Ukrainian Gambling Licence: How to Implement a Profitable and Legal Project

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In July 2020, the Verkhovna Rada lifted a long-term moratorium on the provision of entertainment for money. The government has legalised casino games, streamlined the certification process in Ukraine, and created flexible mechanisms to control the activities of operators.

CASEXE helps entrepreneurs with the acquisition of permits. From us, you can get detailed legal advice and consultations on the financial aspects of the business and payment of taxes.

Ukrainian gambling licence: basic info

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Gambling Segment in the Country

Law No. 2285-d on the state control over the provision of gambling services dated July 14, 2020, allows all kinds of entertainment:

  • operation of land-based casinos;
  • acceptance of bids in offline and virtual betting shops;
  • organisation of tournaments in poker rooms;
  • iGaming activities;
  • arrangement of sweepstakes at hippodromes;
  • production of equipment and sportsbook software.

A local licence can be issued for any type of game for money but for each format, a separate document is required. The production of equipment and software implies the acquisition of a B2B permit, and other activities (bets, slots, poker) require a B2C certificate.

Owners of offline establishments (gambling halls, casinos, and bookmakers’ offices) must obtain additional permissions. Besides, it is necessary to have a special document for each unit of equipment (slots, sportsbook solutions, card tables, and roulette wheels) or offline betting shop.

Lottery draws and sports poker tournaments do not require a permit since they are not regulated by Law No. 2285-d.

The legitimisation of the industry is caused by the desire of the government to bring the business out of the shadows and increase the size of contributions to the budget. At the end of 2022, the public treasury received UAH 1.056 billion in royalties and another UAH 56 million in taxes and fees.

How to Get a Local Licence

The main tasks of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries are:

  • issuance and renewal of permits;
  • control over the actions of entrepreneurs;
  • resolution of disputes between gamblers and owners of casino establishments.

The authority reports to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Issuance of a Permit: Stages

The procedure consists of the following steps:

Filing of a primary application

Applications are accepted only from legal entities — residents. Owners of the business cannot be associated with aggressor countries and be included in the sanctions lists.

To buy a local licence, operators need to confirm the availability of authorised capital of UAH 30 million, as well as the sources of its formation

Preparation and sending of documents

Their list depends on the type of activity (a casino or a betting business) for which entrepreneurs wish to receive a permit.

Among the necessary papers, there are:

  • application;
  • copies of the Articles of Incorporation;
  • documents confirming the availability of a bank guarantee;
  • certificate of good conduct provided by the founders of the brand;
  • extracts from commercial, judicial, and banking registers

Completion of the audit

Experts will assess the security of the gambling system, content certification, and the availability of mechanisms for checking the age of players

Confirmation of a bank guarantee

To launch a licensed online casino in Ukraine, entrepreneurs need to have reserve bank accounts of at least UAH 34 million.

The money is used to cover unforeseen expenses of operators: payment of jackpots, fines, and penalties

Obtaining a permit

It is valid for 5 years with the right of prolongation

Features of Casinos

To open an offline location where games for money are offered, business owners must obtain additional permission.

The document will confirm that the premises meet the regulator’s standards, namely:

  • for Kyiv — a 5-star hotel with a capacity of 150 rooms and a minimum area of ​​500 square metres;
  • for other cities — 4- or 5-star hotels with 100 rooms;
  • for suburban complexes — a 5-star hotel with an area of 10,000 square metres.

There are some facilitations for the owners of gambling halls:

  • the minimum area of the premises is 300 square metres;
  • the minimum number of units of equipment is 50 slots.

The local licence provides for obtaining additional permits for offering slots, tables with a roulette wheel, card tables, etc.

The documents are issued only for certified equipment not older than 2019 and should include details of any modifications and repairs that were made to it.

