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Honest and responsible operation in a transparent legal field is impossible without formal authorization by government under which the gambling business is conducted. License for website of online casino improves trust among players and adds importance to gambling market participant.

At present, there are several jurisdictions with loyal gambling requirements to open companies and obtain licenses. Low tax rates and flexible gambling legislation create an enabling environment for work and development.

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Our experts will help you find the most convenient and optimal licensing option with minimal fixed payments within the laws of the selected jurisdiction, taking into account the customer's capabilities and needs. If necessary, CASEXE may provide licensing services and advice on other related issues.

01 Extended Gambling Opportunities

Gambling entrepreneurs assume more responsibility, but are free to improve and develop business, saving on taxes (popular jurisdictions have fixed prices for licenses and standard tax rates on income of establishment). After paying the mandatory fees, the gambling business has the opportunity to improve its earnings, to engage specialists to promote the casino and to finance various projects in the framework of their operation.

02 Reliability of a Casino Brand

Players have more confidence in the licensed establishments. Any problems with the legal casino could be resolved through arbitration, since it was possible to prove the truth of one of the parties on the basis of existing financial and other documents. However, given the interest in increased traffic, a legitimate casino will try to avoid conflicts with players in order to preserve a good reputation.

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iGaming business registration is a legal procedure within the framework of which an applicant obtains an official licence to carry out activities in the gambling field.

Online casino licence: general info

The certificate confirms the legitimacy of the iGaming platform and such aspects and facts about the business:

  • commercial activity is carried out legally;
  • the work of the resource complies with the established legal norms;
  • the company adheres to RTP standards;
  • the session at the casino is conducted fairly and transparently, without any influence of third parties on the game outcome;
  • all winnings are paid out in full and on time.


What Is a Gambling Permit

All information on the certification process is posted by operators on the main page of their sites or in a special section. The key requirement is that data should be available for each user.

The appearance of the document depends on the agency that issued it but in general, the permit always contains information that includes a basic list of data about the provider of solutions:

  • brand name;
  • address of the company (registered office of the location of headquarters);
  • the casino’s e-mail;
  • current licensing status;
  • number of the document;
  • type and class of a permit;
  • list of approved types of entertainment;
  • all information about software vendors;
  • list of dispute resolution protocols and programs (ADR);
  • links to the entrepreneur’s internet resource.

For an Internet casino customer, it is much preferable to play on a resource with a visible license number of a specific jurisdiction rather than paying on the resource operating illegally. While one online casino is responsible for any action, another is illegal, as evidenced by the lack of information on a proper permit on the main page of the casino website. The existence of a permit for legal activity adds significance to operators in the industry.

More than half of the listed jurisdictions comply with the legal field of the European Union, creating additional business convenience and expanding the target audience for almost all of Europe.

CASEXE specialists are ready to consult and assist in the processing of the licensing documentation. Our company is aware of the nuances of popular jurisdictions, as well as the procedure for obtaining permits. Gambling business licensing requires a minimum of effort thanks to the assistance of CASEXE staff and will be done without interruption and within the statutory deadline.


Casino License Application

In many countries, gambling is banned or restricted by strict frameworks that are inimical to development. In such countries, licensing is an extremely complex process accessible to a limited number of people and not available to all who wish to start a gambling business. Restrictions and bans are imposed on the regulators to prevent gambling addiction among the vulnerable segment of the population, in particular adolescents.

The countries listed above consider gambling, both land-based and online, differently. The regulators of Malta or Gibraltar realize that this is the same business as oil or furniture production, which is simply specific.

The removal of the rigid framework gives freedom of enterprise development and the corresponding tax-filling of the state budget. The budget funds contribute to the improvement of urban infrastructure, social assistance, and effective programs to combat gambling addiction, developed by experienced psychotherapists.

Doing business in a country where gambling is welcome is much simpler than in a state looking for pitfalls in each activity and willing to prohibit or tax any innovation. The same situation is with cryptocurrencies.

