UPI Payment Method for Casinos: Nuances of the Connection

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The innovative solution from the United Council of Ministers of India is perfectly compatible with mobile casinos, which makes it indispensable in the iGaming industry.

UPI casino payment system: basic info

The certified UPI product can be ordered at CASEXE. We offer a quick launch and configuration of multifunctional software.


Features of the System

It was created under the leadership of NPCI for digital casinos and bookmakers’ offices. The service combines several settlement methods, which significantly speed up and simplify the process of conducting transactions.

UPI is designed to automate bank transfers. Popular widgets from the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and Paytm Payment Bank are integrated into a unified mobile app. Clients simply indicate the sender and recipient, and the rest of the details are entered automatically. It is quite convenient, fast, and safe.

The system was presented in 2016 as a pilot project for the Indian banking system. Over the past 8 years, the product has received rave reviews far outside the country.

The installation of the service is available in 16 promising markets, including:

  • Malaysia;
  • United Arab Emirates;
  • Qatar;
  • Singapore;
  • Great Britain.

The proprietary solution is also successfully operating in the EU industry, given the demand for casino entertainment in many European states. The reception of funds is carried out within the framework of an international agreement on cross-border transfers.

At the beginning of 2023, the integration of the system was supported by 358 banks. The monthly volume is 6.7 billion transactions with a total value of $140 billion. In addition to the gaming niche, the product is used in healthcare, tourism, real estate, and other sectors of the economy.

How to Connect the Gateway

UPI casino payment service: connection

The main steps that need to be taken are:

Registration in the Service

Clients must:

  1. Download a mobile app to make payments on their devices. Smartphones, Apple technology, and other gadgets based on IOS or Android will be suitable. UPI is linked to another Indian FinTech conglomerate, Paytm. Thanks to this, it is also possible to use the mobile app of this provider at the time of registration.
  2. Enter a phone number. Subsequently, an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to it.
  3. Choice of a bank. More than 350 such establishments have integrated the gateway. Clients need to connect their bank and go through another identification procedure. The mobile phone number entered at the time of registration must be the same one that was tied to a plastic or virtual card. Due to this, the data from the electronic bank account (full name, address, individual tax number, etc.) will be automatically entered into the UPI environment.

Creation of a PIN Code

It is a unique user identifier of the mobile platform, which allows people to quickly connect the provider’s service.

Each sole proprietor or legal entity has its code, which consists of 4 –6 digits. It is forbidden to transfer a combination of numbers to a third party since access passwords and other confidential data can be stolen in this way.

The procedure consists of several steps:

  1. Launching the mobile app and clicking on the Profile icon.
  2. Selecting the Payment Settings folder in the opened sidebar.
  3. Clicking on the UPI & Linked Bank Accounts icon, after which a list of the tied bank accounts will appear on the screen.
  4. Confirming the Set PIN Code operation (a request to connect the system appears after the required command is selected).
  5. Inputting the last 6 digits of an active bank card and its validity period.
  6. Receiving an SMS confirmation and its entry in a special box.
  7. Clicking on the Submit button, after which the UPI identifier will be set.

M-PIN Code Generation

This is an additional secret password with the help of which customers can confirm the operation in the system. The PIN stores the converted and encrypted banking details of clients. M-PIN is used to approve or reject a transaction.

How to generate M-PIN:

  1. Launch the mobile app and activate the Create M-PIN option in the main menu.
  2. Enter details of your debit card — the last 6 digits in the number and the expiration date.
  3. Enter a one-time confirmation code received via SMS.
  4. Enter a unique 4-digit M-PIN and press the Submit button.

Users must come up with the M-PIN, so the numbers should be written down immediately and not transferred to third parties.

How to Send Money Using the Universal App

Integration of a casino with the vendor’s system supports the deposition of funds into an account, withdrawal of bonuses and prizes, and settlements with B2B partners (hosting providers, software vendors, and affiliates).

Entrepreneurs and gamblers are offered such money transfer options as:

By mobile phone number

Transactions are carried out between 2 numbers tied to the bank cards of the sender and the recipient.

Users need to choose a contact from their phone book (or enter the number manually), select the amount of the transaction, and enter the PIN code. After that, a payment form will appear on the screen. The next step is to indicate the M-PIN and confirm the transfer

Via a QR code

The integration of the casino with the company’s gateway offers fast one-touch transfers using the special code.

