their requirements, or hire a programmer for software integration.
  • The advantages of buying the Moneygrator system include versatility, the opening of only one merchant account, efficiency, comfortable integration, cost savings, and excellent security.
  • The gateway complies with all the requirements of gambling regulators. These are mandatory verification of the age of users, acceptance of money from credit cards, limits on deposition and withdrawal of funds, and working with cryptocurrency.

The provider’s product can be ordered from the CASEXE studio. The software is available as a separate tool or as part of a turnkey online casino.

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