The Review of Prestigious iGaming Hubs: Top Conferences

11 october 2023

Representatives of the entertainment industry meet annually at reputable exhibitions to share experiences, as well as find new partners and potential consumers. Learn more about the most prestigious gambling events from this article prepared by the Casexe team.

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SBC Summit: Meeting Place for Top Specialists

Gambling exhibitions: SBC Summit

The event hosted by the Sports Betting Community draws experts and people interested in current achievements in the online sphere from the whole world. It serves as a hub for attainments exchange and presenting the latest developments in the field.

The Summit Overview

The conference attracts many attendees:

  1. Operators. Major companies like Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power Betfair, and others.
  2. Vendors. Firms providing software, technology, and tools for the gambling field.
  3. Regulators. Representatives from organisations interested in discussing compliance and responsible gaming.
  4. Start-ups. Emerging companies presenting their innovations.
  5. Affiliates. Promotion experts looking for lucrative partnerships.

Key Specifics of the Event

Discover the activities offered by the summit:

  1. Expo. Firms show their newest titles, technologies, and services. This is a prime opportunity for collaboration and business development.
  2. Sessions. Experts and analysts engage in panel discussions, presentations, and master classes covering different themes.
  3. Awards. The event often includes acknowledgement ceremonies appreciating superiority in various nominations within the industry.

Numbers and Facts

Let us take a closer look at the SBC Summit’s vital statistical data:

  • total visitors — over 11,000 guests from 100+ markets;
  • exhibition members — more than 200 vendors;
  • sessions — 300+ speakers across over 40 sessions;
  • awards — 44 groups.

Prize Nominations

The event acknowledges noteworthy achievements in the world of entertainment. Here are a few award categories:

  1. Operator of the Year. The most exceptional betting or gambling project.
  2. Innovativeness in Casino Entertainment. Breakthrough development in the online gaming sphere.
  3. Best Mobile Betting Product. The greatest wagering platform for smartphones and tablets.
  4. eSports Operator of the Year. The top-level company in this niche.

iGB Affiliate: Marketing Opportunities in Gambling

iGaming conferences: iGB Live!

The annual exhibition gathers professionals to discuss the latest tendencies, share insights, and explore prospects of the iGaming sector. It is arranged by Clarion Events, a leading global organisation specialising in the entertainment industry. The conference typically takes place each year in late January.


One of the key aspects that make the conference so influential is the impressive number of visitors it attracts. Industry specialists, affiliates, operators, and marketers from around the world gather to take part in this meeting.

Here are some notable statistics from recent editions:

  1. Total attendees. The event consistently draws more than 3,000 guests.
  2. Members of the fair. Over 100 exhibitors offer their titles and services.
  3. Countries. Visitors come from 100+ states.
  4. Speakers. The expo features an extensive lineup of more than 50 experts who share their attainments and insights.

The Event Program

The conference offers a wide range of activities and possibilities:

  1. Collaboration. Cocktail parties and roundtable discussions allow members to interact with possible partners.
  2. Learning. The event features informative training sessions on such themes as SEO strategies, affiliate techniques, regulation specifics, etc.
  3. Demonstration. A dedicated area enables exhibitors to showcase their newest titles and services while visitors can discover fresh offerings in the industry.

iGB Affiliate Awards

This event honours superiority in the iGaming area. Prizes are presented in various nominations:

  • Affiliate Programs;
  • Innovations;
  • Affiliate Managers;
  • Casino Affiliates, and others.

The winners of these prestigious awards receive recognition for their contributions to the iGaming affiliate community.

Big Africa Summit: Forming the Future of Gambling in the Region

The event has become a focal point for entrepreneurs, shareholders, and everyone interested in current achievements in the sphere. Organised by the Africa Gambling Association (AGA), the conference has gained significant traction since its inception in 2016.

Key Statistical Data

Year after year, the summit has witnessed a remarkable improvement in attendance:

  • 2016 — 300+ guests;
  • 2017 — 500+;
  • 2018 — 800+;
  • 2019 — 1200+;
  • 2020 — 1500+ attendees (online format);
  • 2021 — 1500+;
  • 2022 — 1800+.

