Analysis of Opponents Is the Key to Success in Gambling

Experts of the CASEXE studio will explain why it is necessary to learn about the experience of other gambling brands. It is also very important to know what business methods should be used.


About the Concept

Competitor analysis: general info

This is a thorough study of opponents based on many characteristics. Most often, these are pricing policy, product range, customer relations, and marketing strategies.

Another popular metric for comparison is KPI. Key performance indicators show the main characteristics of an iGaming startup (gross turnover, net profit, and return on investment).

To stay afloat, operators need to conduct such analysis regularly. It is best to collect data once every 6 months. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can navigate the market situation, as well as study the experience, strengths, and weaknesses of other brands.

There are 3 groups of competitors:

  1. Straight. These are online casinos that provide identical services (similar games and bonus offers).
  2. Indirect. This category consists of those brands (owners of digital entertainment sites and bookmaker offices) which create similar products. Theoretically, each of the parties can change its main activity by starting to accept bets or adding iGaming solutions.
  3. “Substitutes”. They offer different services but can be easily replaced by each other. For online casinos, these are, for example, representatives of GameDev, aggregators, and providers who know the industry well from the inside.

When It Is Necessary to Study the Opponents’ Actions

Experts identify several situations in which such analysis is obligatory:

Launch of a Business

Competitor analysis in gambling: advantages

Already at the stage of obtaining a licence and buying the software, entrepreneurs must know the leaders of the selected niche and understand the level of competition, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

If the sector is well-filled, then operators can only claim a small share of it. For greater reach, businessmen will need financial/human resources and some extra time. In this case, it is important to interest and lure those customers who previously placed bids on other platforms.

The launch of an iGaming startup is always preceded by the selection of a suitable market. Most often, this is a country in which a permit is obtained.

Factors for choosing the jurisdiction:

  1. Legislation. Here, the most important aspects are lawful operation, stability, and a clear licensing structure.
  2. Financial issues. These are the cost of receiving a certificate, availability of credit, and fiscal burden.
  3. Demographics. This is the size of the population and its general standard of living, as well as age limit and other parameters. The emphasis should be placed on the middle class since this is the most interested and wealthy group of players.

Maintaining Influence in the Market

Young startups are gradually transforming into successful online casinos and:

  • increasing the client base;
  • boosting profits;
  • improving image indicators.

The main goals of competitor analysis at these stages are:

  1. Highlighting the advantages of products or services. To show their strengths, operators need to understand what their opponents offer, and how they position themselves in the industry. The study helps to determine the entrepreneurs’ strong points, such as the best range of solutions, good bonuses, and responsive UX design.
  2. Pricing. In the gambling field, there is a whole group of metrics that affect a brand’s profit. These are the minimum and maximum sizes of bets, denomination, RTP indicator, volatility, number of rewards, cashback percentage, and much more. An operator’s task is to correctly combine these parameters and offer fair rates.
  3. Creation of a promotion strategy. The experience of competitors can be studied in a variety of directions, from general advertising policy to targeted promotion through SMM channels, search engines, and e-mail newsletters. At this stage, keywords, material basis (posts, creatives, links, and a website), and KPIs in the field of marketing (for example, conversion or return on investment) are analysed.
  4. Identification of threats. The growth of business is often linked with negative external and internal impacts. These are a sharp change in the regulatory framework, an increase in the number of hacker attacks, and multi-accounting. To perform successfully, it is necessary to study competitors' experience in the field of effective security strategies and fight against intruders.

Project Expansion

The main purpose of the analysis is the search for ideas, identification of growth points, and business scaling.

To enter an international or regional market and strengthen the footprint, it is necessary to conduct research on global providers. They successfully work in several countries and have a solid client base, as well as recognisable proprietary solutions (content, in-game tools, and sponsorship contracts).

Analysis Methods

Competitor analysis methods: key peculiarities

Entrepreneurs need to make a list of firms the experience of which they want to study.

The brands can be selected using:

  • industry ratings and leaderboards;
  • search engines that show the best offers in a given segment;
  • media events (iGaming conferences, exhibitions, and summits);
  • marketing research;
  • survey of players.

Let us consider the best analysis methods:


This is the most common technique that is used in various sectors of the economy. These are construction, healthcare, IT, banking, investment activities, and entertainment for money.

The term is a four-word abbreviation:

  • Strengths — strong points and advantages;
  • Weakness — vulnerabilities, limitations, and shortcomings;
  • Opportunities — capabilities, technologies, trends, and growth points;
  • Threats — potential risks and negative factors (government policy and the competitors’ actions).

The popularity of the method is explained by its high flexibility and adaptability. It can be used at any stage of the life cycle of a gambling company, from the launch of a startup to the maintenance of positions and conquering new markets.

Porter Five Forces Analysis

This is a unique approach of Michael Porter, an American scientist. It was first introduced at Harvard University, where he worked in the mid-1970s.

The tool is based on several parameters:

  • actions of competitors;
  • inception of new entertainment brands;
  • change in gaming habits;
  • emergence of substitute solutions;
  • behaviour of the B2B segment (suppliers of casino products and payment systems).

Each influencing factor is assigned a rating from 1 to 10. After that, the results are calculated and compared. Next, the marketer draws conclusions based on the information received.


Strategic Position and Action Evaluation is a comprehensive approach for analysing place in the industry, estimating competitors, and choosing the optimal growth plan.

The following 4 factors are taken as a basis:

  • stability of the political and economic situation;
  • market potential;
  • competitive strengths;
  • viability of the gambling company.

Each factor is assessed on a six-point scale, after which a SPACE matrix is ​​formed.

The Main Things about Competitive Analysis in the Casino Niche

Competitor analysis nuances: description

Studying the actions of other brands is essential for any entrepreneur.

It is important to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The analysis will be useful before launching an iGaming startup, for maintaining high positions in the industry, and at the moment of business scaling. It helps to correctly identify the advantages of products, set a fair price for the provided services, and choose the right marketing strategy.
  • Opponents can be direct, indirect, and “substitute”. They can be analysed according to various parameters, such as recognition, market share, and mention in the press. Most often, it is worth focusing on KPI metrics (gross/net gambling income and profitability).
  • Popular methods include SWOT, SPACE, and Porter Five Forces analysis. Competitors are evaluated based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as technological potential, the likelihood of new risks, and the negative external influence.

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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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