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What's been a reason for the Bitcoin’s sharp growth

Today, Bitcoin is considered as the most popular cryptocurrency and a valuable tool for profitable investments. How did the crypto money manage to win so many fans and why are there are so many discussions and debates around it?

29 november 2017

Tom Horn Gaming enters the UK market

Tom Horn Gaming, the leading game producer, continues to please the customers with good news. This time, the popular company has become a happy owner of the Combined Remote Operating License.

17 november 2017

Login Casino Interview with Ivan Kondilenko: " Cryptocurrency in online gambling"

Cryptocurrencies and their use in the gambling sector continue to attract market attention. Login Casino talked with the CEO of CASEXE company Ivan Kondilenko about whether bitcoin will eventually become the dominant means of payment in the sphere of gambling and whether the casino in other cryptocurrencies will compete with bitcoin-casino.

27 october 2017

CASEXE - participant of the EIG conference 2017

CASEXE Company, being a regular participant of gambling events, could not miss such a significant meeting in the industry, as the European iGaming Congress & Expo (EiG) 2017. The event will be held from October 30 to November 1 at the Berlin Arena.

18 october 2017

Public message from CASEXE

The CASEXE company officially states that the principles of fair business and working with customers and partners have been faithfully and scrupulously pursued throughout their activities. Compliance with all treaty obligations, crisp results orientation, responsibility for work done and respect for partners are those fundamentals, which our company focuses on.

12 october 2017

Results of the recent CASEXE webinar with Roman Oleynichenko

September 15, at 15:00 (Moscow time) Roman Oleynichenko, the customer manager at CASEXE, conducted a webinar. The expert touched upon principles of functioning of White Label solutions provided by CASEXE and shared his vision of its advantages and disadvantages for potential operators.

21 september 2017