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The right choice of online betting software – your key to a successful betting company

Within the advancement of IT technologies betting offices have turned their attention to a relatively vacant niche of online betting. The growing popularity of placing bets online has resulted in rapid development of online betting market, that does not seem to stop evolving. An important role in this evolution is certainly devoted to online betting software, a significant matter for both online betting operators and bettors themselves.

What is betting and who are bettors?

These words derive from the English words “bet” - a sum of money staked and “betting”- the process of placing a bet. These notions are tightly connected with commercial activities of betting providers accepting sports bets and , in a lesser degree, refer to betting terminals. The most popular sports bets among players are stakes on football matches, basketball and tennis tournaments, as well as the rest of varieties of sports.

Betting is gradually stepping beyond the scope of sports, as numerous types of betting are appearing these days, such as betting on TV programs, plots of the TV series, outcomes of some of the political events. A spectacular example of that is the case when some of the British betting providers offered placing stakes on the outcome of the referendum regarding the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Players opposing to betting providers are called bettors. All of them can be figuratively divided into two categories:

1. Professional players making money out of betting;

2. Amateurs willing to experience all kinds ofadrenalin while watching matches.

Becoming a professional bettor is not that easy, as it seems. Bettors’ job involves patient analysis and detailed compilation of information concerning the upcoming sports tournaments. Frequently, this information includes even the most absurd details, however, they help to make detailed and accurate analyses that eventually results in a comprehensive forecast of the results of the tournament.

Sure thing, even professionals lose from time to time. However, the money they win allow them to lead a quite wealthy lifestyle. International studies on betting have shown that the majority of professional bettors live in developing countries of the Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, earning their profits out of betting that they consider their only money resource.

Within the transition of land-based betting providers to the Internet, the number of professionals has significantly increased. The quality online betting software for mobileshas given the rise to the new epoch in this very sector of business. From now on, it takes only 1 click to visit the webpage and choose the necessary line to place a bet. The same tendency is preserved when it comes to the information analysis, that has become significantly easier to accomplish.

Betting business

What is so appealing about betting? First of all, the profitability. The incomes of companies out of online betting account for billions of dollars. In some of the countries, such as Great Britain, betting businesses are legal. In the rest of the countries, in spite of various bans, betting companies transfer their activities to offshore zones and continue successful functioning. Besides, the biggest and the most popular betting providers are from Great Britain – William Hill and Lad Brokes. The profitability of these companies is growing year by year due to rapid development of the online sector. For instance, William Hill’s income for the 2013 increased by 18%, reaching the point of £ 1,5 bill. and this trend keeps climbing up.

Online betting: online betting software for mobiles

Mobile betting is also an uprising trend of the said industry. Practices of placing sports bets via PCs are gradually substituted by the possibility of betting via convenient mobile gadgets almost from every location of the world. Bettors finally got the access to stakes tables via mobiles due to the advancement of online betting software for mobiles. Easy registration, quick depositing, interactive tracking of coefficients, availability of live modes of the game, all of that, brings you closer to the victory.

An essential part of online betting – online betting software

If you carry an idea of founding a successful betting business and earn out of betting online, first of all, you need a correctly selected betting software that will comply with all the necessities and requirements applicable to this very business. Again, it will give you the maximum freedom in effectuating your plans, management and promotion of your business.

The company CASEXE offers effective online betting software to variousbetting providers implemented in a cross-functional and flexible platform. It is omni-purpose and will suit both to land – based casinos and online betting businesses.

The crew of programmers will bring together all of your orders by integrating into the platform any systems or features upon your request. Create your own successful online betting project together with CASEXE already today!