Casino Payment System Skrill: Convenient One-Touch Transfers

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The Skrill settlement service is the leader in terms of the volume of operations in the gambling industry. Users appreciate it for instant transfers, high security, accessibility from anywhere in the world, and loyal commissions.

Skrill casino payment system: basic info

You can connect the financial gateway in the CASEXE studio. Contact our manager and find out more about the benefits and rules of the Skrill program.


Features of the eWallet Service

The Skrill payment system for online casinos and other business areas was launched in 2002. The founder of the solution, the British concern Gatcombe Park Ventures, created it to simplify international transfers. Over time, the range of services offered by the system has expanded significantly.

Today, it is possible to send money to foreign B2B partners, apply for loans, and participate in a branded loyalty program.

The financial gateway is available in over 200 countries around the world. It includes more than 100 settlement methods. The connection of the casino payment system Skrill allows clients to transfer funds in over 40 currencies. The program supports transactions in digital tokens.

The service is used in various economy sectors:

  • Entrepreneurs will benefit from the integration of the payment system Skrill into casinos, lottery sites, and bookmaker projects. The solution is suitable for accepting deposits in land-based halls and gambling portals.
  • The software was appreciated by traders. With its help, it is possible to make quick transfers in financial markets, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and trade on Forex platforms with binary options.
  • The payment service is supported on the eBay online auction. The program is connected to popular marketplaces (Amazon, Allegro, Taobao, AliExpress), travel sites (Booking), and other online business platforms.

How to Work with the Financial Service?

Skrill financial software: principles of work

The proprietary gateway is characterised by its wide functionality, convenient money transfers, and comfortable administration.

Registration on the Official Site

To install the casino payment system Skrill, it is necessary to register on the site first.

An operator has to specify:

  • first and last name;
  • e-mail address;
  • password;
  • currency of the electronic account.

The e-mail is used to log in. Therefore, the developer recommends specifying a reliable and real address. Account recovery and technical issues are also resolved with a valid e-mail.

The installation of the payment module Skrill for casinos provides a system for protecting personal information. During the transfer, an operator sees only the recipient’s e-mail but not the client's data.

The full name specified during registration must fully match the details of the bank account. Otherwise, the program will automatically block the transfer or send it to the reserve.

The currency of the electronic account can be selected only during registration in the system. The provider offers 2 options: US dollars or euros. It is not possible to change the base monetary unit later.

If funds are credited to an eWallet account or debited in a local currency (for example, in Ukrainian hryvnia), the program will automatically convert them into dollars or euros. The exchange rate depends on international quotes at the time of settlement.

Electronic Account Replenishment

The payment system Skrill for online casinos offers several ways to deposit money to accounts:

Bank card transfer

The method is characterised by high speed and minimal commissions (1% of the transaction amount).

When making the first deposit, it is required to link a debit or credit card to the eWallet account. The verification is carried out by entering the secret code CVV2/CVC2 in a special box. After replenishment, it is necessary to enter the exact amount of the transfer in a window on the Skrill site to complete the authentication.

Entrepreneurs should conduct a one-time fee (€1–3) for the verification

Electronic service operations

The connection of the casino financial system Skrill is compatible with Neteller, Paysafecash, SOFORT, Przelewy (P24), BestChange, WebMoney, GiroPay, Bancolombia, and other eWallet services.

A client selects the settlement method, indicates the amount and confirms the transfer. The funds are instantly credited to the recipient's account.

The cost depends on the payment policy of a particular service. Commission percentage varies between 1.5% and 4.5%

Cryptocurrency wallets

The program supports transfers in over 40 crypto monetary units. It is compatible with popular Blockchain exchanges.

To send funds, it is possible to use an already verified wallet in US dollars or euros. The minimum deposit amount must be $1 equivalent.

The integration of the casino payment system Skrill supports transfers in LTC, BTC, ETH, XLM, EOS, and other digital tokens. Funds are credited to the account in 1–2 seconds after the transaction is approved

Money Withdrawal in the Skrill Program

Operators can transfer funds to Skrill wallets of counterparties, as well as withdraw cash from the system:

  1. Transactions to bank accounts. It is required to specify a unique account number, the SWIFT code of the bank, and the amount of the transfer. The duration of crediting money is from 5 minutes to 3 calendar days (depending on the bank's payment policy). The cost of the transaction is €5.5.
  2. Bank card operations. To conduct a transfer, you should verify the card first. This means it has to be linked to the electronic service. The transaction fee is 4.99% for withdrawals to Visa and Mastercard. Optionally, you can connect the Skrill casino financial service with support for transfers to American Express and UnionPay cards.

Status System for Clients

Several VIP statuses are available to entrepreneurs. Their assignment provides operators with additional benefits. These are reduced commissions for transfers, access to credit funds, payment insurance, and others.




The standard service package implies the opening of only one account. Commissions for deposits and withdrawals are from 1 to 7.5% depending on the settlement method.