This event draws specialists from various corners of the globe, contributing to its international prominence:

  • 2019 — 25+ countries represented;
  • 2021 — 30+;
  • 2022 — 35+.

The Conference Agenda

The event program is meticulously crafted to cover many themes:

  • regulatory frameworks in African countries;
  • online vs. offline gambling trends;
  • technological innovations;
  • market entry strategies;
  • case studies of successful operators.

Awards Gala

The Big Africa Summit hosts a prestigious prize ceremony, appreciating the superiority of industry professionals in many nominations. Discover the previous winners:

  • Best Online Project — XYZ, ABC;
  • Emerging Operator of the Year New — Player Gaming, BetNowAfrica;
  • Top-Level Affiliate Program — CasinoAffiliatePro, BetPartner;
  • Deliberate Play Initiative of the Year — GambleWise Africa, PlaySafe;
  • Significant Contribution to the Sphere — John Doe, Jane Smith.

Exploring iGB Live!: The Future of the Field

The annual exhibition gathers specialists, companies, and people interested in current achievements in the sphere. They discuss the latest tendencies and novelties in the ever-evolving sector.

The inaugural iGB Live! took place in Amsterdam. Since then, it has grown in stature, and now, it attracts more attendees each year.

Key Statistical Data

Let us take a closer look at the critical numbers and facts that define the magnitude of this event:

  • inaugural year — 2018;
  • frequency — annual;
  • location — Amsterdam, the Netherlands;
  • duration — typically spanning over 3 days;
  • participants — 5,000+ guests;
  • exhibitors — more than 150 companies;
  • area — 5,000+ square metres.

Notable Participants

iGB Live! boasts an impressive lineup of reputable companies:

  • Bet365;
  • 888 Holdings;
  • William Hill;
  • Paddy Power Betfair.

The list of keynote speakers includes:

  • John Duthie — PokerStars;
  • Martin Lycka — GVC Holdings;
  • Sacha Michaud — Green Man Gaming and Ve Interactive.

The Conference Highlights

iGB Live! covers a diverse spectrum of themes:

  • Juridical updates. Stay informed about the latest legislative changes affecting the business.
  • Marketing and affiliation. Learn up-to-date promotion strategies and discover how to enhance customer acquisition and retention.
  • Technology. Explore the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of the field.
  • Sportsbooks. Delve into the world of betting, from odds optimisation to current trends.

The conference offers several events designed to facilitate connections:

  • themed parties with music and entertainment;
  • specialised gatherings for focused discussions;
  • fast-paced, one-on-one meetings, etc.

ICE London: The Ultimate UK Gaming Conference

This premier meeting sets the stage for the future of the sphere. The expo has an impressive history that dates back to its inception in 1998. Over the years, it has grown exponentially in size and influence. Clarion Gaming, a leading event management company, organises this conference.

Key Numbers and Facts

Let us examine some critical statistics that highlight the scale and significance of the event:

  • date of inception — 1998;
  • frequency — annual;
  • duration — 3 days;
  • guests — over 35,000 people from 150+ states;
  • expo space — around 40,000 square metres;
  • conferences — over 100 sessions featuring industry experts.

The event attracts diverse visitors:

  • operators;
  • vendors;
  • regulators;
  • investors;
  • affiliates;
  • innovators;
  • media.

The Themes Discussed

A complex conference program covers a wide range of subjects:

  1. Management. Insights into effective administration strategies in the gaming industry.
  2. Compliance. Discussions on the ever-evolving legislative landscape.
  3. Customer involvement. Ways of attracting and retaining users.
  4. Technology. Presentation of the latest advancements.
  5. Deliberate gambling. Discussions on how to address issues related to addiction and responsible play.

The conference hosts over 100 seminars and training sessions, offering deep dives into various aspects of the area. These sessions provide practical insights and valuable takeaways for attendees.

