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CASEXE Science: potential client of a casino, age from 35 to 44

According to research, made by Bing Ads (Microsoft), nearby 70% of gambling related searches on Bing and Yahoo websites are people from age 35-64. Less often there are searches from people of 25-34 year old. CASEXE Science is a new research department, which did the similar study with the searches on Google and Yandex search engines.

It turns out that the results of the study was similar with the minimal measurement error. The maximum frequency of gambling related searches was made by users between age 35 and 44. The number of requests starts to decrease for people from 45 years old. Also, the same results for people from 25 till 34.

These data give casino operators an opportunity to understand their clients better and to choose content customized according to the needs of the target audience.

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