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Unique event from CASEXE! The first webinar in gambling history on "How to create your online casino"

Next Friday, on December 18, 2015, at 4:00 PM Moscow time (2:00 CET), CASEXE will organize the first webinar in the history of online gambling devoted to the topic of “How to create your online casino”.

Denis Zheltovskiy, business development manager at CASEXE and famous expert in online casino launching and management, will be the webinar speaker. Ivan Kondilenko, CASEXE brand manager will be the webinar moderator.

At this webinar, you’ll get answers to such questions as:

What are the benefits of online casino compared to land based venues?

Which is the step-by-step algorithm of launching an online casino?

What kind of risks and pitfalls can operators face in the process of their operation?

Benefits and downsides of the turnkey solutions.

How much investment is necessary and how much will your online casino earn?

During the webinar, you’ll have a chance to ask any question and get an expert answer from the speaker. Author of the most interesting question is going to get a pleasant surprise from CASEXE!

We invite everyone to become a part of this historic event – the first webinar devoted to the topic of “How to create your online casino”. No charge needed for participation in the webinar, but there’s a limited amount of participants, so register now!