Nuances of Launching a Legal iGaming Platform in the Country

Basic rules for opening a digital casino with a Ukrainian licence:

  1. Work in the domestic domain zone. Only resources with a .UA domain can accept bets. Platforms with other addresses are automatically blocked by the system.
  2. Compliance with security requirements. A turnkey casino with a local permit must be connected to the SSL encryption protocol. It protects customer data from theft by fraudsters. Identification of gamblers is carried out using an electronic digital signature, BankID, and Mobile ID methods.
  3. Availability of responsible gambling mechanisms. This includes checking the age of casino visitors, provision of a self-exclusion option for users to relax, and notification of clients about the risks related to ludomania. Bets can only be accepted from persons who are 21 years or older. Operators are not allowed to conduct promotions and bonus campaigns, the result of which is aimed at making people lose to the iGaming site.
  4. Timely settlements with gamblers. Payments should be made only to persons older than 21, no later than 30 days from the date when they won a prize, and exclusively by bank transfer.
  5. Availability of a digital monitoring system. Thanks to the product, the regulator can control the activities of entrepreneurs in real-time. The emphasis is placed on timely settlements, compliance with the principles of responsible gaming, charging of tax on winnings, and other aspects.
  6. Placement of truthful data about entertainment. The licence obtained in Ukraine implies the addition of only certified products (slots, table games, and video poker) to the gaming site. The chances of winning a prize (the RTP level) must be at least 90% under different volatility.

How Much Does a Local iGaming Certificate Cost?

Casino licences in Ukraine: cost

The price depends on the type of activity of the operators.

It is also influenced by the amount of the minimum wage for the reporting period. If the government revises this basic social indicator, then the cost of a permit will also change.

Type of a licence

Line of business

The cost of the license in minimum wages

В2С certificate

The opening of offline casinos in the city of Kyiv


Land-based location management outside the capital


Provision of slot machines


The launch of virtual casinos


Running the betting business on the Web and in offline offices


The organisation of digital poker tournaments


В2B permit

Provision of such services as the production of equipment, software development, hosting services, and consulting


Nuances of the Casino Business Taxation

The Ukrainian licence implies the payment of the following taxes:

  • 18% on the net profit of a legal entity. The total amount is calculated as all operating income for the reporting period minus current expenses multiplied by the rate of 18%.
  • 22% of the single social contribution. It is paid by operators for each hired employee: administrator, cashier, programmer, and lawyer.
  • 10–18% of gross gaming revenue. GGR is calculated as follows: all bets placed by gamblers minus their winnings. For offline slots, the tax is 10%, and for other types of activities (gaming sites or betting shops) — 18%.
  • 20% VAT on related contracts. Value-added tax is paid when entrepreneurs purchase equipment and software, pay for hosting services and get marketing or legal advice. Enterprises are eligible for a tax credit (it reduces the amount of VAT) if they provide B2B services, such as the promotion of the services of third-party companies.
  • 19.5% of the winnings of gamblers. The tax is levied from the size of payments to players, and business owners only carry out technical operations to transfer the amount.

Optimisation of the Tax Burden

From April 2022 to January 2023, entrepreneurs worked on a simplified fiscal system adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in connection with the invasion in Ukraine. They were allowed to pay only 2% of the monthly turnover.

In January 2023, the government suspended the grace period for gambling companies, and taxation returned to the traditional scheme.

The Verkhovna Rada has registered bill No. 2713-d on the reduction of the fiscal burden on business. At the moment, the document has passed the first reading and is expected to be adopted closer to the summer of 2023.

The Main Things about the Gaming Licence in Ukraine

Gaming licence in Ukraine: key notions

CASEXE experts have vast experience in the certification of casino projects in the country.

We will help you with the preparation and sending of documents, drafting a business plan, and completing an independent audit.

  • All types of entertainment are allowed in Ukraine. For each form of activity, it is necessary to have a separate certificate. Owners of land-based locations are required to obtain additional permits for each equipment unit.
  • Before starting the process of getting a licence that will allow operators to work on the Web, they must develop an iGaming resource. The platform can only be hosted on the .UA domain. It should also provide for the presence of SSL encryption, as well as responsible play mechanisms.
  • The cost of a permit depends on the type of activity. Entrepreneurs pay taxes on GGR, net profit, salaries of hired personnel, and related contracts.

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