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CASEXE public message to the future online casino operators

While creating an online casino there are a number of solutions affecting the whole process and the final outcome. Far too often, future operators are not enough experienced, that is why it is necessary to edit the process of project’s establishment. While making such allowances we are reaching the understanding of the wrong desired goal. All these aspects directly affect the timing and quality of the final project.

29 march 2017

Live broadcast from VIGE 2017

At this moment, Vienna hosts the Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017. If you, for some reason, could not get to the event - join our video broadcast right now from the scene!

21 march 2017

CASEXE sets off to VIGE 2017

The company CASEXE is glad to inform about its participation in another international gaming event, particularly, in Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017, hosted in Vienna on March 20-22. The said platform gathers world’s leading gaming providers, operators, and affiliates from more than 40 countries in order to discuss global issues of the gambling industry.

15 march 2017

Should I lease or develop my own software? Five reasons to lease

Starting online-gambling business can be much faster, safer and less expensive. This significantly contributes to software rental. We offer you 5 reasons why renting a platform for online casino is much more profitable than to build a project from scratch.

21 february 2017

ICE Totally Gaming 2017: Results

As we mentioned previously, ICE Totally Gaming 2017 turned out to be a record-breaker in terms of its scope and the number of attendees. Moreover, the results of the said exhibition for our managers and the company itself, proved to be not less record-breaking.

16 february 2017