Casino Payment System Mastercard: Good Solution for Gaming Sites

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Instant and secure transfers are the key to the profitable operation of an iGaming project. Without this, the normal functioning of the business, which includes the quick acceptance of deposits and settlements with B2B partners, is impossible. The Mastercard service is available in 210 countries. It successfully copes with these tasks.

Mastercard casino payment system: basic info

The CASEXE studio describes the benefits and features of installing the financial gateway. Order the integration of the Mastercard system by contacting our manager.


Interesting Facts about the Provider

Mastercard Incorporated has been working in the payment field since 1966. For over 50 years, the company has changed several names and has gone from an ordinary banking product to an international system.

The company's financial performance is impressive.

  • The provider accounts for 29% of all card products. The developer holds the world championship in the supply of plastic cards under the Mastercard brand.
  • The company processes over $14.4 trillion annually. In terms of payment volume, the supplier is one of the top four corporations along with Visa, American Express, and UnionPay.
  • The vendor's branded products are present in more than 210 countries. The integration of the casino payment system Mastercard is of particular interest to the owners of gambling, bookmaker, and lottery projects. The software is suitable for all types of gaming businesses. The main thing is that it is allowed in the selected country. The system is actively used in e-commerce, online education, the service industry, Forex trading, and other sectors of the economy.
  • The financial gateway is connected to over 22 thousand banking institutions worldwide. The first Mastercard cards appeared in Ukraine in 1991. As for the CIS, it happened a few years earlier, in 1988.
  • The company employs over 21 thousand workers. These are experienced programmers, QA engineers, financiers, designers, marketers, accountants, and lawyers. The main office of the developer is located in Harrison (New York). The key data centre is in the suburbs of St. Louis.

The Main Tasks of the Financial Gateway

The Mastercard payment system for online casinos performs a wide range of functions:

  • the issuance of licences for the distribution of card products by banks;
  • exchange operations between issuing banks and acquirers;
  • the protection of patents and property rights (for an emblem, logo, unique technologies, etc.);
  • international settlements through automated payment systems;
  • the processing of financial and banking data;
  • the collection and transfer of commission fees;
  • the creation and implementation of new settlement technologies.

The connection of the casino payment system Mastercard is available from anywhere in the world. The company's global data centres are located in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. They are 100% protected from external hacker attacks and internal failures. This ensures 24/7 maintenance of businesses.

The main data centre operates based on the Banknet universal telecommunications network with billions of endpoints worldwide. It has a peer-to-peer structure. Information is transferred from servers to the supplier's data centre. This provides additional protection for the financial system.

Benefits of Installing the Payment Tools

Mastercard financial software: benefits

Consider substantial reasons to connect the casino financial system Mastercard:

Convenient conversion

The international rate set on the USD and EUR exchanges is used for monetary operations.

The conversion for euro is more beneficial because Mastercard initially focuses on transfers in this currency

Global distribution

Comfortable integration of casino payment system Mastercard is compatible with over 210 banks. These are international corporations (for example, BNP Paribas or Raiffeisen Bank International), as well as local ones (for example, PrivatBank or UkrGazBank).

Thanks to the Mastercard system, an entrepreneur will not have problems accepting deposits and paying out prize money

Good market recognition

Mastercard Incorporated is trusted by players and B2B partners from all over the world. Its products are in great demand in the leading gambling markets.

Hosting providers, affiliates, software suppliers, and other entities conduct secure transactions using well-known cards

Impeccable performance

The Mastercard payment system for online casinos can accept up to 10 applications per second. These are money transfers from any corner of the planet, currency conversion, two-factor identification of the sender, and other actions.

The software performance does not depend on the number of gamblers playing on a site at a particular moment, seasonal tournaments, jackpot draws, and other activities that increase the load on the IT infrastructure of a gambling portal

Profitable bonus program

Entrepreneurs who decide to install the casino payment system Mastercard participate in the profitable reward program.

This is a universal accumulation solution. The more transactions operators conduct, the more points they gain.

These bonuses can be redeemed for gifts, medical and legal travel support, insurance discounts, etc.

What Types of Cards are Issued by the Payment Provider?

To make the connection of the casino financial system Mastercard profitable, you can issue several cards to choose from:

  1. The first level. They are characterised by low maintenance cost and basic functionality. Most often, these are debit cards (Unembossed, Electronic) allowing their owners to use only personal funds (without access to short- and long-term loans).
  2. Classic. This solution is suitable for making deposits both in online casinos and land-based halls. Gamblers can use their savings from debit accounts or credit funds.
  3. Premium. The integration of the casino payment system Mastercard implies the issuance of Gold or Platinum business cards. Their owners receive additional benefits. These are increased credit limits, the services of a personal manager, and others. The cards support transfers in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, and several local currencies.

