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What is "Fraud" for online gambling and why it is dangerous

Fraud affects to all participants in online gambling projects: both customers and operators.

The essence of a problem

There are two main types of fraud in online casinos:

  1. Fraud from the side of players (for example, fraud with the input-withdrawal of money, ways to deceive the operator, etc.)
  2. Fraud from outside people, who are trying to invade the online casino software (one of the most common ways – by leaving backdoors in the code of ready scripts)

For customers, actions of intruders are threatened with financial losses and the leakage of personal data that they provide to a casino (these can be bank card numbers, passport data and other personal information that scammers can use to take advantage of).

For an operator, fraud implies both significant financial costs (for example, leakage of profits and penalties from payment systems), and reputational risks, as a consequence - distrust by Internet users, which for online casinos, as a rule, is equivalent to the end of activities.


The solution of this issue is being provided by the software provider itself. To exclude fraud on the part of a player, platform manufacturers embed in their product additional levels of identification, confirmation of accounts, the ability to block players on specified parameters (nickname, IP, etc.).

If it is a matter of preventing fraud from outside - an operator must have quality software that is 100% protected from outside interference.

To prevent a variety of fraudulent activities, online casino platform providers tend to develop a specialized anti-fraud system that is checked by a specially organized security department, conducting stress tests and trying to "break through" the system in various ways - to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited for fraudulent Manipulations.

As in the case of computer viruses, methods and ways of fraud are developing at the same speed as computer technologies.

Therefore, it is very important that companies that provide software rent out keep an eye on all new technologies, and also monitor emerging fraud and introduce a system of counteraction to them.

CASEXE is concerned about the safety of its customers and constantly improves and complements its anti-fraud system.

You can find out more about the anti-fraud system, as well as about our platform, by clicking on the button below.