Alphapo Payment Method for Casinos: Main Characteristics

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In the casino niche, new payment options appear constantly, and users can replenish their accounts in milliseconds. Security of gambling projects remains at the highest level: operators are protected against chargebacks and players — from identity theft.

Alphapo casino payment system: basic info

CASEXE offers you to learn more about the Alphapo financial gateway. The product supports blockchain transfers, works with over 30 digital units, and contains such options as control over transactions and reporting.


Description of the Vendor’s Software

Digital tokens (such as BTC, LTC, and other blockchain units that make online transfers faster and more secure) are gradually replacing traditional settlement methods.

In 2023, lots of players are opening BTC wallets to keep their savings there and use the funds to place bets in casinos. Such solutions provide instant deposition of money, safe withdrawal of prizes, comfortable cashing out of bonuses, and much more.

Due to the changing tastes of the audience, operators are expanding the possibilities of wagering on gaming sites. One of the best ways to seamlessly accept digital funds is to install the provider’s system.

It is presented in the form of a universal processing centre. Like traditional fiat aggregators, a blockchain-based product connects hundreds of endpoints (BTC wallets of entrepreneurs, punters, and B2B partners) into a single virtual environment.

The service supports operations in over 30 units:

  • BTC;
  • LTC;
  • ETC, and other promising tokens.

The finance-related aggregator is registered in the offshore zone of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The head office of Alphapo is located in the capital of the jurisdiction — the city of Kingstown. The circulation of digital money has been legalised in the country, and favourable conditions for launching and scaling business projects have been created.

How to Interact with the Product

The main characteristics of the service:

  1. To perform transactions, gamblers must open a cryptocurrency wallet. The owners of iGaming projects just need to install the brand’s service on their online platforms.
  2. Players open a BTC wallet, scan the QR code on the website, and confirm the transfer using the PIN code. Instead of QR, they often utilise a payment form, and instead of a PIN, an electronic digital signature is required.
  3. Money is sent within 2–5 seconds. Data about the completed payment is stored in the public domain in a single blockchain registry. Everyone has the right to see the transaction data but no one can change or delete it.
  4. Casino visitors can use cryptocurrency to launch slots, participate in tournaments, as well as to buy game features or valuable characters. The prizes are withdrawn to the BTC wallet in the same way as the deposit was made.
  5. The launch of the money-transfer system supports the exchange of digital funds for fiat units. The function is available directly in the operating environment of the program, and gamblers do not need to use third-party exchangers or pay an additional commission. The deposition and withdrawal of funds with conversion usually take more time: the system needs about 7–15 minutes to complete a transaction due to the volatility of an exchange rate.

The integration of the vendor’s software makes it easier for operators to work with multiple digital units.

Transfers go through a single gateway, after which they are distributed to different wallets based on the specified criteria. These can be:

  • cryptocurrency codes (BTC, LTC, etc.);
  • withdrawal limits;
  • the purpose of the funds (bids, tournaments).

Entrepreneurs can classify cash flows at their discretion.

To accept crypto bets directly (without being tied to a special gateway), casino owners would need to place dozens of wallet addresses on their platforms. This is extremely inconvenient: it is impossible to effectively track the income, and the design of a gaming site often resembles a page in a programming tutorial.

Important Features of a Blockchain Transfer Program

The integration of the manufacturer’s system facilitates the work of operators and guarantees instant settlements without the risk of losing money.

Key tasks of the software:

Reduction in the number of intermediaries

The brand’s program does not work with many intermediaries. These are banks, exchangers, financial institutions, and other controlling organisations, the presence of which slows down cash flows.

The system works without partners who can significantly reduce transaction fees

Convenient settlement methods

Operations are carried out based on the principle of P2P, “wallet-to-wallet”. The program supports the direct transfer of money between blockchain accounts, providing a high speed of transactions

Minimisation of chargebacks

Payments in the blockchain environment are irreversible. Data about them is instantly recorded in a special registry and cannot be deleted from there.

This fact discourages fraudsters and minimises the number of chargebacks. Entrepreneurs do not need to worry about money being stolen or illegally debited from user accounts

Simple installation

The system can be installed without any problems utilising a modern set of tools.

