Features and Benefits of iGaming Certification in 2023

20 october 2023

Experts of the CASEXE company will tell you about the rules for obtaining a permit that is necessary to launch a gambling startup. We are also going to talk about which jurisdiction to choose and what to pay attention to first.


What is a Casino Licence

Online casino licensing: general info

The practice of legalisation of this type of business exists in many countries with developed economies. These are the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Ukraine, Romania, and many others.

The state, represented by authorised bodies (regulators, tax offices, and finance departments), issues permits for running an iGaming business.

The document has a limited validity period (usually, it is about 5–10 years) and imposes several obligations on entrepreneurs:

  • use only certified games, payment systems, and server equipment;
  • conduct identification of customers;
  • make sure that minors, persons with signs of ludomania, and other unprotected categories of citizens do not place bets;
  • pay all necessary taxes and fees.

The licence is limited to the territory of the country where it was issued. Only a few states allow the operation of websites in the .com domain zone and the acceptance of bids from foreign players.

The first online casino permit was granted by the government of Antigua and Barbuda under the Free Trade and Information Processing Act in 1994. The certificate’s holder is Microgaming.

Why Gambling Business Legalisation is Essential

Let us consider the key benefits of obtaining a licence:

Legitimate Startup Administration

Registration of the document is mandatory in all countries where entertainment for money is allowed. Without the implementation of such a procedure, entrepreneurs risk losing projects, their bank accounts will be frozen, and all assets are going to be confiscated.

Gambling commissions are working on toughening penalties for the acceptance of bets without a relevant permit. Some countries provided for fines, while others chose to impose criminal liability (for companies’ executives and investors).

Regardless of the measures taken by the authorities, there is one rule: illegal gambling activity has no place in a constitutional state.

Buying Certified Software

Top developers cooperate only with licensed operators for several reasons:

  1. Entertainment content. The existence of a permit for the acceptance of bets is a mandatory item in agreements with NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Amatic, Playtech, and other content providers. Such actions as updating the catalogue of solutions and adding the latest releases are also available only for legal businesses.
  2. Financial systems. It will be difficult or almost impossible for those operators who do not have a licence to buy payment software from Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and other brands. These companies provide options for processing money transfers only for entrepreneurs with a relevant permissive document.
  3. Hosting services. The world’s leading data centres and hosting firms work only with certified casino operators.

Access to Advanced Technologies

Owners of legal casino projects can conclude an agreement for the supply of VR slots or games with live dealers, as well as take part in the development of security software together with well-known IT companies.

Such providers also have the right to use innovative cloud storage and modern anti-fraud components, while illegal businesses are denied access to advanced technologies.

Solvent Internet Traffic Acquisition

Users prefer to play on licensed websites with a good reputation and a guarantee of the full payment of prize money.

Gamblers look through the reviews, entertainment catalogues, available financial services, and presented certificates.

Information about the documents (their number, the date of issue/expiration, and the regulator’s name) should be placed on the main page of the online casino platform. Customers will be able to immediately see that they have found a reliable and safe resource.

Improvement of Image Indicators

The availability of a licence opens up a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs, allowing them to scale their businesses and enter new markets.

Such companies can participate in prestigious summits and conferences, launch joint iGaming startups, and invest in related industries.

Features of Obtaining a Permit

Obtaining a gambling permit: key features

Each regulator has different requirements for applicants and procedures for approving them. In some countries, a certificate can be obtained in 15–20 days, while in others, it takes 3–4 months or even more.

Let us consider the main stages and nuances of the acquisition of a licence:

Sending a Set of Documents

Operators must prepare the following data:

  1. Information about the company. This is the charter, bank account number, certificate of registration with the tax service, etc.
  2. Files on key persons. We are talking about shareholders and founders of the brand, as well as managers and final beneficiaries. It is mandatory for them to provide a certificate of no criminal record and the confirmation of their work experience in similar positions (for director, top manager, and administrator).
  3. Business plan. The document is created for 3–5 years. It outlines the expected KPIs (gross gaming revenue, net income, profitability, etc.) and the methods using which entrepreneurs plan to achieve the desired performance metrics.
  4. Detailed description of the gameplay. It is important for operators to explain what programs they are going to install: slots, payment software, tools, and security programs. Here, it is necessary to indicate the maximum and minimum betting limits, jackpot support, and the offered bonuses.

All documents can be submitted online on the official website of the Gambling Commission of the selected jurisdiction.

