B4U Payment Method for Casinos: Features and Advantages

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Innovations are successfully applied in gambling. Digital tokens are considered one of such new trends. It makes the business more secure, liquid, and profitable for entrepreneurs. Seamless scaling and access to the most promising markets are also provided.

B4U Global casino payment system: basic info

It is possible to buy the B4U Global gateway at the CASEXE studio. You can order a consultation with our specialists to learn about the benefits of conducting blockchain operations.


Key Details about the Vendor’s Software

International B4U Global (BitLoad4U Ltd) has representative offices in India and Nigeria.

The provider is registered in Malta, a country where gambling and cryptocurrency transactions are considered legal. This allowed the brand to easily expand and scale the blockchain business since it is supported by the largest iGaming hub in Europe.

The financial module is used for cross-border transfers in digital assets.

The product supports the full range of blockchain operations:

  • buying and selling of digital tokens;
  • investment in ICO and IDO projects;
  • currency conversion;
  • purchase and sale of NFT assets, and much more.

In a recent interview with Malta Profile, T. Jack William, the founder of BitLoad4U Ltd, said:

Our payment system will be a bridge between virtual and fiat currencies. It is an electronic wallet and global financial platform where operators and players can quickly, cheaply, and efficiently make settlements using Bitcoins and other units.

The product is also successfully used in the banking sector, rental business, pharmacology, and retail. It is suitable for any type of enterprise where cryptocurrency acts as the unit of account.

When T. Jack William was asked why the integration of the system was licensed by the Maltese jurisdiction, he replied:

Malta is a great place to launch an iGaming startup with a strong pro-blockchain environment. The island government has shown great support and willingness to cooperate with this type of business, developed clear legislation for the use of cryptocurrencies, and provided access to advanced IT infrastructure.

Rules for Registering in the Financial Environment

The installation process starts with the creation of a unique account. The option is available to both legal entities (operators, hosting providers, etc.) and players.

To work with B2B partners (for example, affiliates or developers), entrepreneurs need to register a Bitcoin wallet. The counterparty (a gambler, or a manufacturer) does not need to have such a wallet as well. The program supports hassle-free deposition and withdrawal of funds.

Way to install the provider’s service in a few clicks:

  1. Obtaining a personal ID. During the first visit to the official website of the company, a registration form is displayed on the screen. After filling it out, clients should confirm the data by pressing a button, and the program will automatically generate a unique ID. It is important not to lose the number and not to transfer it to third parties. Otherwise, fraudsters can hack the service and steal information from customers.
  2. Passage of the identification procedure. The program sends a letter of confirmation to the specified e-mail address. It is enough for operators or gamblers to click on the active link to complete the initial check.
  3. Identity verification. The integration of the brand’s gateway fully complies with PCI DSS requirements. The transnational organisation controls interbank transfers and other transactions in both fiat and digital money. The KYC approach involves sending the client's passport or ID card so that the operator can check that the player is of legal age.
  4. Activation of an account. To do this, it is enough to make settlements through the system. There is no limit on the first transaction. Casino visitors can transfer from 0.00001 to 1 BTC and even more — it all depends on the user's financial situation.

T. Jack William described the premium software solution in the following way:

The connection of the settlement method, as well as the integration of our proprietary software for other business projects, is 100% compliant with international requirements for the security and protection of cash flows. We implement and maintain high KYC standards, which makes the company a significant figure in the market.

The software has built-in modules for scanning transactions according to the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and FATF (Financial Action Task Force) algorithms.

Main Advantages of Installing the Vendor’s Service

B4U Global financial gateway: advantages

The decision to use the brand’s gateway will bring a lot of benefits:

Increase in the Liquidity of the Business

The key task of the solution is to provide operators with as many options for utilising Bitcoin as possible, including:

  • purchase of fiat money;
  • investment of funds in ICO projects;
  • use of cryptocurrency to create personal gift certificates, and much more.

This approach improves the liquidity of an iGaming start-up and generates additional revenue.

T. Jack William noted:

In the 21st century, no one wants to keep Bitcoin as a souvenir or use it only for savings. Our team offers an alternative approach to the use of cryptocurrency, which greatly simplifies and speeds up access to money.