The heart of the event is its bustling exhibition floor. Over 600 vendors show their titles and services. It is a prime opportunity for collaborating and discovering the latest tendencies.

Prize Nominations

The exhibition hosts an award ceremony with the following nominations:

  1. Game to Watch. The most promising new titles.
  2. Deliberate Play Awards. Groundbreaking initiatives and efforts to promote conscious interaction with online resources.
  3. Best Stand. The most visually appealing and innovative exhibition booth.
  4. International Recognition. Significant contributions to the worldwide business.

Canadian Gaming Summit: Discovering the Lucrative Region

This renowned event presents the latest trends and inventions. Organised by CGA, this exhibition has been a highlight on the entertainment calendar for over two decades.


Let us consider some critical numbers from previous Canadian Gaming Summits:

  • 2019 — 1,500+ attendees (with 120+ exhibitors);
  • 2020 (online format) — 800+ participants (including over 70 speakers);
  • 2021 — 1,200+ visitors (with more than 100 business professionals).


The summit attracts a lot of participants:

  1. Industry leaders. CEOs, executives, and decision-makers from prominent firms.
  2. Regulators. Representatives from provincial and national bodies.
  3. Vendors. Companies supplying gaming equipment, technology, and solutions.
  4. Managers. Gambling venue owners seeking the latest products and strategies.
  5. Experts. Specialists in various fields, including deliberate play and cybersecurity.
  6. Innovators. Entrepreneurs and start-ups with breakthrough concepts.
  7. Media. Journalists and influencers covering the latest industry developments.

Prize Nominations

The expo admits noticeable achievements in various categories:

  • Best Casino Manager;
  • Breakthrough Invention;
  • Conscious Play Initiative;
  • Best Marketing Campaign;
  • Niche Leadership.

Respected Guests

From cutting-edge slot machines to software solutions for casino management, the event offers a glimpse into the future of the entertainment sphere.

Here are some notable guests from recent editions:

  1. IGT. A global leader in content creation technology, known for its innovative slot machines and systems.
  2. Scientific Games. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of titles, from lottery solutions to casino management platforms.
  3. Aristocrat. The company is renowned for its engaging games and progressive jackpot systems.
  4. Novomatic. An outstanding provider of gambling equipment and technology.

LatAm Summit: A Comprehensive Overview

Gambling events: LatAm Summit

This annual event has established itself as a crucial platform for collaborating, learning, and exploring the newest directions in the region. The expo has an impressive background dating back to its inception in 2005. Today, it has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting thousands of attendees each year.

Critical Numbers and Data

Let us start by examining some statistics that highlight the significance of the summit:

  1. Duration. Over 3 days, filled with master classes and seminars.
  2. Attendance. The event regularly draws over 2,000 visitors, including specialists, exhibition members, and speakers.
  3. Global reach. People from more than 20 states gather to discuss the latest developments in the field.

The LatAm Summit attracts diverse guests:

  • business leaders;
  • regulators;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • investors;
  • experts and analysts;
  • affiliates and marketers;
  • media.

Award Nominations

The conference features several prize options:

  • Innovativeness Award. It is presented to companies or individuals who have introduced groundbreaking technologies or concepts.
  • Start-Up Showcase. Reward for the most promising projects.
  • Best Affiliate Program. This title is given to a partner network that has proven exceptional performance and innovativeness.
  • Top-Level Operator. Award for the most efficient gambling company in the LatAm market.

Diversified Seminars

The summit offers a packed schedule of meetings that cover a wide range of subjects. These sessions are designed to provide guests with helpful insights and knowledge about the industry’s latest tendencies, challenges, and prospects.

Some recent seminar themes include:

  1. Betting in LatAm. An exploration of the growing popularity of sportsbooks in the region.
  2. Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Discussions on the strength of digital monetary units.
  3. Legislative novelties. Fresh changes in laws affecting entrepreneurship.
  4. Marketing strategies. Insights into efficient promotion instruments for projects.

