Payment Software for Casinos Start2Pay: Features and Benefits

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Signing contracts and setting up exchange operations with each financial service supplier (bank, provider) is a long and economically unreasonable process. It is more profitable to buy a universal payment gateway that includes different settlement methods.

Start2Pay casino payment system: basic info

CASEXE offers its customers to install Start2Pay. This is a reliable and multi-tasking product with a lot of useful options for the gambling industry. Order a personal consultation and learn more about quick software connection.


The Specifics of the Gateway’s Operation

The Start2Pay payment system for online casinos is a universal aggregator of financial transactions.

The company was founded in 2012 in Cyprus. For 10 years, it managed to expand the range of services and significantly increase its client base. The provider's proprietary software is successfully used in European and Asian markets, as well as in the countries of North and South America.

The program solutions will be useful for e-commerce, the services sector, online education, tourism, gambling, and other fields.

Why the integration of the casino Start2Pay payment system is beneficial for operators:

  1. Emphasis on the entertainment industry. The software supports micro-transfers, single-type operations, instant payouts, and other types of transactions that are typical for the gaming field.
  2. The versatility. The program includes more than a hundred money-transfer methods. It focuses on the current tasks of a businessman. The operator can choose the desired tools from the entire pool of products and modify the gateway to suit the project’s needs.
  3. The adaptation to licensing rules and regulations. The actual integration of the casino payment system Start2Pay is performed following the laws of a particular country. These are limits on transfers, playing for credit money, age restrictions, and other parameters.

Ross Borg, creative director of the studio, gave an extensive interview about the current achievements of the company and noted:

The universal payment system for online casinos Start2Pay was designed with an emphasis on the instant provision of financial services in regional markets. The priority is high speed, excellent quality of maintenance, and the adaptation of the software to the needs of the gambling business.

The Benefits of Installing the Solution

Start2Pay financial software: benefits

Consider the technical characteristics of the gateway:

  1. High performance. The software processes over 10 thousand requests per minute. These are basic money transfer operations, customer authentication, age verification, funds exchange, and others. The integration of the casino financial system Start2Pay ensures instant payouts to cards of all banks. It complies with the terms of the PSI DSS directive.
  2. Convenient admin panel. The developer has provided a customised service with reporting on the key metrics of casinos’ activity. Entrepreneurs can calculate gross gaming revenue, return on investment, marketing lucrativeness, and other monetary parameters.
  3. Cross-platform lobby. The gateway is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. It is possible to install the software in a mobile casino, a traditional gambling site, and innovative projects with Blockchain transfers.

The firm's creative director, Ross Borg, said:

We have provided a complete package of tools and payment channels for efficient transaction management. Our program has a concise interface. It is suitable for solving complex problems in the shortest possible time that are relevant for representatives of the gambling business abroad.

The Processing of Different Payment Methods

One of the main obstacles for a novice entrepreneur is setting up exchange operations. A businessman has to cover the current needs of players to the maximum, which implies the connection of more payment channels.

Signing contracts with individual financial service providers, as well as installing their proprietary software, takes months of painstaking work. It is necessary to read all the terms of the contract carefully, prepare a gambling platform, and set limits for the replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

The connection of the casino payment system Start2Pay relieves the owner of an entertainment site from weekly negotiations with banks and financial institutions. All transaction methods are collected in one package, which is as convenient as possible. Besides, it guarantees quick entry into the market.

The issues regarding comfortable business scaling are solved following the same algorithm. The operator applies for a secure connection to the casino payment system Start2Pay in the selected region and receives an instant response from the company's specialists.

The program supports over 100 payment services around the world:

Internet acquiring

This traditional settlement method is available to gamers from most countries allowing gambling activities.

To make a transfer, it is required to have verified Visa or Mastercard bank cards. These are prepaid, debit, and credit products.

To replenish a gambling account in a special form, a user should enter a specific amount, card number, expiration date, and a security CVV code

Apple Pay and Google Pay

These services are developed by different companies. However, they have similar functionality. A bank account is linked to Apple or Google systems.

The connection of the casino payment module Start2Pay with the Apple Pay option is available for iOS devices: Phones and iPads.