Clients need to open the mobile app, click on the Pay button, and select the QR Code option. A virtual scanner of QR icons will open on the screen, using which it will be possible to quickly transfer funds to anywhere in the world


To exchange money, it is essential to know the recipient's unique UPI identifier. Operators should enter a combination of numbers in the selected column, and confirm the payment using a 4-digit M-PIN code. Then, the winnings will be instantly credited to the account of a particular player

Using SWIFT or IFSC number

The provider’s gateway supports cross-border transfers. To send funds abroad directly to a bank account, it is necessary to specify the SWIFT code. Money is received within 5–10 minutes and is converted at the rate of the National Bank of the recipient's country.

The IFSC classifier is used instead of SWIFT when settlements are made within India (for example, between its 2 states)

How the Service Attracts Investors

Key benefits of the software:

  1. No need to pass KYC authentication. Identification of all participants in the transaction (operators, B2B partners, and users) is carried out when they enter a PIN code. Client data is automatically linked when the payment is made, and the UPI service instantly verifies the sender and recipient of funds.
  2. Absence of fees. The program was created as a profitable financial environment with no additional or service fees. It is much cheaper to transfer money between 2 UPI accounts compared to bank operations, although in both cases, the funds end up on a card (plastic or virtual).
  3. Comfortable transaction limits. The maximum amount of transfers per day (week, month) is set by a specific financial institution that is connected to the UPI environment. VIP clients get more freedom of action. New members are usually offered minimum limits.
  4. High security. Personal and bank data are protected from theft by third parties. Transactions are carried out within their payment ecosystem, which guarantees high speed and maximum security. India hosts several UPI data centres with powerful server hardware and innovative 5G infrastructure.

Features of the UPI 2.0 Gateway

UPI financial gateway: features

The UPI 2.0 program was created by several of India's leading banks under the auspices of the NPCI. The final version of the product was presented in August 2018 but some important features of the software will be added only at the end of 2023.

The manufacturer promises to install the UPI One World option. The solution simplifies transfers to foreign cards of G20 banks. Users registered in the system can make payments in any country from the Group of 20 (the USA, the UK, France, Australia, Italy, etc.), receive a favourable currency conversion rate, and collect points as part of a branded loyalty program.

Why it is worth launching the UPI 2.0 system:

Enhanced security of transactions

The software contains a biometric authentication function. It includes fingerprint-matching technology and an iris scanner. Thus, the online gambling platform is better protected against fraudsters who try to gain an advantage by creating multiple accounts.

UPI 2.0 also comes with a transaction speed controller. In the case of a sharp increase in money traffic, the system automatically reduces the speed of exchange transactions to carefully check all settlements

Extended functionality

The system verifies and approves transactions even if the phone number is associated with another bank account but not with a UPI profile. In the previous version, the phone numbers for UPI and the bank cards (plastic or virtual) had to be identical.

UPI 2.0 also includes the UPI Lite function. With its help, transfers via QR codes can be made even in the absence of an internet connection

Convenient control over transfers

Pre-authorisation of transactions has been added to the service. Managers can issue invoices in advance, and the funds are debited in the previously set time.

This approach allows entrepreneurs to better control their expenditures (on hosting services, software rental, and payment of salaries to staff) and spend money more efficiently

The Main Things about Buying the UPI Software

This program supports convenient transactions in the iGaming niche.

  • Even though it was developed in India, the program is currently available in 16 markets including the European Union. UPI unites more than 380 banks all over the world.
  • The solution is characterised by a simple installation. At the time of verification, each client is assigned a unique PIN where the user's bank details are stored in encrypted form. At the time of the transfer, there is no need to enter the card number, expiration date, CVV, or full name as all confidential data is retrieved automatically.
  • Transactions can be made using a mobile number, VPA, as well as QR and SWIFT codes. If the operation is carried out within India (for example, between 2 states), then IFSC is indicated instead of SWIFT.
  • Among the top features of the software, we can name high speed, comfortable transfer limits, absence of fees or the need to pass KYC verification, etc.
  • An updated version of the system contains the functions of biometric authentication, pre-authorisation, and approval of transfers. The UPI Lite option makes it possible to pay using a QR code even with a poor internet connection.

The brand’s financial gateway can be ordered at the CASEXE studio. You can buy the program as a separate product or as part of an iGaming project.

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