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VR technologies: what's new?

Recently, all operators and players have been excited by the news about establishing of the first VR casino. And CASEXE has started accepting applications for creation of similar projects. However, as known, technologies are developing exponentially in the modern age, which means we have to be on the alert and follow all novelties related with our interests.

2 february 2017

CASEXE Science: potential client of a casino, age from 35 to 44

According to research, made by Bing Ads (Microsoft), nearby 70% of gambling related searches on Bing and Yahoo websites are people from age 35-64. Less often there are searches from people of 25-34 year old. CASEXE Science is a new research department, which did the similar study with the searches on Google and Yandex search engines.

26 january 2017

Why it is essential to visit ICE Totally Gaming

On February 7–9, 2017, London hosts ICE Totally Gaming exhibition. ​Apart from the fact that this is one of the biggest exhibitions of the iGaming industry, this 2017 it is going to become world´s record-breaker in terms of both the quantity of items to be exhibited and general number of presumed participants.

11 january 2017

2016 full-year results with CASEXE

At the turn of the year, we traditionally summarize the full-year results and would like to share with you the latest news regarding new products, innovations, and updates of the CASEXE platform.

30 december 2016

CASEXE Science: analysis of the online casino marketing trends

The tight-knit crew of CASEXE is happy to inform, that the company has already organized its own research department and its specialists are all ready to please customers and those who are simply interested with fresh materials and recent statistical data from the world of online gambling.

2 december 2016