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Learn all peculiarities of the gambling project with our free demo version of a casino site.
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Casexe presents the possibility to get a demo version of a casino. How helpful can it be, and what are its main advantages?

An online casino demo version is a template of a gambling platform to test all capabilities offered by our company. It includes a functional CMS system, a basic entertainment assortment, etc. This allows for analysing the project’s potential from the clients’ and administrative sides.

A casino demo version can be configured individually to match the peculiarities of the future platform.

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Reasons to Try a Casino Demo Version
01 ​Access to Relevant Entertainment

A new operator needs to understand how casino games work from players' and managers’ perspectives.

02 Analysis of the Potential Structure

An insight into whether an operator is comfortable with the platform is decisive in building an efficient project.

03 Quick Product Generation

Casexe experts will help you configure a demo version of a casino according to your preferences and vision.

04 No Investments Needed

Our clients receive affordable services in the fastest terms possible to understand what needs to be improved.

05 Software Evaluation

The possibility to check the strong sides of the system individually inspires operators to full-fledged cooperation.

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If you want to investigate the possibilities of our platform, a demo version of a casino is an excellent opportunity for a profound analysis. During testing, our experts will answer all your questions and inquiries about project peculiarities.

Casino Demo Version Components
01 Test Games from Top Suppliers

Casexe trial versions of platforms comprise real games from Novomatic, Greentube, Amatic, and other top sellers.

02 Casino Management System

Experimenting with a viable CMS shows an entrepreneur the simplicity of administering a gambling site.

03 Estimated Payment Methods

Experts analyse depositing and withdrawing means in the desired area and discuss it with the client.

04 Crypto Integration

Among potential test scenarios, it is possible to get a demo of a Bitcoin casino that is set up on Blockchain.

05 Cross-Platform Operation

A client receives access to the casino system that can be viewed from both desktop and mobile gadgets.

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The gaming industry is a unique business area. It promises investors a lot of opportunities. It is one of the fastest-growing markets, covering more than 26% of the world's population.

Are you going to invest in this niche, but have no experience, or are you looking for the best solution for the development of an existing gambling start-up? Your ideal choice is a casino demo with free slots.

Online casino demo: general info

In this article, the CASEXE team will answer the most frequently asked questions: what is the demo mode of a slot machine site, what is it needed for, and what benefits does it provide to an entrepreneur?


Brief Overview of the Gambling Field

The main trend of recent years is the rapid growth in the number of virtual gaming resources. In 2020 the number of slot machine sites around the world increased from 45% to 60%.

Let us look at the global gambling market in figures:

  • 26% of the world's population (about 1.8 billion people) regularly use casino services;
  • 5 billion people place bets at least once a year;
  • 62% of Europeans participate in wagers during the year;
  • 85% of American adults have gambled at least once;
  • 37% of the British visit land-based or internet casinos once a week;
  • 67% of the global gaming market is in the online sector.

Now is the best time to launch a new gambling start-up since potential players are open to new experiences more than ever.

Prospects for Investing in iGaming

The launch of gambling projects gives operators a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. The rapid growth of a loyal audience. The online casino field is one of the few businesses that have benefited from the global Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, the market volume grew by 7%. Traffic is expected to increase by another 33% by 2025.
  2. The introduction of advanced technologies. The gaming environment sets trends for the entire digital world. VR innovations are being actively developed and a global metauniverse is being created in the web gambling area. Casino providers are often ahead of their time. For example, the first smartwatch games were developed by Microgaming back in 2014.
  3. New target markets. The prospects of the industry are highly appreciated by the governments of even the most conservative countries. For example, the casino market was legalised in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in 2022. Licensing of online platforms in the USA also continues. It should be noted that gambling was previously under prohibition in most states.

A successful launch in such a voluminous and promising niche requires an investor to have serious technical training and the availability of start-up capital.

However, anyone can try on the role of a gambling site owner free of charge. It is enough to connect the demo version of a casino from CASEXE.

Concept of the Trial Mode

Slot machine site test mode: concept

The introductory format of a gaming resource is a free service from CASEXE. It allows users to gain practical experience in managing a business easily, quickly, and safely.

The casino demo version is a 100% working digital platform with a full set of services for administration, performance evaluation, and analysis of user reactions.

The tasks and goals of launching a slot machine site in free mode are as follows:

Acquaintance with the Feature Set and Its Opportunities

As part of the test mode, our client gets access to all administration settings:

  • viewing and adjusting backend components;
  • gaming content management options (configuring bet limits, connecting specific positions for different target groups, etc.);
  • filters and functions of the CMS system (editing the content of a site, controlling user reactions to the proposed product, and other features);
  • bonus program settings.

The product is designed to help an operator evaluate the overall functionality and performance of the platform, the range of personalised settings, and the speed of processing incoming requests.

Evaluation of the Game Library

When working with the demo version of a site, an operator can personally test all the content presented in the CASEXE portfolio.

