Overview of the Casino Payment Service Visa: Special Features

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Visa is the most widespread settlement gateway in the world. Without it, it is impossible to imagine any commercial niche, including the highly profitable gambling business.

Visa casino payment system: basic info

It is worth buying or renting the Visa software from CASEXE. We will describe the features of the financial software and its benefits for gaming companies in this article.


Global Settlement Service

The payment system for online casinos Visa was founded in 1976 in the USA.

Today, the service is used in over 200 countries in different economic sectors. In addition to the gambling field, these are online education, insurance, e-commerce, lending, and biotechnology. Settlements are available on many popular sites, marketplaces, and travel portals.

  • In 2020, Fortune magazine named Visa one of the 50 largest companies in the world. More than 60 million merchants are connected to the global payment service. In total, they opened 2.9 billion accounts.
  • Fortune also ranked Visa #1 in the Best Consumer Cards category. People over the world use 3.4 billion branded products from the provider.

The company acts as a link between issuing and acquiring banks.

The secure installation of the casino payment system Visa is beneficial for an operator because it significantly expands the list of settlement channels.

Gamers can replenish their accounts through self-service terminals and land-based wagering machines, as well as conduct transactions using plastic and electronic cards. In any case, the money reaches the recipient (online casino) thanks to the Visa financial service.

Features of the Software

Consider the key specifics of the platform:

Multicurrency and multilingual support

The casino payment system Visa supports transfers in over 100 monetary units. The company prioritises both global currencies (US dollars, euros, Swiss francs, etc.) and local ones.

The software is available in more than 30 languages including English, German, French, Swiss, Romanian, and others.

An operator can order a consultation with the manager in any language, as well as get answers to questions via e-mail or the Visa.Concierge chatbot

Favourable conversion

Operations are tied to the US dollar exchange rate set by the national bank of a particular country.

If the settlement is carried out abroad, the card currency (for example, Ukrainian hryvnia) is converted into dollars first and into local monetary units after that (for example, Czech korunas)

Command control platform

The connection of the casino payment system Visa is available together with the Analytics Platform application. This is an original program with comparative data and competitors, reporting tools, and options for setting up recurring transfers.

The application is characterised as a practical UX interface with tooltips


Businessmen benefit from the integration of the Visa payment system into casinos with VR slots, mobile projects, and platforms with live dealer games.

The software can be launched without problems in all browsers and operating systems for making instant translations. It is possible to use desktops, smartphones, or smartwatches

How to Сonnect the Visa Casino Payment Service with Maximum Benefits?

Visa financial software: connection

The company supplies innovative and secure solutions.

Contactless Payments

Visa payWave technology was introduced in 2007. However, it began to be utilised in the gambling area in the early 2010s when online bets became popular.

To conduct transactions, a user must have a plastic card with an advanced chip. It stores encrypted details that are transmitted to the reader.

Quick connection of the casino payment system Visa payWave is available in different formats:

  1. Bank cards. These are debit and credit products with magnetic stripes and embedded chips.
  2. Smartphone. To make a deposit, a gamer needs to bring the gadget to the terminal after unlocking it. It is also required to install a special mobile app for contactless payment and add a card. Everyone can use such program solutions as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay.
  3. Smartwatch. This type of settlement is identical to transfers from smartphones. A gambler brings the device to the reader, makes a few clicks, and transfers money to a gaming site.

Visa Token Service

The service converts the sender's bank details into a unique encrypted code. During the transaction, the token is transferred to the operating environment. The information is instantly processed. The money is credited to the corresponding account.

The integration of the casino payment system Visa Token:

  1. Speeds up transactions. A gambler and an operator do not need to enter the details of a plastic or electronic card every time.
  2. Increases the security of user data. Information is transmitted as a unique token.

Tap to Phone

The solution is suitable for land-based gambling clubs and bookmaker offices.

The Visa software turns an ordinary smartphone with an NFC module into a convenient POS terminal. To accept payments, operators do not need to buy expensive equipment (for example, self-service terminals) or hire additional staff (cashiers).

It is possible to install the casino payment system Visa with the Tap to Phone function in a few clicks.

The integration of the software is beneficial in many ways:

  1. Optimisation of expenses. An operator reduces the cost of wages for hired personnel and equipment maintenance (cash registers, POS terminals).
  2. Simplified business management. The integration of the casino payment system Visa is available to absolutely all entrepreneurs without exception. The name and location of the bank do not matter.
  3. Improved customer focus. Technology is an important business driver in many areas, including land-based casinos and betting shops.

Visa Checkout

The solution speeds up transactions thanks to storing the financial details in the system.

The data is automatically linked during each new operation. There is no need to fill out a payment form. It is enough just to confirm the transfer with a few clicks.

Impeccable Security and Performance

Visa payment service: security and performance

The company is one of the authors of the PSI DCC directive, which regulates the international rules for working with bank cards of different denominations.

The provider closely monitors the security of transfers.

Reliable Payment Channels

The proprietary software contains effective protective mechanisms:

Visa Risk Manager (VRM)

The tool is designed for comprehensive risk management, prompt detection of malicious actions, and chargeback minimisation.

The online casino payment system Visa with the VAA feature uses cloud-based fraud risk assessment models and machine learning technologies

CyberSource Decision Manager

It is a universal application for fraud management and cost reduction across payment channels.

The program identifies and prevents attempts of hacker attacks and theft of confidential information. To do this, behaviour patterns are built into the software. They are created based on data on 68 billion transactions that annually pass through the neural Visa networks

Visa Secure

The solution provides an efficient exchange of information between operators and issuers of bank cards and speeds up the identification of cardholders.

As part of Visa Secure, the company offers three-phase authentication of transfer initiators. To confirm the transaction, it is necessary to enter the card details, a unique password, and a one-time PIN (sent via SMS or voice call)

Global Data VisaNet

Information about transfers is transmitted to the VisaNet payment network. This improves performance and increases the security of a gambling site.

The features of the international processing centre are as follows:

  • The program module explores over 23 million transactions per day without any signs of failures or technical problems.
  • The telecommunications network covers more than 10 million linear miles with 99.99% uptime.
  • The system connects over 3.6 billion accounts and above 80 million sale points in 200 countries.
  • The network uses cloud storage and AI to improve business security and efficiency.

The Main Things about the Universal Money Transfer Software

It is possible to connect the casino payment service Visa with maximum benefit for an operator at the CASEXE studio.

  • The advantages of the software include multicurrency and multilingual support, favourable currency conversion, and cross-platform work.
  • The company has developed the payWave contactless payment function, tokenisation service, Tap to Phone offline club program, and other useful options.
  • The developer has created universal protective mechanisms for the gambling business. These are CyberSource Decision Manager, Visa Risk Manager (VRM), and Visa Secure. Transaction data is transmitted to a single telecommunications network VisaNet.

You can order branded software at the CASEXE studio. We will select the best payment solution on the market for you, set up exchange operations, and connect the service for various iGaming projects (from White Label platforms to VR casinos).

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