Casino Fraud Protection
Casino Fraud Protection
Guarantee your visitors maximum protection with the latest safety software integrated by Casexe.
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Secure your online casino with a reliable safety system from Casexe. Protection from all possible harmful activities is granted by our up-to-date defensive tools. The integration process of a full-fledged casino security system comprises high-quality encryption methods, multi-level identity verification and authentication approaches, anti-money laundering software, and more helpful protective programs.

Casexe experts will ensure that your platform is safe from any criminal and fraudulent activity.

Casino protection software
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Online casino safety system from Casexe is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure your clients’ security and integrity of your gambling platform. Once installed, these protective instruments will guarantee a riskless operational process.

With Our Security Package, You Get:
01 Bonus Abuse Prevention

The smart analytical system quickly detects dishonest players who create accounts just to make use of reward money.

02 Suspicious Transactions Tracking

To prevent fraudulent operations, the system alerts and suspends deposits with particular patterns.

03 Surveillance and Reporting

Players’ activity is constantly recorded in the log and analysed in live time to find potential disturbances.

04 Analysis and Prediction

The security system from Casexe constantly processes data to deal with potential attacks and intrusions.

05 User Checking Mechanisms

A variety of authentication tools is thoroughly configured and offered to players for identity confirmation.

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In the era of business digitalisation, iGaming projects need 100% protection from hacks, technical failures, and incompetent actions of employees. Casino security software successfully copes with the tasks set.

Casino fraud protection: basic info

You can order licensed programs from the CASEXE studio. Contact our manager and find out how to connect the software on favourable terms.


What Are Security Modules?

The solution is presented as a multitasking program code. It is integrated into the system of a gambling site or mobile app. Its components work autonomously.

Casino security software has appeared on the market relatively recently.

The first comprehensive programs date back to 2011–12. At that time, online gambling projects were actively developing. As a result, hacker attacks became more frequent. Entrepreneurs needed high-quality casino security software considering the peculiarities of local legislation.

The Benefits of Installing Safety Program Components

The product solves a wide range of tasks:

  1. The protection of a gambling site from external threats. It includes DDoS attacks, the introduction of ransomware and spyware, phishing, and obfuscation (reverse study of code). Crypto-jacking is becoming more common. Due to this, attackers steal the project’s computing power and use it to mine cryptocurrency illegally.
  2. Casino ID verification. The verification system checks the identity of customers, their age, location, and the presence of scammers and gaming addicts in the lists. Compliance with KYC methods (Know Your Customer) is one of the requirements of gambling regulators. Casino security software helps to successfully cope with these tasks.
  3. Fight against multi-accounting. Attackers may create multiple accounts to obtain improper benefits. These are getting in-game advantages, stealing bonuses, destabilising a site, and damaging the reputation of a web gambling business.
  4. The protection against internal threats. Most often, these are illegal actions of employees (intentional or unconscious). They lead to technical failures, illegal insider information leakage, and disclosure of confidential information. To prevent sabotage, gambling security software with access levels is provided (for programmers, administrators, and call centre employees), as well as additional safety mechanisms.

It is also possible to connect software to protect the casino in the land-based sector. The system identifies potential violators and gambling addicts. It detects atypical behaviour of visitors in the halls (for example, too long or, on the contrary, short sessions), and prevents hacks.

The Principles of Software Operation

Gambling security software: operation

To guarantee online casino safety at all levels, several modules are built into the software:

Hack risk prediction service

The program conducts a comprehensive security audit of an iGaming project. It reveals its strengths and weaknesses.

The forecasting system is responsible for the prompt certification of online gambling platforms. It includes a script check, cloud and physical data storage, information exchange channels, and other elements

Cyber security system

This is a set of measures and program components. Their purpose is casino fraud protection and the fight against the introduction of spyware and Trojan viruses.

Malicious programs encrypt and delete sensitive data. It also changes basic computing functions on a site

Risk management module

It provides multi-level casino fraud protection in cases associated with credit and debit cards, an increase in the number of age-related payments, and incorrect distribution of bonuses.

One of the most important tasks of the module is the fight against money laundering and the financing of international terrorism. To do this, the program automatically checks the details of recipients and senders with the data in the AML and FATF lists

ID verification for casinos

One of the key requirements of gambling regulators is the prompt identification of a site’s visitors. Special software is built into the gaming platform. It checks customers based on their documents, biometric data, and geolocation

Technological Superiority of Security Software

Program development is based on modern IT solutions. This guarantees absolute casino security and a high level of customer service.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI helps to cope with the huge amount of malware that appears almost every week. The human mind simply cannot process terabytes of diverse information physically. Therefore, artificial intelligence comes to its aid.

AI-based casino security is a new concept in modern gambling.

Such algorithms check:

  • gaming site traffic;
  • data reliability;
  • prioritisation of risks;
  • play with the help of bots.

The software processes huge amounts of data better and faster, detects patterns and atypical behaviour, and simulates cyber-attacks to prevent them in the future.