The manufacturer offers API, plugins, and accounts (cryptocurrency deposits). All solutions are as convenient and safe as possible, which is especially important for those who work in the industry

Connection of the Provider’s Financial Gateway: Key Benefits

Alphapo payment service: benefits

The main reasons why casino owners should choose the service:

Access to New Markets

The decentralised nature of cryptocurrency ensures immediate transfers regardless of the location of the sender and recipient. For example, a gambling company can be registered in Malta, and players will be located in France, Sweden, or any other country where games for money are considered legal.

The installation of blockchain expands the geography of users, allowing operators to quickly and cost-effectively scale their projects. Entrepreneurs do not need to coordinate their actions with banks and gambling commissions — it is enough just to connect the system.

Lack of Chargebacks

Return payments are a mechanism in which the system cancels the transaction on the buyer's bank card and makes a refund. In the blockchain environment, there is no such process, which reduces the costs of entrepreneurs and improves the liquidity of a business.

Increase in the Trust Level of Customers

The use of the financial gateway is positively perceived by the audience of gamblers.

People appreciate blockchain settlements for several reasons:

  • support for micro- and macro-transfers;
  • anonymous and convenient replenishment of user accounts worldwide;
  • high speed of transactions;
  • ability to pay in different digital units.

Checking the Honesty of a Casino

The system automatically revises if there are funds in the sender's account before the transaction is completed.

Checking the honesty of a gaming site can be initiated by users at any time. All data is publicly available, including the availability of resources to pay out prizes and jackpots. Before making a deposit and launching the reels in a slot machine, gamblers can make sure that they found a reliable platform.

Improvement of the Brand Image

The launch of the Alphapo system makes any iGaming startup more technologically advanced. Customers and B2B counterparties see that they are facing a modern digital organisation that is no stranger to innovation.

Acceptance of deposits in BTC and other tokens will help the gambling platform to stand out from the competition and attract new solvent traffic and reliable partners.

Increase in Business Liquidity

The developer is constantly looking for new directions for cryptocurrency investments, accelerating the turnover of funds, and earning good money. Thanks to this, funds are not only accumulated in secure wallets but also invested in promising ICO projects for the benefit of the operator.

Why Operators Should Work with the Vendor

Alphapo financial gateway: cooperation

The integration of the company’s financial product is beneficial for many reasons:

  1. Legitimacy. The activity of the company is approved by the government of the offshore zone of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The brand has been operating on the market for over 10 years and has gained unlimited trust from the representatives of the gambling sector.
  2. Round-the-clock support. Employees of Alphapo stay in touch 24/7. They are ready to help entrepreneurs with any issue, including the installation of software, adjustment of exchange processes, crypto storage, etc.
  3. Universal control panel. The official website of the manufacturer is translated into 20 languages. Operators can choose the one that suits them most. The solution contains a large selection of settings and templates with reports. The analytics can contain information on digital units, the size of the deposit, the time of transfer, directions of targeted financing, and other parameters.
  4. Excellent security. The platform is protected against DDoS attacks, utility implementation, phishing, code obfuscation, and internal system failures. Transactions are encrypted using cryptographic mechanisms. Each digital unit has its algorithm.

The Main Things about the Manufacturer’s Gateway

The software is designed to accept and process transactions with tokens.

  • The instrument supports over 30 tokens. These are BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. They are convenient for mutual settlements, storage, and accumulation of funds. The software is perfect for the acceptance of deposits and withdrawal of prizes and bonuses.
  • The gateway reduces the number of intermediaries throughout operations, minimises the size of chargebacks, and is distinguished by a convenient payment process. Installation of the solution is available through API, plug-ins, and special deposit accounts.
  • The main reasons why operators should pay attention to the Alphapo software are expansion into new markets, lack of chargebacks, increase in the trust level of customers, improvement of image indicators and business liquidity, legitimacy, and vast experience of the provider.

The Alphapo product can be ordered at CASEXE. The system is available as a completely separate solution or as part of a cost-effective Bitcoin platform.

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