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Online casino is a resource that requires ongoing attention and flexible adjustments to reflect current trends in the gambling market. Only continuous oversight, reformatting, and use of innovations shall keep website's power on and retain its auditory. Website development is only the first stage of online casino project implementation.

In order to have a web resource to function and make a profit, there is a need for constant management control. This includes an improvement of service opportunities, design and style, as well as an integration of new games and engaging conditions for users.

It is extremely difficult for new online casino website to compete in the market. Consulting services would help to overcome many barriers on your way. The CASEXE company is always ready to help your business reach the pinnacle of success. Final result depends solely on your reediness to cooperate closely with our team of professionals.

CASEXE's employees have a great experience in consulting and remain open to provide business development services and comprehensive advice on website promotion and adaptation to the specific region to conduct your business activities.

The CASEXE team does not stop working with a customer after his online casino site is finished, but continues to follow its primary goal of making client's business profitable, which covers all expenses and efforts.

When it comes to complete legalization of gambling business, CASEXE's specialists provide licensing consulting that include assistance in choosing a friendly jurisdiction, collecting necessary documentation and information. We provide guidance on how to interact with regulatory bodies due to the region of operation.

CASEXE is to supervise your project from the first phase of its implementation - starting from license acquisition to profit-making and further continuous improvement.

CASEXE experts provide professional consultations in such segments:


  • Online Casino Development. After discussing the project design and functionality specifications, our employees start creating a website layout. The development team demonstrate a result to the customer, make changes, and prepare the final version of online casino of the selected color scheme. The next step is to integrate licensed game content, connect payment systems, etc.
  • Online Casino Management. CASEXE professionals help to streamline all casino processes - from registration and user accounting to preparing financial and statistical records over a specific period. Casino will work smoothly under the close supervision of the company's professionals.
  • Technical Support. Any malfunctions or failures occuring in the system are instantly eliminated by CASEXE. Our specialists are on-call 24/7 - we have a responsible approach to all tasks, regardless of their complexity and our development efforts.
  • Finance. Deposit transactions, wins payout, fines for violation of rules, discounts, promotional bonuses, withdrawal of funds outside the online casino system - each operation is automatically conducted under the supervision of CASEXE specialists.
  • Marketing. After website development, our company will help you promote your resource and make it recognizable among gamblers. For this purpose, we use a number of special proven tools, as well as the latest methods of promotion. Therefore, correctly planned promotion serves to increase in traffic and retention of active players, resulting in financial growth and move your project into the right direction.
  • Licensing. Secure and transparent business requires legalization and operating within the legal field. Our experts will provide you with a detailed advice on obtaining a license under the specified jurisdiction, help you collect all documents to conduct gambling business in the designated offshore.
  • Legal Issues. Gaming society representatives have been constantly facing problems relating to changes in ongoing legislation, irrespective of the country of operating. CASEXE is always ready to assist in resolving regulation and legal issues to work under updated rules and prohibitions.
  • Innovation. Our company has a finger on the pulse of new technologies and is actively using innovation in its service. For our customers, we are ready to create a unique virtual gaming resource with live dealers and develop other gaming and administrative options to simplify website management.

Consulting and Support for Business Registration

The CASEXE team welcome all potential customers to share any concerns and wishes for online casino development and to entrust this process to real professionals. Together with website development and promotion, we provide assistance in business registration and license acquisition.

You have only to choose under which jurisdiction you would like to get started, and you will receive full consultation on what to do, where to turn, what documents to prepare. This greatly simplifies the challenge, shortens the time to find information and right people to implement the online casino project plan.

We work closely with regulating authorities from different countries, have licenses of various jurisdictions, and can give you the opportunity to operate under our supervision or to obtain individual permission to conduct your gaming business autonomously.

Our experts are available to answer any questions concerning company registration and licensing and to provide support if necessary. Working with us means a convenient cooperation and a ready-made result exceeding your expectations within a short period of time. Save your time and energy - entrust complex challenges to CASEXE's professionals.