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Until recently, people believed that it was not possible to create an online casino without a team of web designers and programmers as this process was considered very expensive and time-consuming. CASEXE fundamentally declares that this is completely in the past and offers an absolutely new and unique product in the gambling market — the Configurator.

What Is an Internet Casino Builder?

In essence, it is a design kit with many diverse details from which you can assemble a functional and promising gambling website of your own.

The solution is presented as a universal and flexible program that can be compared to a set of puzzles. An operator creates a gambling site, adding the necessary components one by one and skipping the unnecessary ones.

Interaction with the site builder is as convenient as possible. Even beginners without programming skills can figure out how to make their online casinos.

The first configurators appeared in the early 2010s and were associated with the rapid development of e-commerce. Online services contained a typical set of commands and made it possible to create one-page sites in a short time.

Today, such solutions are available in many internet niches, including digital casinos and sports betting sites.

The Benefits of a Gambling Project Builder

The development of an amusement project with the help of such a program provides the following advantages:

  1. Huge selection of components. Operators have access to payment gateways, CRM services, front-end options, entertainment, bonuses, and other elements of a modern iGaming project.
  2. The ease of use. The elaboration of a slot machine site has never been as easy as when using the configurator. The development is similar to publishing a post on social networks. An operator simply edits the text and drags the site components with the mouse in the visual editor.
  3. The support for popular browsers and OS. A digital amusement platform is created in conditions, which are familiar to a user. All an entrepreneur needs is a good internet connection and a powerful PC.
  4. The optimisation of launch costs. Before creating a digital casino for free, an entrepreneur does not need to transfer entry fees, registration charges, and other types of deductions. The casino builder is an economical way to enter the market with a ready-made iGaming project.
  5. Teamwork. Several people can work on one gambling resource at once, for example, an operator and an assistant (marketer, designer, etc.). You can work simultaneously on 2 or more personal computers. This is very convenient.
  6. Access to external programs. Entrepreneurs can create a gambling site and get modern software from leading providers in the industry. These are effective affiliated and security services, as well as binary options trading solutions. The hosting issue, as a rule, has also already been resolved. The provision of storage space is included in the provider's service package.
  7. The creation of a unique site. Entrepreneurs who do not know how to make their casinos interesting for customers should definitely use such a solution. The variability in the choice of components allows you to create a functional and productive iGaming project with good audience response.

The Specifics of Using the Configurator

Now, to become an online casino owner, you don't have to hire a team of professionals and to make investments in it. The Configurator is an absolutely no cost service for CASEXE customers. Sign up and start creating a branded online casino, connect games and payment services, add affiliate programs, develop customer loyalty programs, and more.

Create your own casino for free:

  • Select any suitable for you template among existing proposals.
  • Add games and payment services from the list of available.
  • Customize your resource for free, according to your tastes and unique ideas.

The tools for developing attractive bonus programs and reporting system will help you accurately measure the performance of a resource and quickly resolve any shortcomings.

Configurator is a simple and intuitive instrument to work with. You can choose your favorite options, as well as update and add new features to your site. Moreover, it is possible to preview the result and correct it via special tools if necessary. Configurator provides you with various customizations ranging from color gamut and block sizes to statistical data and multi-level functional guidance system.

To get started with Configurator, register on the CASEXE website or sign in through a current user account. You can fully focus on the promotion of your own resource, and make money off of the CASEXE's smart design kit for free.

Configurator is free of charge. You'll get versatile tools — ready-made online casino templates of smart design and functionality. Various settings will help you choose the best match for your tastes and desires.

Without investments, your online casino will be exactly the one you have been always dreaming of. All you need is just to make up a name and get start creating. Feel the power of your fantasy embodied in the ready-made solution.

Once the design and configuration assembly work is about to end, you'll get a personally created online casino. Manage your resource, activate marketing services, test available features, connect or remove various options.

Originative Approach to Developing a Gambling Portal

A creative process of using the ready-made solutions of Configurator will not only please you with result, but also will improve your mood and self-confidence. The CASEXE team believe: Configurator is the best cure for depression and low self-esteem as sudden as it sounds. Someone who's creative will definitely agree with us.

Your customers will shortly appreciate your gambling piece of art, while your competitors who's spent thousands on online casino website development will turn green with envy. You are going to be famous as a man with creative ideas and rational thinking, who spends time only on practical and profiting errands.

A Huge Selection of Useful Features

Configurator is a unique tool with a variety of different options to help you create a healthy online casino from scratch with a quality design, an intuitive interface, an extensive management and control panel to keep track over all processes.

Any suspicious activity will be identified and tackled, and you'll supervise the financial transactions, withdrawals and replenishments of your customer's game deposits. Built-in security features will prevent hacking and embezzling money belonging to the gambling house and your customers.

CASEXE's experts are always ready to provide no cost online casino development through Configurator, as well as answering any questions about how to use this unique product. The company provides services for the development of individual gaming sites, including using innovative technologies such as VR/AR and Live Casino.

Feel free to ask CASEXE about any services and products via telephone, e-mail or feedback form on the website. The company has extensive experience in developing and creating productive resources, following the customers' ideas and desires.

For those who willing to save thier time and money, CASEXE created a special tool, the Configurator, to design your own ideal online casino. We invite you to try out your creative talents and to design a signature gambling resource by using the CASEXE's Configurator for free!

Why Should You Use the CASEXE Program?

Entrepreneurs who do not know how to make an internet casino for free are recommended to use the CASEXE solution.

Here are the key advantages of the software:

  • wide range of settings and tools;
  • access to licensed content from Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and other well-known providers;
  • over 50 available design templates;
  • convenient hint system as an interactive chat;
  • intuitive interface;
  • instant result in the form of a completed gambling site.

Operators can create their casinos, lottery ticket sales platforms, betting shops, online sweepstakes, and other lucrative iGaming projects.

The Main Things about the Web Gambling Resource Builder

The question of how to elaborate on a casino site for free is quickly solved with the help of an easy-to-use configurator.

  • The software works like a puzzle. Before creating a casino site, an operator selects the needed elements. The output is a ready-made iGaming product with a modern configuration.
  • The solution includes entertainment products, a payment module, a CRM service, account management tools, etc.
  • The internet casino builder provides numerous advantages, such as a huge selection of components, the ease of use, the optimisation of launch costs, access to external components, and the free creation of a unique portal.

The universal gambling constructor is presented on the site of the CASEXE studio. The solution contains a wide range of settings and tools, access to licensed games from leading providers, and a friendly interface.

The aggregator company offers profitable gambling products:

  • turnkey online casinos;
  • Bitcoin portals;
  • VR projects;
  • White Label platforms, and others.

Contact the CASEXE studio and get a great business offer:

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