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It is hard to imagine a modern iGaming project without reliable payment options. This task is successfully handled by the PayAnyWay financial module, which is in great demand in Europe and Asia.

PayAnyWay payment system for casinos

The company’s product can be bought from the CASEXE studio. Just order a personal consultation with our manager and learn more about the features of adding the program to your resource.


Brief Description of the Licensed Solution

The PayAnyWay system is a universal billing platform. It is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses whose activities are related to digital transfers.

The software is used in many sectors of the economy. These are finance, insurance services, online education, tourism, transportation services, etc.

The service is chosen by people due to the high transaction speed, convenient user lobby, and small commission fees.

Why Business Owners Prefer the Financial Module

The installation of the PayAnyWay solution into a casino is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Access to advanced settlement methods. All of them are gathered together in a single universal gateway, which is convenient and profitable from an economic point of view. Entrepreneurs do not have to choose between, for example, mobile transfers or Internet acquiring since both options are supported by the program.
  2. Quick connection. Entrepreneurs do not need to negotiate and sign agreements with several banking or credit organisations since all the required products are already included in the payment aggregator. This relieves the owners of iGaming sites from complex bureaucratic procedures and makes the connection of the PayAnyWay system much easier and more convenient.
  3. Reduction of start-up costs. The installation of a fully functional payment gateway is aimed at optimising expenditures when launching a gambling project. Operators save on commission deductions, fees for software installation, as well as bank card and account maintenance costs. The released funds can be used for strategic business development and expansion into new regulated markets.
  4. Round-the-clock support. The software is extremely suitable for beginning entrepreneurs. They are not yet very familiar with the nuances of making payments on gaming sites, so qualified employees are always ready to help them. Business owners will be consulted on all technical and legal issues: features of taxation, cooperation with B2B providers and non-residents, currency conversion, etc.
  5. The stable response from the audience. The brand has been working in the industry for more than 12 years, and during this time, it has proven itself well. Support for payments through a financial service inspires confidence on the part of both players and partners.
  6. Convenient demo version. Entrepreneurs can get acquainted with the functionality of the program for free. The company presented several available settlement methods: by card, through the eWallet service, and others.

How Users Can Deposit and Withdraw Money

To connect the PayAnyWay casino service, businessmen do not need to choose only one option. The program supports all popular types of transfers, which makes it a flexible and very useful tool for entering local markets.

The main payment channels included in the product:

Banking operations

They are usually made via Visa or Mastercard virtual or plastic cards. To perform the task, it is enough to be a cardholder and to have a positive account balance.

A transfer fee is 3.4%

Electronic payment services

eWallet services are globally popular since they support fast payments from anywhere in the world.

The developer’s system is focused on European and Asian eWallet services: Alipay, WebMoney, QIWI, and others.

The tariff plan depends on the electronic payment service that clients select. It is usually 2.5–4% of the transaction amount

Mobile transfers

SMS payment is available through the use of communication channels from MTS, Utel, Tele2, and Smarts. Gamblers can deposit money at mobile phone stores.

A transfer fee is 4%

Payment terminals

The financial service is compatible with proprietary equipment of UBRD OJSC, Forward Mobile, Eleksnet, etc.

Proprietary Solutions in the Developer's Catalogue

PayAnyWay financial software: key programs

The solution will be especially useful if you order other popular financial products from the manufacturer as well.

Online Cash Desk

The legislation of many European jurisdictions (for example, Ukraine or Romania) implies a mandatory cash payment in land-based gambling halls. The requirement applies to both making deposits and withdrawing funds. Such operations are carried out through the cash register, which means that business owners cannot do without universal software.

The Kassa.payanyway branded program is suitable for:

  • creating and sending receipts for each transaction;
  • connecting to providers of online cash registers;
  • forming reports on the key parameters of the casino's activity;
  • informing the fiscal service about the tax deduction from the winnings of players.