Technical Audit

The regulator evaluates the documents received from casino owners and conducts an inspection of the platform and the software used. At this stage, it is important to make sure that all components (the resource itself, content, and security systems) have certificates of compliance.

The main emphasis is placed on iGaming solutions and the operation of the built-in RNG that determines the order in which successful and winning combinations appear on the panel. The customers’ rewards and the revenues of businessmen depend on it.

Independent examination of the RNG is conducted by:

  • BMM Testlabs;
  • iTech Lab;
  • eCOGRA, and other laboratories.

To pass the technical audit, brands only need to provide certificates for the content (slots, card games, and roulette) and platform.

Checking Responsible Gambling Mechanisms

Having a correct attitude toward entertainment for money is one of the main goals of legal enterprises.

Each iGaming site must provide the following:

  • options for adding a player to self-exclusion and restriction lists;
  • multi-factor identification and age verification functions;
  • record of the time spent on the platform in total;
  • tools for setting limits on the sizes of bids, number of bonuses, and duration of rounds;
  • information about the risks associated with ludomania.

A Personal Interview with Key Persons

The regulator communicates with the head and managers of the company to ensure their integrity and high professionalism. During the interview, previous work experience of such specialists, expected KPIs, intentions to expand the business, and other aspects can be discussed.

Financial Aspects

Entrepreneurs need to perform the following tasks:

  • form an authorised capital;
  • pay the state fee for consideration of the application;
  • provide a bank guarantee;
  • confirm the source of funds.

If the regulator’s verdict is positive, operators must pay a fee for the first year of validity of the certificate.

Regional Peculiarities

Currently, several trends have emerged:

  1. Legalisation policy. Today, almost all countries have either allowed the operation of iGaming platforms or announced the market’s opening in the near future.
  2. Geographical restrictions of jurisdictions. More and more states require that operators obtain a local permit and block websites with a .com domain name. Entrepreneurs are also prohibited from accepting bets from persons of foreign regions. To ensure this, it is necessary to carry out two-factor user identification, one of the steps of which is checking the client’s geolocation.
  3. Tightening of the rules of work. These are restrictions on the sizes of bets and welcome bonuses, as well as the duration of spins and bans on advertising during the daytime. Most European countries require providers to perform AML scanning of payments.

Where to Get a Permit in 2023

iGaming business certification: the best jurisdictions

Let us consider the most promising countries for launching iGaming startups:

  1. Malta. The island has a favourable economic and political environment, a strong labour market, and a well-developed community. 13% of Malta's GDP is generated by the gambling business, so the government strongly supports this sector. The authorities issue 4 types of licences and offer a flexible taxation system.
  2. Estonia. The Baltic country was one of the first in the EU to legalise online entertainment for real money. The work of bookmakers and digital casino operators is allowed here. It is also possible to implement promising blockchain-based projects. Estonia is home to many studios of top live content developers. The tax on GGR is 10%.
  3. United Kingdom. This is a benchmark in the modern industry. Most of the innovations were adopted in the UK, including responsible gambling principles, reporting requirements, and payment verification. All types of casino entertainment are allowed in the country, but for each of them, it is necessary to obtain a separate licence.
  4. Romania. It is one of the leaders in Eastern Europe in terms of GGR volume and the number of registered providers. The region is distinguished by its simple rules for applicants, fast issuance of permits, and low fiscal burden.
  5. The Philippines. Most entrepreneurs who want to enter the Southeast Asian market choose this state. Here, they can work in two domain zones at once — com. and ph. The country is characterised by a well-developed gambling community: almost half of all live content manufacturers from Asia are registered in the Philippines.

The Main Things about iGaming Project Certification

The availability of the necessary permits is the key to legal and successful work in the market.

  • The benefits of the execution of such a document include legal casino management, access to advanced technologies, and improved image indicators. It is impossible to drive solvent traffic to a gaming site without a licence.
  • Registration of a permit consists of several stages. This includes preparation and sending documents to the regulator, checking responsible gambling mechanisms, a technical audit, and interviews with key persons.
  • In 2023, the whole world is heading towards the legalisation of casino entertainment. Regulators introduce restrictions related to geolocation, as well as limits on bets, bonuses, and advertising.
  • The most promising countries for establishing an iGaming business are Malta, the Philippines, Romania, Estonia, and the United Kingdom.

Experts of the CASEXE studio offer professional assistance in obtaining a gambling licence. From us, you can order such services as the development of exclusive HTML5 slots, the installation of payment software, and the creation of a business plan.

We also offer the following useful solutions:

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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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