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Games integration

Properly selected game content is one of the most efficient ways to attract and retain casino visitors. Generally, gamblers disengage from an online casino lacking quality up-to-date games with original features, outstanding visuals and non-trivial themes, and start searching for better gambling sources with richer content.

Flawlessly selected content should be not only quality, but also certified to comply with a legal framework. The most popular games among players are the products of leading online casino software manufacturers as following:

CASEXE cooperates with all of the above mentioned game providers, as well as with many other wide-known companies. To make a purchased license work on the resource, it is nesseccary to integarate games through API protocol from CASEXE. Connecting games this way is easy, fast and available to all manufacturers.

Providers release the most diverse game content that has its own distinctive features, advantages, and drawbacks. Production regularly uses 3D graphics, animations, and modern cross-platform solutions to reach audiences playing not only on PCs, but also via smartphones or tablets.

Games are compatible with any device, but it is still necessary to keep in mind that the capabilities of devices can be limited by hardware. CASEXE's managers will instruct you about all of these nuances so that no failures are expected or in case of such, they will be shortly resolved.

CASEXE professionals advise their partners how to integrate games correctly, what pitfalls can interfere with stable work, and what game content makes your business more attractive and profitable. In addition, our customers will receive comprehensive information on the proper selection of games, taking into account the target audience, the opportunities and desires of online casino owner.

To make the game content work stable, it is important to consider the risks and differences between the products of different manufacturers. CASEXE's experts can help you avoid software failures. Customers only have to choose software for the casino. However, a process of integration and setting of games into the platform is better to entrust to professionals.

Our company's advanced specialists will help you quickly add particular game software to the online casino platform, customize games to ensure stability, minimize potential risks and probable future failures. You will get an absolutely healthy resource with quality content that will increase traffic and profit on the site.

Factors when choosing a game software provider for casino

  1. A wide variety of games. The important thing is that software should be diverse, not templated one. More unusual features and special effects, opportunities to win bonuses, and free spins are all attracted to players, encouraging them to raise the stakes only from the feeling that luck is near, just one more spin to achieve it.
  2. Magnetic design and realistic games. Perfect gaming software has a potential to create an environment of happiness or fear, but equally appealing to gamblers. Stunning graphics and animations, crisp pictures work out together— fans of a particular slot or table game will surely return over and over again.
  3. Performance and operating speed of software. For any game, even the most resourse-intensive one, to work on different devices, a vendor must take into account the hardware characteristics of devices and adapt their online casino software to be capable with them.
  4. The functional and friendly software. Player is interested in a comfortable game with intuitive interface, quality design, and fun gameplay. Most prefer a variety of features bringing wins regardless of player's actions. Attraction must be given to a gambler so that he does not want to leave an interesting and smooth game.

Benefits of unified API for Internet casino

The single API for online casino simplifies a process of game integration. The casino protocol takes into account the particularities of a certain game code. Therefore, when it comes to adding a game to the gambling website platform, all the differences and nuances in the software have been resolved and are working smoothly.

API Protocol:

  • Reduces time to integrate games - the CASEXE team has already created a code for each game of providers in cooperation with.
  • Builds games to meet your customer's needs and desires - they get exactly what they need.
  • Eliminates the need to attract third-party experts who are familiar with the game code to integrate — we know how to set up an online casino to work quickly and reliably.
  • The company's specialists will run the necessary tests to make the integrated games work as well as will provide a necessary technical support.

CASEXE guarantees a responsible discharge of project fulfillment, as the company is interested in the business prosperity and development of its customers. Partnership with CASEXE will benefit you with a profiting, multi-functional, certified and quality gambling resource created in response to market trends, target audiences and customer desires.