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18 january 2017

In order to minimize the risks and expenses while launching a certain project, every operator should be well aware of the main requirements applicable to some of the software products used in the process of online casino development.

What a Virtual Casino Is and What It Is Made up of

An online gambling house is a perfect possibility for any operator to come up with high incomes. The possibility of getting sustainable profits depends directly upon the gambling content and its popularity with potential clients.

Apart from traditional products such as board games, slots, video poker, live games, payment systems and the rest of the existing software gaming solutions, operators should integrate additional services for their clients. Among such extra services, one may find loyalty programs, no deposit bonuses, bonuses to attract new gamblers, slot tournaments and other marketing tools aimed at attracting and retaining gambling audiences.

The following list focuses on the “three pillars” of any online casino such as platforms, games and payment services:

  1. A platform is the foundation of any online casino, serving as a base for future gaming content introduction and payment systems integration. Every platform includes such a valuable tool as an admin panel, which is more than instrumental in the subsequent setting up of various services. This is how operators usually monitor the visitors’ traffic, as well as the traffic coming from already subscribed gamblers and keep track of basic accounting of the payoffs and further payouts. Additionally, the admin panel operates as a tool enabling the distribution of bonus programs, the launch of lotteries and jackpots, the announcement of competitions and the rest of the important events that operators are willing to bring into the project.
  2. Gaming content or online casino games. Integration of games is another important step for an operator. Usually, software gaming solutions are insured and catered to online gambling houses by various providers. The portfolio of their services might vary greatly, depending on the provider´s product line and target audience, location or current legislation. The most popular gaming providers include Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Playtech, Betsoft, Cryptologic, and RTG (Real Time Gaming).
  3. Payment systems are online services enabling to carry on transactions between online casino operators and gamblers. The choice of payment systems depends greatly upon the location of a virtual casino, as well as the marketing campaign introduced to promote such a gambling house in a particular area or region. The most highly sought payment systems are WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Casino software: types

CASEXE: High Quality Standards of Software Gaming Solutions

The company CASEXE is offering revolutionary solutions and software products to the industry of online gambling. Solutions provided by CASEXE meet the world's requirements and are elaborated with an account of the latest innovations and current demand rates, empowering operators with various options applicable to their gambling houses.

Сross functional online casino platforms developed by programmers from CASEXE stand out due to their truly unique qualities enabling the company’s IT crews to launch online casino projects of all levels of complexity. The company has a record of more than 50 successfully accomplished projects that subsequently effectively integrated into the European market.

CASEXE, as a motivated developer of software gaming solutions, keeps improving by adding up new features to its platforms. The crew of professionals will easily substitute your current online casino software for a platform powered by the brand. In case of questions or troubleshooting, you will be certainly supported by the company´s programmers at all stages.

Please note: upgrading your casino and its adaptation to the flexible CASEXE platform takes minimum time so both clients and operators benefit from such favorable conditions.

Create a perfect online casino together with a team of professionals from the gambling industry from CASEXE!



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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