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Licensing is an important element of online casino operation. Acquiring a license allows to validate the casino operation in legal way, within the frameworks of the certain jurisdiction, as well as to obtain a robust reputation of a solid gambling market player.

License can also improve trust from players to a certain online casino, which is one additional significant argument for licensing process.

CASEXE specialists are ready to provide you with consultations related to licensing, and if necessary, offer licenses obtaining services.

Today, there exists lots of jurisdictions allowing to acquire license for international online casino operation. Most popular of them are:


On June 28, 2001, Australia adopted an Interactive Gambling Act, trying to regulate the non-licensed gambling activity online. Since then, Australia has been considered to be one of the most popular jurisdictions for online gambling.


One of the few European jurisdictions that provide licenses for gambling business operation. Notable for strict licensing requirements, including the one that companies shall be physically present on the state’s territory.


One of the most prestigious and recognized jurisdictions in the world with really convenient conditions for operation with European banks. Notable for high demands and standards, interested licensee shall undergo a full audit.

Netherlands Antilles (Curacao)

Curacao gambling commission has been providing licenses since 1996, and is considered to be one of the most reliable licensing services providers. One of the most convenient licenses with simplified acquirement scheme

Antigua and Barbuda

Jurisdiction in the Caribbean region that has been providing gambling licensing services since 1994. Licensing shall be approved by the Gambling Department


One of the first jurisdictions, where online gambling licensing has been allowed.

Has a range of strict requirements from the gambling commission, but recognized for its solid reputation.


Quite a reliable payment jurisdiction in Central America with a special commission controlling the granting and utilization of licenses. One of the most cost-efficient taxation requirements.

The Isle of Man

One of the most comprising jurisdictions, which provides complete gambling licenses, as well as limited versions. Quite demanding conditions for licensing, although this is very popular and prestigious European jurisdiction


This jurisdiction is special because it can issue a license for online transaction data processing. Pretty democratic requirements for procedure and price of acquiring the license.


Prestigious European jurisdiction granting licenses since 2000, after adoption of the corresponding legislation. The procedure of license obtaining is quite complex and expensive, but the reputation is very clean.

CASEXE clients shall have no doubts that they’ll receive appropriate and relevant information related to online casino licensing. Together, we’ll choose the option that’ll completely comply with your requirements.