Invest in Bitcoin casino — how to open your Bitcoin casino?

10 march 2017

In order to keep up with the latest trends and, at the same time, to run a clean and profitable type of business, it is highly advisable for startuppers and entrepreneurs to invest in Bitcoin casinos,a recommendation that the company CASEXE finds truly reasonable.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin casino: general info

These days, cryptocurrencies are actively spreading out becoming an integral part of almost all the contemporary fields of human activity. Bitcoin is widely used in trading or purchasing real estate and automobiles, as well as it is a perfect way to pay for chosen goods and services online. Cryptocurrency has turned into a cross-functional and unlimited by any governmental policies and boundaries payment instrument.

Blockchain technologies are the bedrock of Bitcoin, assuring complete anonymity and reliability of such a solution. This type of currency is hard to steal, fake, moreover, committing fraud becomes almost impossible, because in these types of systems, as statistical data arguably proves, frauds are detected quite quickly. Thus, gambling is making use of Bitcoin technologies in calculation of its payments.

More and more online casinos nowadays are including cryptocurrencies into the list of their payment instruments, while some of them completely switch to Bitcoin, turning into an accessible resource of transactions for gamblers worldwide.

Invest into Bitcoin casino and automatically turn into a direct participant of digital technology revolution, outstripping competitors and simply those who still stick to old ways.

Bitcoin casinos possess the following advantages:

  • unlimited possibilities and no restrictions in currency usage;
  • no governmental control;
  • anonymity;
  • global access;
  • no account freeze;
  • instant transactions between users without involvement of banking systems;
  • the commission rate is set by the sender of a payment and sometimes equals to zero.


Economists observe sustainable growth of Bitcoin rates worldwide assuring that this is one of the best types of contemporary investments so far.

How to Open Your Bitcoin Casino?

There are two main ways to launch your own Bitcoin casino project online. The first way implies using some of the tips suggested by programmers on the Internet that includes purchasing of Bitcoin casino php scripts.

What can naïve entrepreneurs expect from such purchases?

  1. They will be definitely forced to integrate the newly purchased product into their resource all on their own.
  2. There are no guarantees that such products correspond to international quality standards and will meet expectations of their users, as long as in the majority of cases these products belong to the category of pirated software.
  3. There is a high probability of coming across different malicious programs, previously installed into Bitcoin casino php scripts by their developers, designed particularly to peek in your server data, steal clients’ identities and personal info, etc.
  4. In case of program malfunction, such technical breakdowns can be fixed only by an additionally employed specialist.
  5. No regular software updates, troubleshooting and bug reporting.


Those who have ever tried to invest in Bitcoin casinos will definitely confirm that without the involvement of a professional and skilled team, such attempts might turn into commercial failure.

In order to avoid such disappointments, and save your time and, most importantly, money, CASEXE recommends making use of professional assistance, which is, in fact, the second way to launch your own online project.

Collaboration with CASEXE

Turnkey Bitcoin casino: expert assistance

The company CASEXE offers turnkey online casino projects with already integrated Bitcoin payment systems or, if necessary, some of the solutions based solely on cryptocurrency. To define the most suitable type of a gambling website for you, you should take into consideration some of the regional features and characteristics of the market you are planning to operate on.

Regulators of several countries have introduced bans on usage of cryptocurrency because of the fact that Bitcoin cannot be controlled or tracked, so that it is practically impossible to affect its turnover, conversion and, eventually, taxation. Countries having no policies of this kind are truly ideal platforms for Bitcoin casino functioning.

If you are willing to make a profit-making investment and, at the same time, to save money on further purchasing of license, you should definitely invest in Bitcoin casino. The only thing requiring financial expenditures is quality and licensed gaming software, provided that you still pursue running a clean and legal business.

Advantages of Cooperation with CASEXE

After narrowing down the choice of possible markets, design, and content, together with CASEXE you will be able to launch your own Bitcoin casino.

Collaboration with a well-reputed company will provide you with the following services:

  • Quality software products.
  • 27/7 technical support.
  • Swift integration of new games and payment systems.
  • Convenient management of all casino processes.
  • Effective promotion of your website through marketing research and corresponding instruments.

As a result, what you get in the end is a turnkey competitive product bringing constant profit and incredibly popular with various audiences.

How to open your Bitcoin casino? Just consult the CASEXE team of professionals specializing in providing its customers with innovative solutions complying with the latest online gambling tendencies and your best expectations.



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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