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Should I lease or develop my own software? Five reasons to lease

Starting online-gambling business can be much faster, safer and less expensive. This significantly contributes to software rental. We offer you 5 reasons why renting a platform for online casino is much more profitable than to build a project from scratch.

1. Cost and time saving. Taking turnkey software systems on lease costs ten times or even hundred times cheaper than development of the new ones. Moreover, development of online casino projects based on ready - to- use platforms take around one or two months, while brand new software requires at least a couple of years of hard work.

2. Regular platform updating. Online casino businesses are quite dynamic and require constant updates of their software functionality that is why lease providers should update and improve their products on the regular bases. You will be getting such platform updates automatically, while your own software requires a whole department of technical specialists in charge of technical support provision. Mind please, that such multifunctional products like platforms involve performance of dozens of employees.

3. System security. Any kind of software has its own flaws. Platform providers have a vast customer base, so they are able to detect software bugs way quicker than provide technical support to individual system owners. More often than not, companies specializing in software development have separate departments responsible for platform security provision.

4. Project´s operational safety. You will be constantly dealing with one and the same provider with proven reputation affirmed by various operators. It means that you will be more than sure of the fact that your data won’t be stolen and all the improvements to the system are made competently.

5. Commitment to your development. As a rule, online gambling software providers get their lease payments in a form of a commission out of total revenue of the project based on their platform. In such a manner, the majority of lease providers are quite concerned about your commercial success, as long as your raising incomes are directly linked to the incomes obtained by the platform developers. The company CASEXE provides quality customer support at all stages of project development, as well as assures guidance and competent consulting during your cooperation cycle with an operator.

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