Online casino licensing is a process of submitting a package of documents to a regulator. Among the papers, there is company registration data, information about top managers, financial reports, development plans, etc. You must have the appropriate technology, the game content must be licensed and certified by an independent auditor.

Before you obtain a license under certain jurisdiction, you must examine the legislation governing gambling to avoid problems in the future. In this case, CASEXE professionals may save your time and take this challenge. The company's assistance will speed up license acquisition and bring the project's legal work to an online casino closer.

Taking those factors into consideration, it can be concluded that a casino license benefits the gambling business and players, and speaks of a stable reputation. The activities of official gambling houses are controlled by the regulator and independent auditors, as well as by the operators themselves.

Players have much more trust in legal casinos. Therefore, obtaining a license becomes a necessary condition for a successful business. CASEXE will share information about how to obtain a license and what requirements should be completed in order to conduct a smooth legalization process.

Stages of the Business Registration

Gambling business registration: stages

The acquisition of a licence takes place according to the following scenario:

Choice of the Regulator

When selecting a jurisdiction that will issue your permit, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects:

  • indicators of economic and political stability in the region;
  • the regulator’s reputation;
  • licensing requirements;
  • cost of the service;
  • taxation for the casino project and the availability of industrial financial benefits;
  • period of issuance;
  • the cost of doing business;
  • the validity period of the licence and ways to extend it.

The documents and certificates issued by large European and international regulators are considered the most popular.

List of the most reputable jurisdictions

Antigua and Barbuda

The local government body (a special FSRC Commission) has been legalising casino projects since 1994. It issues 2 types of documents:

  • Interactive Gaming — a licence that also extends over roulette, poker, video slots, lotteries, and other types of gambling.
  • Interactive Wagering — a special certificate for launching betting shops.

Applications for legalisation are approved within 3 months

The Isle of Man

This permit is considered one of the most prestigious. The first local regulator started working with gaming operators back in 1962.

In 2001, one of the first specialised bodies was founded in the region. It was focused on licensing and control of compliance of projects in the iGaming field.

The regulator is very loyal to potential applicants and has a favourable economic policy. For example, the amount of the casino’s income tax does not exceed 1.5%


It is part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, due to which applicants can count on the increased loyalty and confidence of their audience.

In this country, a gambling permit covers all types of games for money. Besides, business owners receive the following additional benefits:

  • minimum requirements for software vendors;
  • limited package of documents for the registration of the application;
  • the level of income tax is only 2% of the net profit;
  • a local online casino licence can be distributed by buyers under the White Label program


The region is considered the second most popular for the legalisation of entertainment projects of any kind.

The local regulator issues 2 types of permits:

  • В2В — a certificate for the developer of content or the vendor of key software;
  • В2С — a licence that allows businessmen to distribute the main types of products: slots, roulette, poker, lotteries, etc.


This is a small sovereign territory within the borders of Canada, which belongs to one of the native Indian tribes.

The regulator’s feature is the complete absence of requirements for the authorised capital of the applicants.

The jurisdiction issues different documents. A basic IGC certificate is enough to run a classic site with slot machines. If the entrepreneur plans to open a land-based casino or own software development headquarters in the future, additional permits can be obtained whenever necessary

Obtaining a Legal Status

Only an officially registered brand can receive a casino licence. Besides, applicants need to take into account the peculiarities of the legislative framework in the selected offshore zone.

For more details about the specifics of project registration and qualified legal support, please contact the specialists of the CASEXE studio.

Applying for the Legalisation of Business

To properly obtain a casino licence, operators need to prepare the documents required by the selected regulator.

Depending on the country, their list may vary but among the main papers, we can name:

  • an application for certification in the prescribed form (as a rule, the document is completed in the language of the offshore in which the procedure is carried out);
  • the proof of registration of the legal status of an enterprise;
  • a copy of the trademark (if this document is available);
  • a long-term business strategy of the company (a work plan should be developed for at least 3 years);
  • completed declarations following the provided forms;
  • documentary evidence of the financial solvency of a company;
  • detailed data about the operator's online resource;
  • full facts on suppliers, software, and its certification;
  • the evidence of the trustworthiness of persons who are included on the board of directors and are considered to be the founders of the firm;
  • bank details and statements and information about the algorithms for working with financial flows.

