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VR/AR casino, is an online casino, created by means of augmented reality and virtual reality. In the near future, this exclusively unique format of the project is going to become popular among gamblers all over the world. Within the global development of VR/AR technologies, gamblers are paying more and more attention to the online casino projects capable of providing sensations of 100% immersion into the gambling process.

Development of VR casinos is instrumental for operators, as long as this technology allows them to be pacesetters, always one step ahead compared to their competitors, and equips them with a powerful and very promising tool for earning profits right away.

01 Reliability

All of our projects are elaborated by highly skilled VR/AR developers.

02 Flexibility

Availability of both specialized VR casinos and casinos providing VR as an additional option.

03 Ubiquity

Elaboration of the product supporting any type of VR glasses (Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, etc.).

04 Loyalty

Adequate terms and conditions of VR casino development.

05 Exclusivity

Development of a unique project according to customers' technical design specifications.

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CASEXE experts are able to accomplish both specialized VR casino projects and create online casinos that consider the technology of virtual reality as an additional option for gamblers. VR casino development is a responsible and difficult process that should be entrusted only to experienced and highly skilled developers.

VR Casino Package by Casexe
01 Atmosphere of a Real Casino

Innovative software capabilities allow the creation of a virtual environment of a genuine gambling club.

02 Exclusive Design and Graphics

The latest tech achievements are used to generate a highly appealing VR venue matching the area’s peculiarities.

03 Relevant Sound Accompaniment

Appropriate music and related background melodies are well-adjusted to the atmosphere of the VR facility.

04 Wide Assortment of Entertainment

Games from top suppliers are integrated into the platform, including iconic and exclusively created titles.

05 Administrative Elements

Everything from licensing to payment infrastructure is covered by experienced professionals at Casexe.

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Innovative VR Casino from CASEXE

Virtual reality is a well-known technology that has found a lot of fans. But it has not gained global popularity. After its invention, VR solutions could not become common in every home for a very long time. Imagining a virtual casino and trying to play there was akin to a fantastic blockbuster. At the same time, VR software was marked by implausible graphics. The visualisation was delayed. The equipment cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Developers working in the gambling field on the creation of VR online casino software and iGaming products immediately caught a new market tendency. CASEXE was one of the first to offer customers a new trend called virtual reality in gambling developments.

From now on, operators offer players a completely new approach to online casinos. When connecting to a VR or AR resource, a user plunges into a realistic, but completely fantastic world. Thanks to virtual reality glasses, participants can go to the past or the future, and find themselves on a space station or in any imaginary world.

There may be people with impeccable appearances or alien creatures at the gaming table next to a visitor. Everything depends on the imagination when choosing an avatar. Opponents can talk, follow the gestures of opponents, analyse their behaviour and do everything, as in usual land-based establishments. This is exactly what internet start-ups lacked for a long time.

VR technologies for casinos have become an affordable reality. They have changed the format of the usual online gambling projects and provided lots of advantages for players. As a pioneer in virtual/augmented reality casino development, CASEXE offers its customers the creation of an innovative gambling establishment that can bring your business to the highest level of leadership and become a winner in tough competition.

The company CASEXE offers its customers services of VR/AR casino installation, effectuating individual projects that would comprise all the wishes and requirements of a potential casino operator. However, the creation of any VR casino requires from a responsible software development company constant usage of additional resources and presupposes the availability of an advanced technological base. For this very reason, CASEXE managed to create a special department responsible for project elaboration involving augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

How to Create a VR Casino?

To develop a virtual reality start-up, you should contact CASEXE. The company’s specialists are fluent in the skills and knowledge in this area. To work on the creation of VR/AR products, the firm has established a special department for working with specialised tasks. The professionals are provided with a powerful technical base and other additional tools.

The task of the studio is to ensure customers with the most realistic products and let online casino users feel complete immersion in the virtual world without distortion and image transmission delay. The experts are ready to create a specialised VR casino or offer an additional virtual reality option for a working traditional online gaming establishment.

The producers of gambling software are already launching the production of VR entertainment. The well-known provider Microgaming introduced virtual reality roulette and NetEnt released a 3D slot based on this technology. At the request of a customer, the products by these developers and other partners of the company can be integrated into a casino site. VR niches are currently free in the competitive entertainment market. It means you have a chance to be part of the leaderboard with innovative solutions.

The VR casino as an absolutely new type of internet gambling establishment is a promising project that has a magnetic effect on players. Besides, it brings impressive profits. We will help you to turn any bold idea into reality.

Working with new technologies is a labour-intensive process that requires powerful resources and maximum knowledge of experts in this field. That is why the choice of the CASEXE team becomes obvious. We were one of the first to offer this service to customers and have become trendsetters in the entertainment market.

The specialists carefully monitor any changes in the virtual reality area. The experts respond to innovations and integrate them into the work. The studio's clients receive fully-functional and reliable products that have undergone in-depth testing.

You will be able to customise your casino site at your discretion or with the help of the CASEXE team, manage all processes, and receive multi-level reporting on the operation of all sections and options of the resource. Technical support works around the clock. Any issue is solved instantly. Reliable and secure online casino hosting servers are physically located in Europe. However, they provide an opportunity to operate all over the world.

Our employees are interested in the clients’ businesses flourishing and making decent profits. Successful projects become the calling card of the company. They speak of its professionalism and responsible approach to work.

VR casinos are an innovation in the gambling sector. It opens up promising opportunities for users and managers. There are not so many gaming establishments with virtual reality options on the Web. That is why visitors who appreciate the benefits of VR solutions will ensure traffic growth and an increase in an operator's income.

The world is changing. Catch up with the high-speed locomotive that goes into the future! There is still an opportunity to jump into open doors. The CASEXE guide organisation will help you not to remain on the empty platform of the past. Call, text, or fill out a special form on our official portal. Order a ticket to the future of VR gambling. Become a leader in the huge gaming market.

Learn more about creating VR / AR casinos while getting professional consultation services from CASEXE managers or place an order to develop your own VR casino right now!

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