EGR Power: Uniting the World of Fun

With its exceptional content, influential awards, and collaborating options, this conference has established itself as a pivotal gathering for specialists and people interested in current achievements in the sphere.

The exhibition has been organised by EGR (eGaming Review) since 2016. This is a leading source of business intelligence and B2B information.

Critical Details

The expo boasts a rich lineup of content for operators, vendors, regulators, etc.

Let us consider some facts about the event:

  • inaugural year — 2016;
  • frequency — annual;
  • duration — 2 days.

The event focuses on current challenges and novelties in such fields:

  • compliance;
  • market tendencies;
  • conscious gaming;
  • customer engagement;
  • global expansion, etc.

Reputable Guests

The event boasts a distinguished lineup of speakers and attendees:

  1. CEOs and executives. Peter Jackson from Flutter Entertainment.
  2. Regulators. Neil McArthur, former CEO of UKGC.
  3. Vendors. Playtech, Bet365, 888 Holding, and others.
  4. Advertisement experts. Sarah Jones, Affiliate Manager at Bet365.

Prizes and Recognition

The EGR Power Awards marks superiority in various nominations:

  • Operators;
  • Game Developers;
  • Live Casino Suppliers;
  • Affiliate Programs;
  • Innovation in Payment Tools, and others.

Global Extension

EGR Power has experienced a consistent increase in terms of multinational recognition. With each passing year, more specialists mark their calendars to visit this event.

Let us explore some critical numbers:

  • 2016 — 300 guests;
  • 2017 — 450;
  • 2018 — 600;
  • 2019 — 750;
  • 2020 — 900;
  • 2021 — 1,200;
  • 2022 — 1,500.

This steady increase in attendance reflects the conference’s importance and relevance within the field.

SIGMA: Following the Up-to-Date Trends

iGaming exhibitions: SIGMA

The Summit of iGaming in Malta is an eagerly awaited and renowned event worldwide. It is a pivotal meeting point for shareholders, specialists, and people interested in current achievements in the sphere. SIGMA made its debut in 2014. It was founded by Eman Pulis and Dennis Dhyr Hansen.

The exhibition typically takes place in November, with the specific dates varying each year. For instance, the 2022 edition was held from November 15th to 17th. The event’s location remains consistent — the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta’ Qali.

Statistical Data and Facts

SIGMA’s evolution over the years is reflected in its substantial visitation numbers. In 2014, the inaugural event attracted approximately 500 guests. In 2021, the summit hosted 15,000+ people from 85 different countries.

The expo floor accommodated 200 exhibitors in 2018. Moreover, this figure soared to 400 in 2021, presenting a wide array of titles and services.


SIGMA draws many specialists:

  1. Operators. Major online casino and sportsbook owners such as Bet365, Unibet, and LeoVegas.
  2. Affiliates. Marketers who promote iGaming platforms.
  3. Vendors. Firms supplying software and technology solutions.
  4. Investors. Organisations seeking financial improvement in the sphere.

Attendees come from different regions, with a notable presence from Europe, Asia, and the US. This diversity fosters international connections.

SIGMA is famous for its informative and engaging sessions. They cover an extensive range of themes:

  • regulation;
  • promotion;
  • booming markets;
  • conscious play.

New Contacts and Cooperation

The summit offers ample possibilities for entrepreneurs through:

  • a bustling marketplace where guests can interact with each other;
  • scheduled gatherings, dinners, and parties for building business connections;
  • a platform for start-ups and novices where innovative solutions are presented to potential investors.

The Main Things about Prestigious Gaming Conferences

In the ever-changing entertainment industry, prestigious gambling expos are hubs for innovation, cooperation, and acknowledgement. These gatherings highlight the sphere’s continual improvement and open new prospects for specialists and enterprises to flourish.

The list of the most prestigious conferences includes the following:

  • SBC Summit;
  • SIGMA;
  • Canadian Gaming Summit;
  • ICE London;
  • Big Africa Summit;
  • iGB Live!;
  • LatAm Summit;
  • iGB Affiliate;
  • EGR Power.

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