LiqPay Payment System for Casinos: Over 100 Settlement Options

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The speed of transactions and the safety of operations are important for the successful functioning of an online casino, the attraction of new customers to a site and the increase in profits. The universal service LiqPay successfully copes with the tasks set.

LiqPay casino payment system: basic info

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Features and Rules of the System

LiqPay is a universal payment platform from the Ukrainian financial institution PrivatBank.

The aggregator was created to simplify settlements between individuals and corporate bodies. These are casino operators, gamers, B2B partners (hosting providers, software suppliers), and other business entities.

The parent company launched the project in 2008 to optimise bank transfers. Over time, the range of services offered by the aggregator has expanded. New payment methods and local business solutions have been integrated.

Entrepreneurs will be interested in the integration of the LiqPay payment system into casinos, betting projects, poker rooms, and lottery sites. The solution is compatible with binary options trading platforms, as well as stock exchanges and Forex start-ups.

In addition to the gambling field, LiqPay is actively used in e-commerce, housing and communal services, ticket booking and travel sites. 95% of marketplaces in Ukraine accept payments through the LiqPay app.

To connect the casino financial service LiqPay, an operator should open an account with PrivatBank first.

  • The entrepreneur's account is linked to one of the plastic (or virtual) cards issued at a branch of a financial institution.
  • The businessman's account is presented as a mobile number in the international format.
  • To carry out transactions, it is necessary to fill in the account number and password (the first stage of authentication). Next, a one-time PIN comes to the specified number. It should be entered in the special window (the second stage of identification).

What Payment Methods Are Offered by the Aggregator?

LiqPay financial aggregator: payment methods

The program contains all money-transfer methods that are demanded in Europe and the CIS countries.


The innovative application from PrivatBank supports simplified operations in 2 clicks. First, a gamer makes a transfer (enters the transaction amount, currency, and address of the recipient in special columns). Then, the user confirms the withdrawal of funds.

To install the casino financial system LiqPay with the PrivatPay function, it is required to have:

  • current PrivatBank account, which is identified in one of the branches;
  • LiqPay merchant;
  • active public and private keys for service installation.

The connection of the casino system LiqPay along with the FacePay option from PrivatBank will increase the security of transfers. The program initiates an additional verification of the sender using biometric face recognition.


The solution was created by the international company Mastercard. The payment method is fast and secure. The system saves the card details during the first transfer. Then, the encrypted data is automatically entered into the payment form.

The solution is available for holders of Mastercard cards of any type. Prepaid, credit and debit cards, plastic and virtual products with different types of service are suitable.

Visa Checkout

The installation of the money-transfer system LiqPay will simplify mutual settlements for Visa cardholders. The company supports instant payouts in three clicks without the need to enter bank details and personal data repeatedly.

How Visa Checkout works:

  1. A gamer goes to the payment page of a gambling site and chooses Visa Checkout among the offered methods.
  2. The client creates a new Visa e-wallet or logs in to the system if the account was created earlier.
  3. The gamer chooses the desired card (electronic or plastic) and makes a transfer.
  4. Information about a successful transaction appears in a pop-up window.

Google Pay

The integration of the LiqPay casino system is compatible with personal Android devices. These are tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches from Samsung, Xiaomi, and GSmart.

Google Pay is based on NFC and biometric facial recognition (fingerprint) technologies. The money-transaction method is characterised by increased security and comfortable usage from anywhere in the world.

To conduct transactions, it is required to have a Google account. The data provided is automatically linked to LiqPay. Biometric identification is activated each time a gamer initiates a transfer. The feature can be disabled in a Google Pay account.

Apple Pay

The solution has similar functionality to Google Pay. However, it is suitable for devices with the iOS operating system (iPhones and smartwatches).

To use the one-click transfer service, a gambler should have the Apple Pay app. It can be downloaded from the official Apple site or installed via the LiqPay widget.

Direct Bank Transfers

Transactions are carried out in the international SWIFT and SEPA systems. To conduct an operation, it is necessary to enter bank details (card number, expiration date, and CVV code) and information about the recipient.

You can connect the casino financial system LiqPay in 2 ways:

  1. The opening of the payment form on a gambling site. To install a widget with a bank transfer function, an operator needs to obtain a PCI DSS certificate of any level. The security standard provides four layers depending on the monthly or annual turnover of the entrepreneur.
  2. The redirection of a client to the LiqPay site. This approach will be relevant for businessmen without a PCI DSS certificate. Payments are processed by the aggregator. The operator receives notifications of completed transactions.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the Casino Financial Service LiqPay?

LiqPay payment service: benefits

Consider the main benefits of installing the aggregator:

Increased number of payment channels

The system LiqPay for online casinos is one of the few projects on the market that applies all available channels to receive money.

In the gambling field, these are:

  • gaming sites;
  • Telegram bots;
  • Viber bots;
  • mobile applications;
  • P2P transfers.

The setting of several channels at once will increase the profitability of an iGaming project. You can attract targeted internet traffic through chatbots, mobile applications, etc.

Site performance improvement

The company is certified as a first-level financial services provider according to the international PCI DSS classification.

The supplier works with over 6 million transactions per year. These are the reception and withdrawal of funds, currency conversion, and issuance of loans. The processing of such a huge number of requests is possible thanks to powerful data centres and cloud data storage.

The connection of the casino payment system LiqPay will increase the performance of a gaming site, as well as the speed and level of service for gamblers. All requests (account replenishment, bonus withdrawal, etc.) are transferred to modern data centres. They are processed instantly there. A client receives funds as a result of the operation

The enhancement of an iGaming project’s security

The integration of the casino payment system LiqPay complies with the AML (anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing) policies.

The installation of the software will protect an operator from:

  • bank card fraud;
  • irrational distribution of bonuses;
  • the theft of confidential information.

The program will reduce the number of chargebacks and technical failures on a site

Business scaling

The aggregator contains over 50 payment methods that are popular in Europe and Asia. It complies with local laws and tax rules.

The installation of the software will facilitate legal access to regulated markets and simplify business scaling. It is always easier to start working in a new region when all payment rules and market features are already considered

The Main Things about the Connection of the Service

The LiqPay tool for monetary operations in online casinos is an excellent choice for a quick start and confident development in the gambling industry.

  • An entrepreneur's account in the system is represented as a mobile number in the international format. It is linked to a PrivatBank card issued and verified in one of its branches.
  • The aggregator supports operations through applications, as well as direct bank transfers. At the request of a client, it is possible to configure mobile or crypto payments, as well as cash settlements through self-service terminals.
  • The benefits of installing the software include an increase in the number of payment channels, the improvement of a site’s performance, the enhancement of an iGaming project’s security, and comfortable business scaling.

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