Performance Improvement

The service is based on blockchain technology. It is responsible for the high speed of the funds' transfer, the ability to process multiple requests at once, and the additional security of transactions.

Blockchain is a decentralised environment, the functioning of which does not depend on banks, financial institutions, tax authorities, or inter-service organisations. Due to this, “extra” parts in the form of controlling bodies are not included in the chain of operations, which increases the software's performance.

The decision to connect the provider’s payment system gives business owners access to fast transactions in a few clicks. The time for crediting funds is 5–10 seconds.

Online Casino Security Enhancement

The gambling industry is extremely attractive to fraudsters. According to statistics, their actions make entrepreneurs lose 7–9% of their monthly expenses. It happens due to ineffective customer identification, multi-accounting, incorrect distribution of bonuses, and other reasons.

Moreover, delinquents often sell stolen bank cards online. By using them, players put gaming sites at risk.

The owners of digital platforms, who decide to connect the service, save themselves from problems associated with security. Bitcoin transactions are a simple and fairly comfortable option.

Access to Multicurrency Transfers

The blockchain environment processes settlements in both digital and fiat currencies.

With the help of the provider’s gateway, it is possible to replenish an account or withdraw funds in over 30 traditional monetary units:

  • US dollar;
  • euro;
  • Chinese yuan;
  • Indian rupees;
  • Japanese yen;
  • Danish kroner, and others.

The BitLoad4U team is constantly working on the expansion of options provided by the financial system, adding new monetary units to it.

The Use of an Innovative Settlement Method

Mr William expects that in 5 years, it will be as easy and familiar to make payments in Bitcoin as it is today in euros.

The founder of the company positively evaluates the launch of the B4U Global gateway:

Our proprietary solution has the potential to change the gambling industry and become a next-generation online payment method, on par with bank transfers or deposits via e-wallets.

Very soon, entrepreneurs will see what preferences the integration of the solution gives. These are minimal commissions (much less compared to credit card transfers), no reverse transactions, protection against fraud, and much more.

Expansion of the Geography of Users

The decision to buy the software allows operators to go beyond the country of their iGaming start-ups and provide gambling services to a wide audience from different parts of the world. Acceptance of blockchain deposits and payment of prizes in Bitcoins are considered legal in many jurisdictions. This is important to maintain a positive image of the gaming site.

T. Jack William noted:

We build strong business relationships in more than 60 countries and operate about 30 million cryptocurrency wallets. Our global presence increases the liquidity of our business partners since they can interact with a huge number of players worldwide.

Modules for Working Offline

B4U Global payment service: offline modules

The product range of the vendor includes:


The software turns a traditional personal device into a modern POS terminal. Entrepreneurs can use laptops, tablets, PCs, and mobile phones with any operating system.

Transactions are carried out via a unique QR code, which is automatically generated by the system at the first request

B4U Bankomat

It is integrated into the equipment of offline casinos and bookmakers’ offices and is aimed at accepting payments and withdrawing cash.

The use of classic ATMs, lottery terminals, game boxes, and betting machines is possible. The main condition is the presence of a bill acceptor and a card reader in the used unit of equipment

B4U GiftCoin

It has a limited duration and denomination. The product is often considered an element of a proprietary casino bonus program.

The accrual of prizes in cryptocurrency is positively perceived by the audience and can attract new customers to the gaming establishment


A set of tools and additional features will allow business owners to quickly set up solutions for their offline casinos.

The module is based on the Application Programming Interface (API). This facilitates the integration of the third-party application function into a gambling product

The Main Things about the Launch of the Provider’s Financial Gateway

The Maltese firm develops settlement methods based on blockchain.

  • The main advantage of buying the software is that it increases the profitability of the gambling business. It also supports the acquisition and sale of Bitcoins, BTC exchange for other crypto units and local money, and other operations.
  • The module is characterised by improved performance, high security, and a multicurrency environment. The installation of the software will expand the geography of users on any gaming site.
  • The provider offers a simple procedure for creating an account. It is necessary to fill out the registration form, confirm your identity, and receive a personal ID.

The brand’s premium software can be bought or rented at the CASEXE studio. You can order the module as a completely independent solution or together with a ready-made online casino.

We also offer the following profitable products:


For all questions, please contact our managers.


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