Online casino engine — myths and reality

15 december 2015

Online casino scripts are noted for great functionality and a set of options — possibilities are quite extensive. You can purchase a light version with a basic set of gaming content and managing tools, or buy a full solution with a complete design and a maximum amount of games.


How to Choose a Gambling Engine

An unbelievable variety of companies offering to download a casino engine with all possible features can easily confuse a new operator. There’s a great risk of making a mistake while choosing software, failing the project at its beginning.

Before buying software for your project, CASEXE advises you to ask yourself some questions:

  1. Where do you plan to buy an online casino engine?
  2. What does the platform consist of and what kind of possibilities it provides?
  3. What is the price for the engine compared to other ones?
  4. Are you ready to buy or rent a casino engine?

In order not to make critical errors while starting up your gambling venue, we offer answers to these questions and also hope to shatter the most widespread myths about casino scripts prevailing in the world of gambling.

Buy or Rent Casino?

First of all, many gambling pioneers think that it’s enough to buy a quality online casino engine and you’re all set. Money is invested, and you just start generating revenue. In fact, everything is a little bit different. If you’re interested in a really quality product that can provide a flawless and reliable casino operation, you better rent an engine under certain conditions.

It’s just that you’re more likely to buy some low-quality software or just a knock-off. Not a single professional developer will sell a source code of a project, but it’s all different for some scams. That’s why we advise you not to buy software that would belong to you completely, as it can turn out to be a failing option.

Casino engine: nuances

The More Expensive, the Better

Another thing that can often mislead an operator is the script price. Traditionally, higher price affects our subconscious minds in a magical way, making us want to overpay for the brand and reputation of a big company. An online engine price can reach $10,000, but the quality is not always the same. So don’t go blind choosing the software only by the number of zeros on a price tag. First and foremost, study its technical details and functional capabilities.

It’s a necessary event if you don’t have a special kind of knowledge by referring to the advisory services of specialists. If the company really offers a great product corresponding to your requirements, you’ll receive all the necessary information. And after the comparative analysis, you can make a decision whether you should overpay for the online casino engine without getting extra quality.

All Inclusive

This myth has rather divided opinions, as it all depends on the operator’s personal preferences and the set priorities. Some think that purchasing a turnkey casino solution with a built-in engine is more productive than creating a casino from scratch. For comparison, we can provide some examples. Purchasing a PC, a certain part of users would buy a complete system, while others claim that building up a custom computer is cheaper and more convenient.

We wouldn’t insist on the thought that one way is more correct than the other one, but it’s necessary to draw your attention to the downsides of a complete solution for casino, which can drastically influence the operation of an online project.

First of all, a turnkey casino is a complete solution, so the options for upgrading and making changes are limited at the start, which can badly influence the project's operation in the future. The second pitfall that one can face after purchasing a turnkey casino is using incorrect gaming and payment software integrated without taking into account of operator’s and players’ requirements. Again, you can’t change these gaps because you’d be limited by some restrictions.

Thus, a turnkey solution saves time and reduces costs, simplifying the process of integration of payment systems, gaming content, and acquiring a license, but disables the possibility to create an individual project with all your custom desires or personal vision.

Casino scripts: selection

What’s More Important: Software or Game?

The last but not least myth we’d like to shatter is this thought: in a casino, games are more important than the engine. Of course, if you look at it from the player’s point of view, it’s true. The first thing that draws the attention of an online casino visitor and the very reason a player comes to your venue is the game. But as for the founder and owner of a gaming portal, a multifunctional, robust and flexible platform is of major importance, as it can promote the uniqueness of the website.

Engine potential shall provide numerous possibilities for the integration of various content from certain developers and the integration of payment systems that are convenient for your players. Such an online casino engine shall ensure the future successful operation of the project and provide you with all the necessary tools for venue management.

To sum it all up, if you stand at the threshold of launching your own gambling portal and you need to make the most important choice before downloading a casino engine or purchasing software from questionable providers, take into account all the factors listed above. We’re sure that this information will be a useful background for helping you to find the best casino engine for the productive operation of your business project.



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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