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VR technologies: what's new?

Recently, all operators and players have been excited by the news about establishing of the first VR casino. And CASEXE has started accepting applications for creation of similar projects. However, as known, technologies are developing exponentially in the modern age, which means we have to be on the alert and follow all novelties related with our interests.

Currently, major giants conquering the market of VR glasses and headsets are Oculus (with Oculus Rift headset), HTC (its product: HTC Vive) and Sony (Sony PlayStation VR, correspondingly). Each product requires a separate development of the same VR project. Let’s review the latest news from each of manufacturers and try to suggest what prospects can we expect as gambling business players.

    1. Oculus Rift

    Recently Oculus has managed to:

    • acquire such partners as BBC Earth
    • repurchase ‘foveated rendering’ technology for tracking of pupil movement, thereby display images will look more realistic, allowing to control interface using the eyes
    • start cooperating with Neurable to develop the brain-computer interface technology, allowing to control virtual reality using the power of thought

    It is also essential to mention the development of broadcast quality headphones from Harman International; these headphones are compatible with Oculus Rift and allow significantly improve sound quality of the standard sound module

    It should be noticed that Oculus Rift was the first real market player among VR devices prior to the current competitors, and in more than two years of superiority, it managed to attract developers and loyal customers.

    Major sales area: the West

      2. HTC Vive

      We are pleased that HTC:

      • jointly with Intel is working on creating a wireless system for the VR headset.
      • unlike Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR initially focusing on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, HTC has already cooperated with Valve while developing its headset, owing the Steam platform focusing on the PC market; therefore HTC Vive owners will more likely include potential online casino customers.
      • has the front-facing camera, allowing to come out of virtual reality and enter the augmented reality.
      • the VR headset is already used in schools for education, while HTC company holds a virtual exhibition along with the Nobel Museum and integrates its technologies into daily life using various ways.
      • Google has launched free Earth VR application specially for HTC Vive.

      All these aspects will definitely influence the attractiveness of this manufacturer and, consequently, the promotion of this model.

      Major sales area: the East – China and neighboring countries

        3. Sony PlayStation VR

        Thus far, it appears that Sony has decided not to compete with Oculus and HTC for the PC market and is intensely developing its product for the PlayStation game console. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about any advantages of this VR headset for the gambling business.

        It is debatable whether one will develop online casinos for consoles in future.

        Surely, CASEXE will be happy to create new unique projects, but at this time everything is looking better for operating casinos on the PC market.

        However, recently the newly established Global Virtual Reality Association focusing on smoothing the fragmentation of VR market players gathered the three above-mentioned companies on board. For instance, Ubisoft has stated that all its projects will be crossplatform.

        Perhaps, the difference between devices will be absolutely vanished very soon.

        However as of today, this difference is essential for us, software manufacturers and online casino operators.

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