We work with market leaders and offer the brightest and most impressive new products from:

  • Microgaming;
  • Tom Horn;
  • Betsoft;
  • Amatic;
  • Ezugi;
  • XproGaming;
  • Endorphina;
  • Habanero.

For each product, special statistics indicators are available. They reflect the response of the audience in the regions, the overall frequency of requests, the number of winnings paid out, and other metrics to understand the effectiveness and relevance of a particular game.

Familiarity with the Capabilities of Analytical Modules

A casino with slot machines demo gives access to all reporting services of the platform and control of the main technical parameters, such as:

  • the fluctuations in resource loads;
  • response speed with the maximum number of incoming requests;
  • total amount of traffic;
  • the quality and efficiency of site backups;
  • average time spent visiting an online casino;
  • the security of work with financial flows.

The analytical module also includes:

  1. Audience segmentation tools. An operator can view information about the activity of each visitor, the duration of the stay on a site, game preferences, geolocation, etc.
  2. The systems for monitoring financial transactions. The free casino version allows you to evaluate the speed of processing financial requests, the number of regular operations, the settlement history of each site visitor, and the effectiveness of eliminating threats when suspicious activity is detected.
  3. Risk control program. A multifunctional module gives a clear idea of the effectiveness of bonus programs and the advertising strategy (including the quality of traffic from affiliate programs). It also quickly identifies any behavioural anomalies.

Things Worth Your Attention

The connection of a casino demo allows operators to evaluate the benefits and prospects of working in the iGaming segment without prior financial investments.

The experience gained from interacting with the platform will determine the main vector for further work and the formation of a common development and marketing strategy.

When evaluating the components of the back office of a slot machine site, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the range of content and its management tools;
  • the speed of system response to incoming requests;
  • reporting and visualisation duration (the CASEXE team offers advanced real-time analytics instruments);
  • the security and reliability of financial components;
  • the quality of feedback and technical assistance channels;
  • the scope of functionality for monitoring user activity;
  • the availability of built-in marketing modules, including programs for working with bonuses and partner services;
  • the opportunity to work with different types of traffic;
  • the compliance of the technical base with the rules of responsible gambling and safety protocols adopted in your region.

Reasons to Connect a Free Casino Demo from CASEXE

Free casino demo version: benefits

The level of competition in the global gambling market encourages investors to look for the best solutions to meet the needs of users as much as possible. For example, there is a clear trend towards the global mobilisation of the digital space. Smartphone owners make up 90.7% of all activity on the Web.

The CASEXE team offers the best way to estimate all the administrative capabilities of an iGaming site and conclude a well-considered safe deal with a high payback potential.

The benefits of the solution

Trial access duration

The service is provided for up to 10 days. It is enough to learn the main feature set of the platform and develop the entire subsequent work strategy

Well-thought-out feature selection

The free version is a 100% working gaming ecosystem with full backend access. An operator can test all built-in services and settings for optimising a site and adapting it to the current needs of the market and local regulators

Comprehensive support

You receive full administrative, technical, and consulting assistance for the entire period of cooperation: during trial access and after the acquisition of a business project

Global game library

Top solutions from leading players in the market, including live games, slots with 3D and VR components, free, mobile and social entertainment offers, a huge selection of lottery draws, and other options are available to our clients

Another advantage of cooperation with our studio is a wide range of additional services. Along with providing trial access to novice investors, we offer some solutions for existing operators:

  • the comprehensive remote start-up management;
  • the development of original design solutions and visual components of a site;
  • the introduction of unique promotions and bonuses;
  • the access to top affiliate programs;
  • the creation of mobile applications;
  • the development and launch of a large-scale advertising campaign.

The Main Things about the Free Casino Demo

The easiest and most secure way to responsibly prepare for the acquisition and estimate the feature set of the gaming platform without prior investment is to connect a slot machine site in test mode.

  • The casino demo is a completely workable digital ecosystem with full access to the backend. Operators are not limited in their actions to set up and manage resources. They can easily evaluate the effectiveness of all adjustments made.
  • The free slot machine site from CASEXE includes a huge library of games. Products from leading market players such as Microgaming, Amatic, Endorphina, and others are available to our clients. We offer advanced solutions aimed at all categories of users, including mobile audiences.
  • The demo version of a casino includes a multi-tasking analytical module. An operator can monitor the effectiveness of advertising programs and bonuses in real-time, the speed of processing all incoming requests, assess the financial security of the system, and identify any behavioural anomalies quickly.

You can learn more about the characteristics and advantages of innovative gaming platforms, connect a free casino demo, and order the implementation of a unique turnkey project at the CASEXE studio.

We offer advanced solutions with the highest user involvement and retention indicators:

  • mobile entertainment;
  • social/free content;
  • Bitcoin casinos;
  • lotteries and bingo;
  • virtual sports betting platforms;
  • crash games;
  • products based on decentralised technologies, etc.

You can integrate the demo version of a slot machine site in just one click!


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