The cost of currency conversion is 3.99% of the transaction amount


A reduced commission percentage is available for operators with at least this status. To receive it, the monthly turnover must exceed €6,000.

Its advantages include the minimum commission for replenishing an account (1%) and transferring money between two wallets (1.45%)


The connection of the casino payment system Skrill Silver allows a client to manage 2 independent accounts. The first one can be opened in dollars or euros. The second account can be used for any local monetary unit (for example, Ukrainian hryvnia or Swiss franc).

The status is assigned automatically after the monthly turnover reaches €15,000


An operator can manage two additional foreign currency accounts. The businessman is exempt from commissions for withdrawing money to a Visa card or a bank account for transactions within the eWallet system.

The Gold status is assigned with a turnover of €45,000 per quarter


Such accounts are characterised by the minimum cost of maintenance. The commission for currency conversion is only 1.99%. The withdrawal to a bank account is completely free.

To gain the Diamond status, you have to spend at least €45,000 on your main currency account per quarter

How to Connect the Payment Service Quickly and Beneficially?

Skrill payment service: connection

Let us consider why gamers and operators prefer the proprietary financial software.

High Audience Engagement

Skrill is the leader in accepting payments in the gambling industry. The solution is available even in those regions where banks are reluctant to conduct transactions to the accounts of gambling providers. The system has established itself as a fast and reliable settlement method with loyal commission rates.

One of the significant advantages of the system is partial anonymity. An operator sees only the gambler's e-mail address. At the same time, other information (for example, full name, place of residence, and bank details) is available only to the bank.

Entrepreneurs who decided to enter the European market should add Skrill to the list of supported payment methods on their sites. The solution is in great demand among the audience due to the support of micro transfers (small replenishment amounts — €10–20).

Excellent Security

The activities of the financial software manufacturer are approved by leading international organisations:

  • The developer holds the FCA licence number FRN900001. Skrill was the first company in the European market to start issuing electronic funds following the requirements of the FCA (the UK Financial Conduct Authority).
  • The provider's money transactions are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The registration number is С184986.
  • The company is an authorised agent of the European Communities Regulations. The independent organisation controls electronic money transactions.
  • The integration of the casino payment system Skrill complies with PCI DSS requirements. The company is certified as a Tier 1 financial services provider. It is independently audited every year.
  • The supplier has been certified by VeriSign. The document confirms the reliability of the internet connection in the banking sector, the readiness to counter hacker attacks, and other cyber threats.

Accounts and personal data, as well as all monetary transactions, are protected using secure connection protocol (SSL) technology. Information is transmitted over SSL channels with 128-bit encryption and stored in the cloud.

Convenient Administration

The vendor provides quick access to the account through the site or mobile application. To withdraw funds, users only need to enter their e-mails. The solution is characterised by easy navigation. It includes a system of pop-up hints. Thanks to them, anyone can register and make a payment.

The financial gateway is compatible with new-generation technology and modern operating systems. Software installation is available in mobile casinos that work on Samsung, Apple, GSmart, and Xiaomi devices. The program is playable on Windows and Linux desktop PCs.

Useful Business Services

The installation of the gateway is available with the following features:

  1. 1-Tap. The system of recurring operations is suitable for the accrual of bonuses, loyalty points, and periodic payouts in one touch. The use of 1-Tap reduces costs for conducting and verifying transactions, as well as covering commission fees.
  2. Payment insurance. The security module carefully analyses all transfers for compliance with the AML (anti-money laundering) policy. This approach minimises the number of chargebacks. Those transactions that were returned due to reasons independent of an operator are automatically insured.
  3. eCommerce cart. The solution for local markets supports over 100 payment methods. The program is highly flexible. A customer sets up currencies, markets, and methods depending on the needs of a casino business.
  4. Accumulative program Knect. Points are awarded for all transactions (transfers, exchanges, etc.). Then, they are converted into bonuses. The rewards can be used to make purchases on marketplaces, pay commissions, etc.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Proprietary Gateway

Skrill is the leader in the gambling industry in the volume of online payments.

  • The service is characterised by simplified registration, comfortable account replenishment, and withdrawal of funds. An e-mail address is used as an identifier. Bank card details are linked to it.
  • The company offers several statuses for clients: Classic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. They differ in fees and transfer limits.
  • The provider is licensed by the State Bank of Ireland. It has FCA, PCI DSS, and VeriSign quality certificates. Confidential data is transmitted over secure SSL channels.
  • The advantages of installing the gateway include high audience interest, comfortable account management, cross-platform work, and useful business options. These are 1-Tap one-touch transfers, payment insurance, and the Knect savings program.

You can order the installation of the internet financial gateway at the CASEXE studio. We will provide a quick set-up of exchange operations, adjust a cryptocurrency wallet, and help you with the integration of additional options.

CASEXE offers the following useful services:

  • turnkey online casino development;
  • White Label platform installation;
  • Bitcoin software integration;
  • marketing support of finished iGaming projects;
  • assistance in obtaining a licence, etc.


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