ChatGPT: the Future of Gambling and Betting Projects

6 november 2023

ChatGPT is one of the main news topics of 2023. It has been on the pages of leading online publications for almost a year. The target audience of the bot is impressive: more than 100 million registered users per month (and 700 million since the project launch).

ChatGPT in Gambling

Experts of the CASEXE company will tell you about the features and advantages of this virtual assistant in the gambling niche.

About the ChatGPT

November 30, 2022, became a turning point in the world of digital technology. On this day, the OpenAI American brand presented its flagship product — the ChatGPT bot.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer is a robotic assistant that works based on artificial intelligence. Its main feature is a natural reaction to user requests, as well as the ability to communicate and remember the answers of clients on the other side of the screen.

The ChatGPT software is part of a group of programs based on the Large Language Model (LLM), which was also created by OpenAI.

The bot can:

  • collect and process terabytes of incoming information;
  • proceed with sophisticated analysis and learn autonomously by analogy with the human mind.

GPT belongs to the class of transformer neural networks.

Key facts about the chatbot:

  1. The solution was created using the Python programming language. During product testing, OpenAI hired more than 1,000 human coaches to improve the model's performance. The Microsoft IT giant also provided invaluable assistance by giving access to its Azure cloud infrastructure.
  2. The key advantage of ChatGPT is its multitasking nature. Among the main functions, we can name the creation of a code and texts, translation, and the ability to get accurate answers. The solution is flexible, scalable, and easy to use.
  3. The chatbot is a multilingual solution. It understands and generates texts in the most common languages of the world, such as German, English, French, Arabic, Ukrainian, and many others.
  4. The value of the software by OpenAI is its area of expertise. The product is equally well-versed in various fields — from mathematics and banking to fine arts and gambling.
  5. ChatGPT has several versions. The latest one is GPT-4. It was released in March 2023. The brand calls this development multimodal. Unlike previous AI-based bots, the chatbot can distinguish not only text but also images, video, audio, and other types of content.

How to Use a Transformer Neural Network

The proprietary solution can be downloaded on the OpenAI official website. In May 2023, the company presented a special application for the iOS operating system, and in July 2023 — for the Android OS.

To use the chatbot, gamblers need to register in several ways:

  • via indication of a valid e-mail and mobile phone number;
  • through a Microsoft account;
  • using a verified Google account.

The main page of ChatGPT is designed as a messenger. The leftmost column displays a list of players' dialogues, and the correspondence on the selected conversation is located in the middle.

In the lower-left corner, there is a tab with the following additional commands:

  • entry and exit;
  • selection of the view mode (day or night);
  • dialogue list clean-up;
  • open instructions for using the bot.

ChatGPT provides a high level of privacy, which is not typical for traditional assistants. During registration, the product does not require clients to share personal data or payment details, thus maintaining the anonymity of casino visitors.

ChatGPT in the Sportsbook Niche

ChatGPT in betting

Monica Amadio, professor of management at Stockton University School of Business, noted:

The emergence of AI in the form of ChatGPT contributes to the development of the gambling industry. Global changes are becoming real thanks to an improved system of interaction between players and iGaming sites.

Let us take a look at how the product benefits the betting sector:

Data Analysis

The AI program is capable of processing terabytes of disparate information and converting it into a unified one. No software or person can provide such accurate and detailed sports statistics as ChatGPT.

The solution can analyse the following aspects:

  • the outcome of draws, matches, and play-offs;
  • results of users' performances, their records, injuries, and style of performance;
  • statements made by coaches, opponents, market experts, jury members, and functionaries;
  • information about transfers, investments, mergers, sponsorship projects, etc.

Formation of the Betting Strategy

ChatGPT tips include a variety of gambling options based on the chosen discipline, preferred types of bids, side odds, etc.

The chatbot provides recommendations on the following types of wagers:

  • point spreads;
  • bets on more/less;
  • bids on the money line;
  • parlays;
  • ordinaries, etc.

ChatGPT gives detailed answers to the client's questions as if they are communicating not with a bot but with a real person. The program can support a high-grade conversation or discuss and test various strategies. Thanks to this, users improve their style of playing and are not afraid to bid large sums.

The virtual assistant is used to create an arbitrage betting strategy. The program searches for 2 wagering platforms with different odds for the same match and offers gamblers to place money on both teams or sportsmen. Customers end up in the black regardless of who wins in the end.

Experts say that the predictions of ChatGPT come true with a 75% probability. No program will give a 100% result (it will not name the winner or the exact score on the scoreboard), no matter what initial data the user provides.

