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It is hard to imagine a modern iGaming start-up without fast transactions. The platform is considered reliable if it supports transfers in any country, provides a currency-conversion function, and has a built-in risk management module.

Paytm financial service: general info

The Paytm software successfully copes with all these tasks. The secret of its popularity is a unique high-class IT infrastructure, which ensures maximum speed of operations and complete security of confidential data in the virtual cloud.


About the Software Vendor

Paytm (abbreviation for “Pay through mobile”) is a FinTech organisation headquartered in Noida, India. It was established in 2010 as part of the parent brand, One97 Communications. Initially, the subsidiary accepted only mobile payments and transfers using QR codes and sales points.

Over time, the range of services offered by Paytm has expanded significantly. For business owners, the integration of the developer’s system into a casino, sportsbook platform, betting app on smartphones, etc. is quite relevant.

In addition to gambling, the software is actively used in the financial sector, covering international transfers, microloans, venture capital investment, and brokerage services.

Paytm works in several key areas:

  • management of the PPBL organisation;
  • development of an exclusive project for booking tickets for cricket, entertainment shows, and Paytm Insider sports competitions;
  • management of the Japanese PayPay corporation (Paytm owns some of its shares);
  • provision of insurance services for money transfers, savings, as well as financial and credit transactions;
  • integration of the casino with the manufacturer’s system and the addition of the gateway to other commercial online projects.

The brand has offices in Canada, Japan, and some European countries. This greatly simplifies the installation of software since the solution offered by the Indian vendor is well-known to operators and end-users all over the world.

Features of the Product

The installation of the Paytm Payment Gateway module is the best choice for representatives of the industry.

The program takes into account business specifics (for example, mass accrual and payment of bonuses) and can be easily adapted to such requirements of local regulators as:

  • the size of the min and max deposit;
  • monthly transfer limits;
  • additional age verification;
  • monitoring of transactions for compliance with AML policies, and other aspects.

The financial performance of the product is impressive:

  • 450+ million connected users, including enterprises and sole proprietors;
  • 250+ million saved cards for faster checkout;
  • 15+ million integrated identifiers for one-touch transfers;
  • 100+ supported payment methods, the access to which is provided with a single integration;
  • 200+ countries on 5 continents where international payment collection is available.

Why it is beneficial to buy the developer’s solution:

Excellent performance

The program processes more than 3,000 transactions per second, which is comparable to the indicators of Visa, Mastercard, and other international services.

Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the speed of transferring funds: they are credited to the recipient's account instantly. The percentage of internal failures is only 0.001%

High security

The connection of the manufacturer’s service is monitored by the prestigious NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) regulator.

For conducting transactions, it is important to comply with PCI DSS requirements. The company is qualified as a first-level financial services provider according to international standards.

The confidential data of customers is stored in a secure Paytm cloud and is protected against theft and illegal disclosure to third parties

Full range of financial services

The solution has its financial infrastructure and offers entrepreneurs quite useful banking services. These are crediting at a minimum interest, opening an overdraft, receipt of funds, generation and sending invoices for payments, etc.

Convenient analytics

The Payment Flow Detailed Analysis tab contains data about the operator's current and completed transactions, the amount of raised funds, and cash turnover.

The decision to launch the system will allow operators to generate detailed statistics on the KPI of their iGaming startup. These are gross gaming revenue (GGR), conversion rate (CR), return on investment (ROI), and other parameters

Useful Options for Managing iGaming Start-ups

Paytm financial gateway: useful options

The integration of the casino with the developer’s financial service will bring a lot of benefits to entrepreneurs. In addition to access to advanced infrastructure and instant payouts, casino owners will be able to use modern business functions.

