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CASEXE and lagislation: news on gaming business and casino gambling software

At the end of the month, CASEXE conducted an overview of the world's latest gaming and casino gambling software initiatives. The following article includes the Top 3 of the major gaming events.


The Italian gaming regulator announced a tender procedure for those who willing to obtain an online gambling license. There were provided 120 permits for the first applicant companies and 40 - for licensees whose licenses expired in 2016.

The issuance of approvals, that are valid until 31 December 2022, was taking place from 18 to 25 September. The cost of a single permit amounted to €200 thousand. There are no accurate data with regard to who were selected among new market players, as well as existing operators of online gambling software.


PAGCOR, a government-owned and controlled corporation that supports gambling regulation and operation in the Philippines, could lose its right to issue licenses. At present, the House of Representatives of the Philippine Parliament is considering a sectoral bill.

If passed, the licensing of gambling operators will be transferred to the Congress and licensees of PAGCOR will be able to continue work on previously issued permits within following 12 months. Thereafter, they will be required to acquire a franchise to work in the gambling field according to the legislature of the Philippines.


Uruguay supported the draft bill on the prohibition of online gambling, including casino gambling software - roulette, online poker, slots. It is known that online sports betting will be assisted by the executive authorities of Uruguay. The latter are empowered to supervise industry organizers.

Watch out for the latest updates on gambling business together with CASEXE. Many important gambling events have been scheduled for October, which we will enlighten in the monthly case digest.

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