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How to open a licensed online casino

In the previous articles, we talked about various details that operator can face in the process of launching a gambling online project. But more attention has to be devoted to such an important matter of the casino launching process as acquiring the license.

Acquiring the casino license

Gambling industry is probably controlled by legislative and legal authorities more than any other type of business activities. Casino license is what makes the venue distinct from other questionable shadow houses that operate illegally in some countries, thus ensuring the security and stability of operations. Users’ trust is also a factor of major importance directly influencing the work of casino. Some players that can’t find necessary licensing information on the gambling website tend to leave the page and event spread negative feedback about the casino on the web. License is a must if operator wants to establish a firm reputation of a casino and ensure players that provided software and content are reliable.

Legalization options

One can acquire a license for gambling operations in special jurisdictions that are valid in more than 80 countries in the world. Online casino license cost today depends on the type of the future gaming venue and a country for the active license. When choosing a country and jurisdiction, focus on the reputation of the regulating authority, taxation system, benefits and privileges that will come with a license.

Acquired gambling license intends a complicated and expensive process including the range of procedures and requiring the preliminary arrangement of all necessary documentation. Before sending an application to the authority representative, operator should make sure that casino complies with all the applicable requirements.

Many operators intend to save time and money, choosing to purchases a ready turnkey casino with all the licenses. Thus, a White Label solution allows to operate under the provider company’s license. More details and other specifications of the turnkey online casino can be found on CASEXE website: In any case, it’s necessary to be aware of all licensing options for future gambling venue.

Licensing peculiarities

Most reputable licenses are considered to be issued within such jurisdictions as the UK, Costa Rica, Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, the Isle of Man, Belize, Australia, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Austria and Italy. Each jurisdiction has its own approaches, requirements, procedures of control, supervision and evaluation of online casino operations. To clearly understand the process of launching a licensed online casino, it's better to use services of provider companies offering informational support and help with licensing.

Key issues for choosing the jurisdiction of licensing when opening a legal online casino:

- whether price matches the offered benefits

- what jurisdiction is the most familiar to the future casino’s target audience

- what games and payment systems will be available under the valid license

- taxation policy within the licensing authority

- whether the representation office or technical infrastructure is required on the territory of the issuing country

- whether the additional registration and casino employees compliance assessment are required

CASEXE can provide consultation services for matters of legalization and assist in the process of license acquiring, which will help you to obtain the best possible option for reliable operation of your gambling venue.