Security-edge gateways are responsible for inspecting and controlling network traffic. Any user who tries to connect to a gaming resource is automatically scanned through the firewall system. This ensures primary gambling security and prevents hacks and technical failures in the operation of a site.

Modern firewalls are located at the edge of the network. They limit the transit of internet traffic and unwanted DDoS connections through filtering and authentication tools.


Mathematical algorithms and evaluators are used to encrypt sensitive information. Casino fraud protection is implemented at the code level, ensuring the reliability of networks and data storage.

Traditional gambling sites and mobile casinos use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The safety of Blockchain iGaming projects is based on several algorithms:

  • SHA-256 — for Bitcoin casinos;
  • Scrypt — for sites accepting deposits in Litecoin;
  • Ethereum — for gambling resources with exchange operations in Ethereum, etc.

To protect casinos from hacking, software developers often utilise SSL protocols. With their help, secure encrypted connections are created between a gambling server and a user.

Emergency Copy Programs

One of the key rules for working with digital data is to always have a backup. This task is handled by DR-services (Disaster Recovery), which improve the security of a casino.

The essence of DR programs is the backup of the main storage and data processing systems at remote sites. This can be physical hardware or cloud storage. In the case of a hack or DDoS attack, a gaming system will instantly recover. Confidential information will not be lost.

ID Verification for Casino Platforms

ID verification for casinos: stages

Prompt identification of visitors is one of the main requirements of gambling regulators. A good choice is to connect software to protect the casino along with KYC mechanisms.

There is primary and secondary client authentication:

  1. Initial verification is carried out during the registration of a gamer on a gambling site. The visitor enters personal data (name, age, place of residence). The program evaluates the veracity of the information. To do this, the casino ID verification software checks the geolocation and the presence of the gamer's last name in the lists of persons with signs of gambling addiction. It also checks scans of documents, etc.
  2. Secondary verification is activated when depositing or withdrawing winnings. As a rule, external programs are connected at this stage. For example, for transactions with a Visa card, two-factor verification 3D-Secure is launched. The gamer enters the login and password, as well as a one-time PIN received via SMS or voice call. Mastercard (SecureCode) and other payment suppliers provide similar solutions.

Software developers are not limited to two-step authentication. They implement modern security mechanisms in their products.

You can connect verification for casinos with the following tools:

Behavioural analytics service

The program considers hundreds of factors. These are the way chosen to start a gambling session, the quality of passwords, the speed of data entry, the frequency of logins, the time spent on a resource, and the size of the minimum and maximum bets.

The collection and analysis of game parameters help to build high-quality behavioural analytics. On its basis, the software identifies atypical activity on a gambling site

User device verification

The ID verification for casinos checks the login device, browser history, and previously committed actions of a gamer.

The collected facts are carefully analysed. Based on them, the player's reliability rating is formed

Biometric identification

The ID verification for a casino generates a biometric ID key during a client's registration on a site.

The key is unique. It cannot be stolen and decrypted even when an iGaming project is hacked. This guarantees complete protection of all confidential data.

Leading Developers of Security Software

The CASEXE studio offers its clients to connect verification for casinos from the best providers:

  1. Afimac Global. The Canadian company has launched an IPS service (Intrusion Prevention System). The main tasks of the software include the prevention of fraudulent activities in games, the protection of confidential data, the verification of payments, and the control of bonuses.
  2. Yoti. The branded identification system consists of three levels. These are the verification of user documents, password authentication, and checks based on age or biometrics.
  3. Featurespace. The security mechanisms are based on machine learning. The software processes over 10 thousand requests per second, including scanning for suspicious traffic, identity authentication, and chargeback control.
  4. Bet IT Best. Advanced security technologies are built into the proprietary software of the German company. These are anti-fraud systems, SIG gateways, UDP-, TCP- and DNS ports, as well as seamless API tools.
  5. Accertify. The European manufacturer uses encrypted communication channels, powerful financial gateways, and programs for copying and remote data storage.

The Main Things about the Connection of Protection Software

Casino security is an integral part of the stable and profitable operation of a gambling resource.

  • The connection of software provides powerful protection of a gaming site from external and internal threats, identifies customers, fights players’ collusion, multi-accounting, bonuses abuse, and solves other tasks.
  • Modern software includes several modules. These are a threat prediction and attack detection system, risk management and payment control services, a client verification program, as well as analytical and reporting modules.
  • Developers of security software use innovative IT solutions: artificial intelligence, cryptographic encryption, emergency copying of data and its storage in the cloud, and firewalls.
  • The casino authentication system includes primary and secondary customer verification. The program contains tools for biometric face recognition, geo search, and behavioural analytics.

The CASEXE studio recommends you order security software from top developers. These are Afimac Global, Yoti, Featurespace, Bet IT Best, Accertify, and other licensed suppliers.

The CASEXE studio provides useful business services:

  • the creation of turnkey online casinos;
  • the installation of the White Label platform;
  • marketing support of finished iGaming projects;
  • Bitcoin casino development, etc.

Feel free to contact our experts to learn more.


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