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Bitcoin is becoming more popular in Southeast Asia

According to the source BitcoinMagazine, the use of bitcoins is becoming more popular in Southeast Asia. This led to an active development of companies, which works with crypto currency.

Despite the fact that in this region there is no clear regulation of Bitcoin, the Luno crypto platform has entered the local market, claiming to become the largest Asian crypto currency purse in the near future.

Throughout 2016, the gambling industry in Southeast Asia was actively developing and this development was one of the fastest in the world. For example, a casino is an integral part of the tourism business, which is one of the main revenue items of the Singapore budget. A similar situation exists in other countries of the region, where gambling is regulated by the state. And taking into account the development of online gambling and crypto currency, the prospects for the new platform look very rosy.

This information indicates that bitcoin-casino is a kind of business that in the coming years will be one of the most promising directions in countries of South-East Asia in particular.

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