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Bitcoin the first and the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world nowadays, and it becomes more and more successful each day when it comes to integration in almost all human activities. And gambling is no exception. Due to its benefits and specifics, Bitcoin has conquered casino players’ trust and kindness forever.

That’s why CASEXE has developed a possibility to integrate this payment system in all online casinos powered by CASEXE platform. We are ready to create a specialized casino operating with Bitcoin exclusively, or integrate the Bitcoin functionality as one of the possible payment methods.

We offer 2 variants of Online Casinos:
01 Specialized Bitcoin casino

An online casino that uses exclusively Bitcoin is convenient because working with a single currency simplifies transactions and turns a virtual payment means into a universal tool.

02 Bitcoin as one of the payment methods

A wagering establishment with multiple currencies, including crypto money, is convenient for users from different regions. It is possible to pay in a national monetary unit and convert it to crypto tokens and vice versa.

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Full independence and absence of taxation, as well as freedom from laws of any state are the significant factors for Bitcoin casino operators, creating a set of advantages for the possible owners of such venues, including the lack of necessity to obtain a license. Open your own Bitcoin casino together with CASEXE!

01 Lack of Any Conditions and Limitations

The registration is simple and is not tied to a specific location, identity, or financial background.

02 Easy Transactions

Transactions directly from one person to another via the Internet, leaving banks and other payment system providers aside.

03 Minimum Fee or Its Total Absence

The decentralised nature of Blockchain allows peer-2-peer transfers that minimise or exclude commissions.

04 Possibility to Use Bitcoins in Any Part of the World

Digital token transfers have no boundaries, meaning players can send funds around the world instantly.

05 Account Cannot Be Blocked

The account block is absent because cheating on, hacking in, or abusing Bitcoin casinos is impossible.

06 Simple and Convenient Digital Wallet

The number of an e-wallet is the main source of token transfers, making financial operations extremely easy.

07 Maximum Transaction Speed

Thanks to direct deliveries and the lack of intermediaries, sending and accepting tokens is almost instant.

08 Full Anonymity of Payments

Apart from the e-wallet, a user needs just an e-mail address to start playing at a Blockchain casino.

09 Autonomous system

Bitcoin is not controlled by any state in the world

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Bitcoin Casino: Order a Gambling Site with Cryptocurrency Bets

CASEXE specialists are ready to familiarise customers with the advantages of digital money payments. The experts are ready to help you select the best Bitcoin casino solutions from the possible options.

Our team integrates financial services that support crypto transactions and the option of direct money transfers between clients and an online resource. A player registered on an operator's site must have an electronic Bitcoin wallet to make payments within the system and withdraw winnings.

The development of a BTC casino takes the same time as the creation of a traditional gambling resource. The design and functionality are selected together with a client. Games and payment systems are connected, including cryptocurrency options. The only difference is that Bitcoin is used as a means of payment.

To open a BTC casino, you should contact CASEXE. Our specialists know where to start. They will offer you various options for the implementation of a Bitcoin gaming project. We have extensive experience in the development of crypto-oriented gambling resources.

In addition, the company helps its clients with site promotion by all available methods. You will receive a fully-functional resource with a well-organised control and management system hosted on a reliable server. It is easy to open a BTC casino and make good money in the gambling industry with the CASEXE team!

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino?

To work in the legal field, it is necessary to register a company and obtain the appropriate licences. After solving juridical issues, some technical tasks will emerge. These are the creation of a gambling resource, the integration of games, etc. To launch a crypto project, you will need specialBitcoin casino software. Operations in digital tokens are impossible without this.

CASEXE has developed the program components and successfully tested them. Our clients have launched web resources and gained profit from increased traffic. The growth of user activity is explained simply. People want to be anonymous, not controlled by tax authorities and states in general, and confident in the security of transactions and cross-border financial operations with Bitcoin.

Gambling segment representatives can purchase BTC casino scripts from third-party developers. However, no one can guarantee how such software will work. One-day companies are interested in instant profit. They are not focused on long-term relationships with a buyer and the provision of 24/7 support, new versions of programs, etc. An operator will have to integrate a script into the system independently. This implies additional costs for specialists.

CASEXE interacts with many gaming software developers, including companies releasing games with BTC options, payment services, and affiliate programs. All our partners have a stable reputation and are known to operators and players.

The obvious attraction of Bitcoin online casinos, both for an operator and a player, does its bit. Players are massively switching to resources that offer crypto payment services. Depositing has never been so easy and fast. A gambler makes a transaction from the electronic BTC wallet to an operator's account. The operation is performed instantly, with a symbolic commission or without a fee at all.

Cryptocurrency casino integration from CASEXE ensures operators that attempts to steal digital money from users' wallets are impossible. All transactions remain anonymous. The owner of an internet casino is exempted from problems with tax agencies. The fiscal authorities will not be able to track Bitcoin operations.

Casino content providers quickly learned the trends in the entertainment market and began releasing crypto games. This brings new products closer to the usual actions of a visitor in a land-based establishment. A punter buys chips, plays, and exchanges chips for money. Today, BTC casino users do almost the same things. The only difference is in the fact that they sit in comfortable home chairs and are not in a hurry.

Gamblers have already appreciated BTC games. Punters realised their convenience and advantages compared to traditional digital gambling software. Users are willing to visit Bitcoin casinos more often than regular iGaming portals.

It is possible to play on a crypto gambling resource from any state. Bitcoin has no borders. Moreover, all attempts to regulate its circulation remain ineffective. Given the undeniable advantages of digital currencies, an administrator will get significant benefits by launching a Bitcoin casino.

CASEXE will help you open a crypto gaming portal in a short time. Make money on new technologies with us!

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