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Turnkey online casino business

New operators often prefer turnkey online casino or a White Label solution. In this article, CASEXE will tell you about benefits and downsides of launching the turnkey online casino, and what you have to pay attention to while choosing a software provider for a White Label project.

Offering you to buy a turnkey casino, developers include a full package of all necessary software, dozens of various games that players like, and a range of integrated payment systems.

Ordering a turnkey casino, you get all necessary to launch your new business within the shortest time possible. This is the key benefit of such solution – quickest possible start of the project. Besides, there’s a range of advantages of a turnkey solution that you can find out at CASEXE.COM website, White Label section.


Casino licensing is another important aspect that should be taken into account. In addition to customized platform, adjusted gaming and payment solutions package, some companies provide the right to operate under their own license for gaming operation. So there’s a term “White Label”, which means a casino operation under the license of the other company in online gambling industry. After some time, if the project is successful, operator could purchase his own license and operate independently. CASEXE is one of the companies offering its clients a possibility to use the benefits of White Label solution.

When it comes to the downsides of purchasing a turnkey online casino, there’re a few of them, still they are sufficient. Key flaw of such solution is operator’s automatic limit for improvement and customization for its needs. Turnkey casino is a ready-made solution, thus certain limits at the start of the project, which can come up negative in the future on the operator’s business. So the operator has to establish priorities during the launching of business and define what’s more important – speed, saving resources and time or a custom solution that will take into account all aspects of the further project development.


Another essential aspect of turnkey casino is a possibility of integration by the scam provider of gaming or payment software, that has been selected not because of players’ desires, but out of some personal or business interests, e.g. close partnership with one of the developer companies of games or payment solutions. Prospect operators shall pay attention to that and try to avoid possible misunderstanding and losses from such actions of turnkey online casino providers.

Turnkey casino service shall also include provider’s consultations, including the advisory services for all key questions related to management and further development of online casino. Besides, issues of administering and progressive management also play an important part in the process, as they can help new business owner to promote the online casino. 

Player attraction is also a critical process involving the integration of SEO technologies and application of innovations and latest trends in gambling business. In such a way, turnkey casino ensures the success of a new online casino as well as experience to its owner, supporting the operation and allowing to receive high passive income.

So if you decided to purchase a turnkey online casino and want to choose a provider of such service, it’s necessary to keep in mind the quality of the selected gaming and payment software, functionality and possibilities of the online casino platform. Make sure that partner company can offer a White Label solution, provide consulting and marketing support, as well as a 24/7 technical operation of online casino. All this will allow you to get a quality turnkey online casino and use its maximum potential and benefits of such business solutions.

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