Legal Issues
Operating Procedure
Legal Issues
Legal Issues
Operating Procedure
Do You Provide a Guarantee for Your Products?

Yes. The CASEXE portfolio contains high-performance certified products adapted to the requirements of local and international regulators. All program components are systematically tested in independent laboratories.

We guarantee maximum protection to all participants in the casino business: operators, partner providers, staff of an establishment, and the end consumer.

All our services comply with international standards for safe, transparent, and responsible play.

To get more information about certificates and guarantees for our products, please contact consultants.

Is Running an Internet Casino a Legal Activity?

Yes. The gambling industry is an absolutely legal form of commerce in many countries, including the Baltic region, Europe, Canada, the USA, Africa, and the Eastern segment.

The main requirement for working in the gambling field is the purchase of an appropriate licence and the adaptation of a casino start-up to the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction.

The conditions for legalising the gaming platform may differ depending on the country. For detailed information about the rules for obtaining gambling licences, their types and terms of issuance, please contact CASEXE employees.

Who Will Be the Owner of Casino Games after Signing the Contract?

All software transferred to the operator under the contract remains the property of CASEXE.

Cooperation with our studio is based on a special closed-code licence agreement (without the possibility of deep adjustment by the buyer). The client receives high-quality comprehensive software with a promising potential for development and profitability.

As part of the agreement, you will have access to the best gaming products, marketing services, and audience retention programs.

The CASEXE studio undertakes the full technical maintenance of the project, including security control and scheduled updates of the gaming system.

Who Is the Owner of the Player Base?

All personal, financial, or other information about web casino customers is the property of the operator.

The representatives of the CASEXE studio are engaged only in ensuring the reliable storage of databases and their safe transmission on the Web.

As part of the online casino purchase agreement, we offer:

  • remote server data storage;
  • secure transmission of information using advanced encryption protocols;
  • the connection of additional security systems based on machine learning;
  • lots of filters and interactive tools for sorting data.
What Are the Requirements to Connect the Gaming System?

To launch a gambling project under your brand, follow these steps:

  • register legal status;
  • obtain a permit (licence) to work in the gaming segment;
  • open bank accounts to ensure regular transactions and cover winnings;
  • conclude a contract for the supply of software;
  • design the casino site based on your corporate identity;
  • launch an advertising program.

These are the basic requirements for organising a full-fledged gaming project. To receive detailed information and order the development of a step-by-step business strategy, please contact CASEXE specialists.

We offer a wide range of consulting services and are ready to take care of all organisational issues under the outsourcing program. To do this, you just need to apply for the turnkey casino creation service.

Why Do Operators Need a Casino Demo?

The test version of the gaming platform is the fastest, easiest, and absolutely safe way to evaluate the performance and functionality of gambling software personally to make a weighted decision on renting or buying a casino business.

One of the significant advantages of the demo version is free access without any hidden or deferred payments.

We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Our team guarantees completely transparent conditions and convenient feedback channels for consultations on any technical, legal, or organisational issues.

How Do I Choose and Integrate Payment Systems into Online Casino?

The process of deciding on payment systems for online casino is quite similar to the integration of games. An operator can do it by himself or use the help of the platform provider’s specialist to select a set of payment systems and start a technical integration at the online casino.

There are few factors that are important to remember whilst choosing a payment solutions provider, such as geolocation, payment methods and fees for transactions.

Can You Provide Guarantees for the Reliability of Your Product?

Guarantees for content, financial services, and other software components of the casino portal are provided upon request.

We offer only proven solutions that have been diagnosed in the largest international laboratories, such as itech Labs, eCOGRA, and others.

All products in the CASEXE catalogue are characterised by high performance, advanced functionality, and the flexibility to quickly adapt to the requirements of any local regulator.

To get detailed information about the compliance of gaming software, please contact our consultants.

Is It Possible to Buy Ready-Made Internet Slots?

Yes. The CASEXE portfolio includes both finished gaming projects with built-in content catalogues and individual positions from leading providers.

We are aware of the most promising market trends and offer our customers:

  • plot products with various bonus mechanics;
  • content adapted for the mobile audience;
  • lottery draws and bingo;
  • games with accumulative jackpots;
  • live casinos, etc.

The CASEXE catalogue is constantly updated. We offer advanced services focused on maximum audience coverage. A large selection of products for launching a Bitcoin casino and cross-platform developments are available to our customers.

You can order individual game solutions, package integration, and the implementation of exclusive solutions based on your sketches from us.

Games from Which Providers Should Be Considered?