The product only recommends this or that type of bid, taking into account the disciplines preferred by gamblers. Casino visitors make all decisions independently, bearing responsibility for the chosen wager.

Formation of a Betting Line

Detailed statistics and analytics are beneficial not only for players but also for bookmakers. Their main goal is to create a balanced set of events with maximum coverage of popular sports and considering account margins.

ChatGPT operates with the following data:

  1. Athletes' performance. This is the percentage of hits, the number of rebounds and corners, position in the game, and other parameters. The system analyses information, identifies patterns and trends, creates forecasts, and sets of coefficients based on them.
  2. Team's performance. The category also includes the number of wins and losses, the placement of athletes, and the nature of the game. To generate quotes, the chatbot studies interviews with coaches, functionaries, and managers, as well as the opinions of doctors and other people associated with the team.
  3. Betting lines of competitors. ChatGPT analyses the offers of top bookmakers on the market. This helps operators avoid weak sets of bids (for example, too high odds on the favourites) and create a balanced line. It would be great if wagering options that are interesting for gamblers appeared on the bookmaker's website from time to time but without a significant reduction of the margin level.

The pluses of ChatGPT include working in live mode and taking into account seasonality in the athletic world. Entrepreneurs always receive the most favourable quotes with maximum coverage of current events.

Sports Journalism

Key advantages of using ChatGPT in this field:

  • quick creation of coherent and informative stories;
  • improvement of the quality, accuracy, and depth of sports events coverage;
  • addition of data to reports (for example, statistics or historical context);
  • improvement of commentaries, key takeaways, and highlights;
  • creation of several versions of one article, taking into account different languages, platforms, and interests of the target audience.

It is crucial to understand that the chatbot does not do all the work for the journalists but only helps them write articles, reports, and press releases. This approach increases targeting and interaction with customers, as well as expands audience coverage.

Transformer Neural Network and Online Casinos

Online casino

In the iGaming industry, ChatGPT is not used as often as in the betting business. Nevertheless, the functions of the solution are constantly being improved: new opportunities appear for both operators and their clients.

Help With Board Games

In online casinos, users always take risks and do not try to predict the result based on sports analytics.

Most entertainment on a gaming site works based on the built-in RNG. It determines the winning combination on digital reels, which is impossible to predict in advance. Everything depends on the person's luck.

ChatGPT can only provide such key statistics as:

  • RTP percentage;
  • volatility;
  • connection to the jackpot;
  • real reviews.

Online casinos always have a category of entertainment where a chatbot will be beneficial. These are blackjack, baccarat, Sic Bo, poker, craps, and other table games. Here, the probability of winning is determined by the house edge: the lower it is, the higher the chances. In baccarat, for example, this figure is 1.06%, and in blackjack — 0.5%.

How ChatGPT is used in baccarat:

  • The solution includes several versions of distributions and successful combinations. Moreover, it takes place in a one-on-one format (gambler vs dealer).
  • In its forecasts, the chatbot uses probability theory. The program instantly calculates the odds of winning and losing with each new hand.
  • The product gives recommendations to players: split or skip the round, take a new card, double the bet, etc.

Using the chatbot significantly increases the users' chances of winning. It can also help with the formation of a betting strategy and the improvement of skills.

Personal Recommendations and Support

The AI program answers many questions that are asked by casino visitors:

  • rules of the game;
  • wagering strategies;
  • deposit options;
  • popular entertainment and software vendors;
  • current promotions;
  • bonus offers, and much more.

ChatGPT functions as a one-stop help desk. It solves a wide range of problems and provides an individual approach to each client.

The list of suggestions is formed based on the client's questions and interests, their previous experience, and many other factors.

The Main Things about ChatGPT in Gambling and Sportsbook Sectors

The OpenAI American company presents its flagship product — ChatGPT.

  • The solution is based on artificial intelligence. Its key advantage is multitasking. The chatbot can collect and process information, translate texts, write code, create songs, and much more.
  • The AI program is presented in the form of a messenger. It consists of a main menu and many dialogue boxes where gamblers' correspondence is stored. The use of OpenAI is characterised by a high level of anonymity. Clients provide only their e-mail and phone numbers. There is no need to enter a full name or bank details.
  • ChatGPT is actively used in the sportsbook business. The role of the bot comes down to data analysis, the formation of a betting strategy, and the creation of event lines.
  • Using the product in online casinos and bookmaker's platforms gives operators a legal advantage. The solution improves user experience through high-quality customer support and the compilation of a list of recommendations.

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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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