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Important details: The registration fee for casino in Curaçao

Today, the gambling industry is considered being one of the most progressive spheres in the world. And having business in this area is not only prestigious, but rather profitable activity. Among many promising projects, the licensed online casino received a recognized leadership. Alongside with land based casinos, they attract visitors with greater control and ability to try out most games free of charge. These virtual establishments operate in a stable and legal order, creating confidence among the players and profiting the owners.

White label casino software and mobile gambling: Booming innovation, synergy and new opportunities for business development

Today, mobile gaming is in its active development phase. As early as 2016, its share was 33% of the world's total gaming industry, and now the figures are steadily approaching 50%. Applications and mobile versions of online casinos based on white label casino software impress with their design features, incredibly colorful and detailed graphics. Precisely speaking, mobile devices perform a way more quality game broadcasting than standard PCs.