We cooperate with top world-class developers and constantly expand the range of available offers.

Our catalogue contains the best solutions from the industry leaders:

  • Microgaming;
  • Endorphina;
  • Ezugi;
  • Tom Horn;
  • Habanero;
  • Betsoft;
  • Amatic;
  • XproGaming.

You can order content from one provider or use the package integration service and add solutions from several suppliers to your catalogue at once.

You can get detailed information about the characteristics of a particular product from our managers.

How Do I Choose and Integrate Games into Online Casino?

There are lots of gaming content providers in the world. You can select necessary game packages by yourself, or ask for help from a manager dedicated to your project.

When choosing a provider, one needs to understand what kind of games are seeing the biggest demand in the region, and what are the options of using certain gaming software.

After you decide on the gaming content, ask a dedicated manager for the integration, so the technical specialists could start the process of adding games to your casino.

How Much Time Does It Take to Launch an Online Casino?

The usual time for launching an online casino comprises 1,5–2 months since agreeing upon the technical requirements and design, depending on the project's complexity. Bitcoin casino can be launched a little faster, but White Label casino takes it to a new level. More precise terms for launching the Bitcoin and White Label casino can be specified with the CASEXE manager.

Do You Provide Any Post-Launch Support?

Yes. CASEXE specialists stay in touch with the client at all stages of the development and launch of the gaming project, as well as after its official start.

We provide full technical supervision, including:

  • the administration of the casino platform;
  • the adjustment of the back-office settings depending on the operator's requests;
  • prompt elimination of failures in the operation of the online resource;
  • regular updates of the gaming system;
  • the control of data backup, creation of mirror sites, ensuring secure data transfer, etc.

The customer support department is in touch around the clock. The team is ready to resolve any technical and organisational issues promptly. Additionally, you can order marketing and financial outsourcing services and the creation of exclusive content from the studio CASEXE.

Do You Provide Post-Launch Marketing Support?

The main work associated with the expansion of the client base and the attracting of new users is the responsibility of the gambling manager.

Marketing services and comprehensive promotion programs are provided by CASEXE as an additional paid service. Its cost is calculated individually.

We propose full-fledged promotion, which includes:

  • SEO marketing;
  • the integration of niche affiliate programs;
  • the development of exclusive bonuses, VIP offers, and retention programs;
  • the promotion of web casinos in social media.

CASEXE specialists use only time-tested tools that have proven their effectiveness. Stable traffic growth is guaranteed from the first days of work.

How Do I Lure Gamblers into My Online Casino?

The key to success for any online casino is smart and well-organized online marketing. Today, there’s a range of the most productive tools for attracting players to the casino, affiliate programs being perhaps the best of them.

More important nowadays is the issue of player retention. In order to find out the detailed information, ask CASEXE for consultation.

How Much Would It Take to Launch My Online Casino?

The complicated question of “How much do I need for a car” is about the same intricate question of the price for opening an online casino. In the case of a car, you need to know the brand, year of manufacture, and package. The same goes for online casino. In order to get a certain price, one needs to define a range of details directly influencing the end product price. By contacting CASEXE, you can get free consulting services, and discover the price depending on your requirements and goals.

There Are Scripts for Ready-Made Online Casinos Sold in the Internet for as Much as $100. Why Do I Need a Platform, Then?

Not a single online gambling software developer with self-respect would ever sell the product’s script. This is the foundation of their business. The development process of such software takes an immense amount of human and financial resources.

It’s hard to evaluate the cost of the source code even approximately if we take into account the loss of expected profit, so this number is far higher than $100. Chances are that you’ll run either into scams, or a very poor product, making the successful progress of your online casino impossible.

What Revenue Would My Online Casino Generate per Month?

Your online casino revenue directly depends on your work. In order to receive a solid and high income, you shall be involved in your project all the time, devoting it a lot of attention. CASEXE will provide suggestions of what and how to do that.

If you work constantly and efficiently, there are simply no limits to casino revenue. Just think of the online gambling market in 2020, which is estimated to reach about $65 billion.

How Do I Protect My Online Casino from Scams?

There are two kinds of fraud operations related to online casino. The first ones are cyber-attacks, aimed to hack the software and continue with illegal activity. In this matter, safety is guaranteed by the software security provided by the developer. All CASEXE software has the highest level of security and is completely protected against any external interference.

The second type of fraud is cheating by players. This is solved by the integration of AntiFraud systems, which can control and protect the online casino system from any players’ suspicious activity.

You can discover more by contacting CASEXE for a free consultation.

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