The Google Pay program is suitable for compact smartphones manufactured by Samsung and Xiaomi

Electronic payment systems

These are Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, PayTM, Diners Club International, and other global services.

To replenish accounts, gamers have to open and verify electronic wallets. Funds will be credited instantly and with minimal commissions.

The use of eWallet systems is beneficial in those countries where direct deposits or withdrawals to a bank card are not possible or involve increased fees

Bank transfers

The operations are carried out within the framework of the international SWIFT system and its European analogue SEPA.

In the case of SWIFT transfers, money is converted into US dollars (if an operation is carried out in another currency). The main currency for SEPA is the euro

The Security of Transfers

Gambling is exposed to risks more than other economic sectors. These are credit card fraud, identity theft, and the use of payment channels to finance terrorism. In addition, there are some industry-specific violations, for example, the acceptance of bets from persons under 18 years of age or work with credit funds.

The installation of the casino payment system Start2Pay fully complies with international documents:

  • PSI DSS (Internet Security Standard);
  • ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management Standard).

The software package is based on modern cyber defence tools:

  1. SSL encryption. This is an algorithmic transformation of transaction information into a unique code. Data is converted through verified payment communication channels. An SSL certificate confirms a secure connection between two physical servers.
  2. Blockchain. The studio recommends connecting the casino payment service Start2Pay with support for cryptocurrency operations. Information is encrypted using cryptography tools. Therefore, it cannot be replaced, stolen, or transferred to third parties. In addition, Blockchain is a decentralised global network. Its operation does not depend on banks and regulatory authorities.
  3. Tokenisation. This function converts the sender's bank details into a 16-digit token. During the operation, the financial gateway transmits a data package but the confidential information remains encrypted.
  4. The Anti-DDOS service. The program protects a gambling site from DDoS attacks. These are planned actions of intruders, characterised by massive atypical traffic. They lead to a denial of service for a payment system, a technical failure, and the leakage of important secret data.
  5. 3-D Secure and Secure Code. These protection tools were developed by Visa and Mastercard. They have identical functionality. The instruments imply two-factor identification of the sender. Before the transaction goes through the Start2Pay payment channels, the gambler has to confirm the identity with a password and a unique code. The PIN is received as an SMS or a phone call.

How to Connect the Payment Service: 3 Options

Start2Pay payment service: connection

The company offers three software integration variants:

The Installation via iFrame

This is a standard method for displaying one site inside another one. With its help, it is possible to embed the Start2Pay module into a gambling platform without changing the basic program code.

The term iFrame is an abbreviation for Inline Frame. Entrepreneurs who decide to install the casino payment system Start2Pay get access to a fully functional financial gateway in just a few clicks.

The provider used modern programming languages and cloud data storage. Gambling sites do not bug and freeze. The money is instantly transferred to the specified account. All confidential information remains completely safe.


This is a kind of interaction channel between Start2Pay and an operator. It provides automated data exchange between the financial aggregator and a gambling site.

When using the H2H gateway, the parties are guided by the agreed methods of information transfer, data formats, electronic documents, and digital signatures.

API Integration

This is a simple and effective method of installing software. Information is transmitted over secure HTTP channels. Developers use an advanced API programming interface. It guarantees additional security of the software.

The Main Things about the Online Casino Financial Tools

Start2Pay is a reliable monetary gateway. It includes over 100 payment channels and settlement methods.

  • The installation of the software reduces the cost and time needed to sign contracts with various banks and financial institutions. All payment solutions are collected in one package. This is convenient and cost-effective due to minimal commissions.
  • The solution is characterised by good performance, a multi-currency environment, as well as support for different browsers and operating systems. The company offers a user-friendly admin panel with a module for creating KPI reporting.
  • The provider pays great attention to the security of the gateway. The developer uses SSL encryption, distributed peer-to-peer Blockchain network, tokenisation, the Anti-DDOS service, as well as 3D-Secure and Secure Code two-factor verification tools.
  • It is possible to install the software through direct API integration, the iFrame module, or the Host-to-Host protocol.

CASEXE will select the most cost-effective and secure connection method for you.

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