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What Online Casino Market Will Look Like In 2016? CASEXE Predictions

2015 has been another growth year for the industry. For example, compared to 2014, market volume increased for $2bn, to about $41bn, adding some 15% to total amount of online casinos. So how will the online gambling industry change in 2016, and online casino segment in particular? CASEXE experts share their predictions and key trends on the online gambling market in 2016.

1. Increasing of the total market volume. Early analysis shows that in 2016, online gambling market will grow 8-10 per cent compared to 2015.

2. Launching of new online casinos. The amount of venues will increase, because the market will see new customers from the land based casinos, as well as new users. Predictions show that steady growth of 15-20% will take place this year.

3. Mobile segment. In 2016, there’ll be more online casino players using mobile devices. Mobile gambling share will reach 60-65% by the end of the year.

4. New types of gaming solutions. Players will need new solutions, more quests in the games, completing tasks. Game developers will be adjusting, launching new kinds of games for online casino.

5. Segmenting of the online casino audience. Popularity of projects aimed for the narrow target audience or regions (e.g. casino for house-wifes, businessmen, athletes, Scandinavians etc.) will increase.

6. Growth of Bitcoin casinos. In 2015, the share of Bitcoin casinos comprised about 12% of the total amount of online casinos. By the end of 2016, the number will reach 20%.

7. Increasing of regulated markets. There’s a legalization trend in new countries and diversification of regulation in states where online gambling is already allowed. EU countries are more loyal to taxation of the online gambling industry.

So as we can see, 2016 will become a year of possibilities for online casino operators that have great options for growing a successful online business with this progress of the market and interested audience. Key element of an online casino success is still the quality software with custom solutions from the operator. In 2016, CASEXE will continue to promote innovations and advancement to its products, making the process more easy, convenient and productive for the operators.