It is worth paying special attention to the business plan, which is required by most regulators. This document should cover and disclose such issues as:

  • the structure of an enterprise;
  • information report on the company's shareholders;
  • recruitment/training program;
  • market analysis and assessment of potential audience;
  • projected income and payback period of investments;
  • financial information, including a list of the ways of accepting bets and paying out winnings;
  • a description of the software utilised;
  • structure and main theses of the marketing program;
  • a list of affiliate services that will be used to promote the platform;
  • quantitative risk analysis.

Compliance with the Requirements for Gaming Sites

To obtain a permit, operators must not only prepare a package of statutory and financial documents but also adapt the site to current regulations.

For successful legalisation, a virtual platform must have:

  • simple and understandable registration system;
  • convenient catalogue with the ability to select content at the discretion of the visitor;
  • clear game control system;
  • protection against fraud;
  • variable system of payment of bets and withdrawal of funds;
  • an efficient streamlined reporting protocol that is filed to the relevant regulatory authorities;
  • stable feedback channels and customer support;
  • options for collecting analytical data and maintaining detailed reporting on all processes.

Benefits of the Decision to Order Licensing Aid from CASEXE

Casino licensing: expert assistance

The availability of a permit issued by a reputable offshore jurisdiction guarantees:

  • increased trust and loyalty of the audience;
  • an opportunity to cooperate with the world’s leading gambling software vendors;
  • easy and quick access to new regulated markets;
  • an opportunity to work under a simplified tax scheme.

The independent preparation of a package of documents for the project legalisation requires special knowledge and significant time expenditures. The optimal solution is to outsource this task to the experts of CASEXE.

Our team offers:

  1. Legal consulting. With our specialists, you can discuss the market situation, regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions, legal norms for running a business in different regions, and ways to adapt the project to these rules.
  2. Signing of the contract. All work on the certification of the online casino takes place strictly within the framework of the contract, which spells out the requirements for both parties. We also guarantee full confidentiality.
  3. Professional resolution of administrative issues. Speaking on behalf of clients, our specialists take responsibility for the collection of the necessary documents and their submission to the relevant authorities.
  4. Support during the process of legalisation. All stages of registration and certification of a gambling project are undertaken by CASEXE specialists. You only need to specify a list of requirements for the final result.

One of the advantages of cooperation with us is a wide range of additional products and services. We guide the project in the stage of its development and after the official launch. Some special offers are aimed at improving business performance indicators and reducing the payback period:

  • assistance in the creation of large-scale marketing strategies;
  • a wide range of scenarios for promotions and bonus programs;
  • outsourcing administration and full business management services;
  • assistance in searching and training casino personnel;
  • connection of affiliate programs;
  • development and implementation of advanced applications for working with a mobile audience.

The Main Things about the Legalisation of an iGaming Project

Casino licensing is an indispensable condition for stable and successful functioning in the largest markets under established legal standards.

  • The availability of a permit has a positive effect on audience coverage. Users are more loyal to legal casinos. To form a trusting relationship with players, we recommend you indicate information about the licence on the main page of the site.
  • The choice of jurisdiction for the legalisation of the gambling platform depends on many factors: legal support from the state, the availability of a well-functioning economic infrastructure and benefits for business, the loyalty of the tax system, and the ability to work in different entertainment niches and attract foreign traffic.
  • From the CASEXE studio, you can order a comprehensive casino licensing service. The offer includes the provision of legal advice, assistance in the collection and preparation of documents, and support during the process of filing an application to the selected regulator.

You can learn more about the nuances of obtaining gambling permits and entering the most promising markets from our managers.

We offer the widest range of solutions: casino scripts, turnkey projects and gaming platforms, an expensive set of services under the White Label program, and such an option as the development of an exclusive start-up from scratch.


We are waiting for your applications.

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