The provider's plastic cards are presented in 3 versions:

  1. Magnetic stripe solutions. These are simple and inexpensive in terms of production. The following data is applied to the secure magnetic strip: PIN and service information about its owner (full name, code words). Secret information is read using a skimmer.
  2. Cards with chips. The built-in microprocessor (chip) automatically scans and processes information. Each transaction has its unique code. Chip solutions are more secure.
  3. Combined cards. They include a magnetic strip and an embedded microchip. Thanks to this, it is possible to work with several types of readers, which guarantees the complete security of confidential data.

In 2005, the company presented Contactless technology. It was created to accept money using chips and combined cards.

The solution complies with the following international standards:

  • EMV (operations with bank chips);
  • ISO/IEC 14443 (the reception of information from proximity cards).

Special RFID chips are embedded in MasterCard plastic cards. This guarantees instant reading of information through land-based devices: ATMs, self-service terminals, betting machines, game boxes, etc.

The connection of the casino payment system Mastercard for mobile applications is possible thanks to Near Field Communication technology. For quick deposits, a gambler's device must support NFC.

Impeccable Security of Transactions

The company's activity complies with the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The developer is certified as a Tier 1 banking provider under the PCI DSS directive.

The vendor uses modern protective mechanisms:


The safe installation of the casino payment system Mastercard implies a two-level identification of the sender.

At the first level, a gamer or B2B partner enters personal data (login) and a password. In the second stage, a one-time PIN is required. The code is sent as an SMS or voice notification to the gambler's number specified during registration.

It is possible to activate SecureCode verification at any time. The option is tied to one or more bank cards

ID Theft Protection

The online platform is designed to monitor online casino traffic, as well as identify and block suspicious users or individuals with abnormal behaviour.

The solution works around the clock and can be easily integrated into the casino CRM system or a financial gateway

Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES)

Cashless transfers with tokenisation are characterised by an increased level of security.

Confidential information (full name, card number, expiration date, and CVV code) is converted into a unique token. Only then, it can be transmitted via communication channels. It is impossible to decrypt and steal information, which makes MasterCard transfers as safe as possible

How to Connect the Payment Service Mastercard?

Mastercard payment service: connection

Software integration takes a minimum of time. It does not require specific knowledge and skills from an operator.

The financial gateway can be easily integrated into an already working iGaming project. The payment service can be linked to the casino's CRM system to obtain detailed analytics on the key parameters of the site. The module will calculate KPIs and distribute clients into groups depending on their average checks, max- and min-bets, and other monetary parameters.

Useful business solutions from the supplier:

  1. Mastercard Track. This is the program for optimising the cost and efficiency of settlements with B2B partners. These are hosting providers, affiliates, licence holders under the White Label agreement, and other entities with which an operator interacts. The software is successfully used to control chargebacks and reduce their number.
  2. Mastercard Send. This is the service of instant money operations to banks, companies, and partners in over 100 countries. The solution can be used for mass payments. These are the transfer of bonuses to players, the payment of commissions, and other recurring transactions.
  3. Mastercard B2B Hub. This automated solution includes a full range of B2B services. Entrepreneurs can increase the liquidity of their businesses, obtain loans at minimal interest, reduce the cost of transfer maintenance, etc.

The Main Things about the Mastercard Software

Mastercard Incorporated is a leading payment service provider with a presence in over 200 countries.

  • The advantages of software installation include convenient conversion, high speed, global coverage, good recognition in the market, and a profitable bonus program. The main processing centre of the company is located in the suburbs of St. Louis (USA). Transaction data is stored in the closed Banknet network.
  • The firm issues several levels of cards. These are debit and credit solutions, Classic, Gold, and Premium products. These can include a magnetic stripe, a chip, or 2 tools at once for reading information. Transfers using chip cards are available thanks to Contactless technology.
  • Transactions in the MasterCard system are characterised by maximum reliability. Innovative technologies SecureCode and Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) protect information at the code level, during its transmission and storage on remote servers.

Order the financial software at the CASEXE studio. We guarantee the fast installation of the gateway at affordable prices.

Contact our manager and get detailed consultation on the rules of work in the gambling market. We will describe the nuances of accepting deposits and paying out prize money, providing secure data storage, performing mass settlements, and other aspects of a casino’s operations.

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