The Indian corporation offers:

  1. Payment through QR code. The software has a built-in module for the automatic generation of a unique code. A QR image can be added to the page of a gaming site, integrated into a mobile betting application, or implemented into the software for offline terminals. The advantage of the solution is the lightning-fast replenishment of user accounts. Players see the code, scan it, confirm the transfer, and immediately launch the reels of the selected slot
  2. Express transactions. The system can be installed along with the Express Payments feature. The product is designed for owners of plastic and virtual Visa cards. The provider offers secure transfers without the need for CVV and OTP authentication. According to analysts from Paytm, in just a year of working with the program, the company managed to increase the speed of card settlements by 75%.
  3. One-touch transactions. The Paytm Assist option supports the automatic completion of details on the operation. Gamblers or operators can only confirm the payment by entering a one-time password sent by SMS or received by a voice call. The information is stored in a secure cloud.
  4. The function of bank discounts and cashback. The financial product can be used to distribute personal promotional codes and one-time bonuses. The connection of the brand’s service becomes more and more profitable for casino operators. The provider covers part of the costs of the bonus program (discounts, cashback), and entrepreneurs reduce their monthly expenses.
  5. Automatic currency conversion. The solution facilitates the acceptance, sending, and processing of international payments. Money is instantly converted at the exchange rate of the national bank of the country of residence of the recipient. The option will be useful for settlements with B2B partners. These are hosting service providers, manufacturers of games, and other contractors from foreign jurisdictions.
  6. The Paytm POS function. The software simplifies the acceptance of deposits in land-based gambling halls. It can be integrated into any device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop), turning the gadget into a multifunctional POS terminal. Money can be transferred through a plastic card or a QR code.

High Security of Transactions

The system has a special IT infrastructure. All client data is sent to the cloud storage, which is accessed using the HyperText Transfer Protocol.

The Indian developer has created a universal risk management module. It can be ordered together with the Payment Gateway option.

Key tasks of the solution:

  • verification of details of transfers;
  • detection and blocking of banking card fraud;
  • testing the payment environment of an iGaming project for vulnerabilities;
  • verification of transactions for compliance with AML (anti-money laundering) and FATF (prevention of terrorist financing) policies;
  • acceleration of money transfers;
  • reduction in the number of chargebacks;
  • control over the correct distribution of bonuses, and much more.

The module is based on an intelligent decision-making mechanism and can manage the risks of individual users.

In less than 50 milliseconds, the vendor’s program assesses the situation, weighs the levels of risk, and makes a decision. It also provides an impeccable level of customer service.

How to Quickly Integrate the Brand’s Financial Gateway

Paytm casino payment system: integration

The vendor offers 2 options for installing the software:

  • through the SDK settings package;
  • using the JS Checkout toolkit.

Both ways are suitable for the mobile app and desktop versions of gaming sites. Entrepreneurs choose what is more convenient for them. The solution provides for a one-time installation since each subsequent modification of the program is added automatically.

The use of the JavaScript Checkout module makes it possible to set up a payment form directly on the iGaming platform. At the time of the transfer, players do not have to leave the online casino page, which increases the credibility of the resource.

The Main Things about the Benefits of Installing Paytm’s System

The Indian company has created a universal gateway with a wide range of business options.

  • The manufacturer is considered a leader in terms of processed payments in India and Southeast Asia. The vendor has subsidiaries in Canada and Japan and is also represented in the European market. Its proprietary financial product takes into account the peculiarities of monetary policy in different regions and is distinguished by a simple installation in a few clicks.
  • The software has significant advantages: record production, high protection against any failures, and the availability of a convenient analytical module. Money transfers are regulated by PCI DSS and NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).
  • Operators are offered such useful business functions as settlements through a QR code, express and one-touch transactions, automatic currency conversion, and adjustment of the POS terminal.
  • Security of transfers is achieved thanks to the brand’s unique IT infrastructure. Confidential data is stored in the cloud. The risk management module checks and evaluates the security of payments.

To order the Paytm gateway and connect it to your gaming site, you can turn to the CASEXE studio. The product of the Indian developer can be bought as a separate solution or as part of a profitable iGaming project.

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