It is advisable to link the solution with the CRM module of the platform to simplify mutual settlements. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs will be able to generate general reports on the operation of several iGaming sites and land-based locations with slot machines.

Fast Financial System

We recommend that operators install the solution with an innovative service for QR transfers.

The SBT program works in the following way:

  1. The product creates a QR code or a payment link.
  2. Gamblers scan the code using their gadgets (preferably, Samsung, Xiaomi, and GSmart devices) or follow an active link.
  3. The application of the selected bank is opened automatically, and after that, users check the details and click on the “Pay” button.
  4. Notification of a successful transaction comes within a few seconds.

The integration of the PayAnyWay service simplifies and speeds up mutual settlements. Operators can save on commissions or Internet acquiring costs. This payment method also contributes to an increase in the average check on the gaming site. To carry out money transfers, players only need a gadget, which is as convenient as possible.

Useful Tools That Can Simplify Settlements

The company has developed the following financial mechanisms:

  1. Reservation of funds. This is a “freezing” of the selected amount on the card until the transaction is completed or cancelled. The option is convenient for making payments to B2B partners: hosting providers, software vendors, and advertising agencies. The solution will speed up the process and help entrepreneurs to correctly distribute the monthly budget.
  2. Recurrent payments. Their feature is that the transfer amount or other parameters (for example, the recipient's account) are the same. The installation of the developer’s system will be useful for paying out winnings to players or for settlements with affiliate services operating under the CPA scheme.
  3. Mass payouts. These are instant money transfers to individuals — gamblers. The solution is suitable for launching a seasonal marketing campaign and distributing one-time bonuses on the eve of the holidays.
  4. Settlements on social networks. The option will make it easier to launch a casino in the form of a chatbot. Such popular instant messengers as Telegram and Viber are considered the most suitable in this case. The acceptance of deposits through a chatbot is easily customized, and it can increase the profit of iGaming sites.

How to Safely Launch the PayAnyWay Casino Payment Service

PayAnyWay casino payment service: connection

The manufacturer has developed a flexible and multitasking financial environment for operators. The software supports:

  • acceptance of money from several digital casinos or land-based establishments within the framework of one contract;
  • processing of foreign bank cards;
  • setting up information exchange using modern CMS modules;
  • fast and secure installation in a few clicks.

The PayAnyWay system is connected to casinos using the Merchant API interface. Due to this, all interaction with players who make payments is performed on the side of the gaming site. These are the deposition of funds, replenishment of an account, reception of bonuses, withdrawal of prize money, and other actions.

Entrepreneurs can view the history of operations with the specified filters. The report includes the following information:

  • date and amount of the transfer;
  • details of the recipient;
  • purpose of the payment;
  • settlement method;
  • commission percentage, and other parameters.

The security of data transmission and storage is based on 2 protocols:

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP);
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS).

For casino platforms that were created based on CMS modules, flexible plugins for accelerated integration have been developed: InSales, Advantshop.NET, X-Cart, ZenCart, PHPShop, and other services. Similar solutions for mobile casinos are also available.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Financial Gateway

PayAnyWay is a modern aggregator that is extremely in demand in the iGaming niche.

  • The advantages of the software include access to advanced settlement methods, reduced start-up costs, 24/7 support, a stable response from the audience, and the availability of a convenient demo version.
  • The proprietary solution supports bank transfers, the deposition of funds in the salons of cellular communication, and transactions through eWallet services. Entrepreneurs do not need to give preference to only one payment channel.
  • For the convenience of operators, the following options are provided: a system of fast payments using QR codes, holding of funds, mass payments, and acceptance of deposits through social networks and instant messengers. Owners of land-based gambling establishments can integrate the Kassa.payanyway application.

You can order the developer’s product from the CASEXE studio. We will provide instant software installation, help with the choice of payment forms, and set up exchange operations.

CASEXE also offers such profitable iGaming solutions as:

We will help you launch a successful gambling business, organise a marketing campaign, and promote an iGaming project.


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