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Payment systems integration

The online casino site cannot be fully functional without payment services providing players with real money to play on. The payment system serves as a financial intermediary to a gaming resource and a user, helping to transfer funds to both game and correspondent accounts in banks and other financial institutions.

The payment system integration is one of the most important steps in creating a healthy online casino resource. The more payment services the operator is connected to, the more money the players will be able to transfer.

International payment systems, such as WebMoney or SKRILL, work in every part of the globe where the Internet is available. Transactions can be made in the currency of those countries where the payment system is allowed to operate. Within services, there is an integrated currency exchange that simplifies foreign currency translation.

Players do not have to worry about how to exchange local money for dollars or euros, because not all online casinos support a variety of national currencies — the payment system will deal with this problem.

It would be very good if the operator connects to online casino not only international but also national payment services. This increases the target audience at the expense of other country's residents, enabling them to play at a quality and responsible resource rather than using illegal gaming sites. The issue is of great relevance to countries severely restricting or prohibiting gambling activity.

The CASEXE company integrates selected payment services into the gambling resource platform. The continued support for payment systems integration ensures smooth operation and resolve emerging issues.

Payment service integration

The CASEXE company has been partnering with all existing payment systems. The most popular services used by players are:

All systems have their own distinctive features, terms and conditions, commissions, etc. When selecting a payment service, the operator must take into account geographic location, tariffication, payment instruments and methods, user-friendly interface, accessibility and efficiency.

Services carried out during several days will be less in demand among gamblers, most of whom prefer instant transactions. It should be considered whether to connect a payment system delaying payments in case users do not use it, because its integration is still charged.

At the same time, systems that provide instant payments can be overloaded with queries, which also slows down time of processing. The CASEXE team is always ready to inform every customer about these and other nuances.

We are engaged in integrating payment systems into online casino sites, helping you find the best services, taking into account the customer's wishes and capabilities, and the requirements of visitors to gambling resource, as well as partner agreements with selected payment services. Choosing the affiliates with CASEXE is easy, fast and reasonable!