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RoyalFoxy casino: results of the first month of operations

The fully-featured launch of the new project took place in the first half of June – RoyalFoxy online casino went live basing on the CASEXE platform. In just a month, CASEXE together with the operator review the first results of casino operations.

Over the accounting period, more than 200 registrations were completed in the casino, and about 50 return players are currently playing at RoyalFoxy. Actual revenue of the project made it twice the amount expected by the operator. Besides, stable gaming session statistics demonstrates that RoyalFoxy features the most preferable gaming software for the target audience.

Ivan Kondilenko, CEO, CASEXE:

“Same as the operator, we’re absolutely happy about the starting period of the project operations. Almost all set goals were completed, and some numbers are topped several times. Of course, after the launch of the project, there were some updates necessary for the process of operations. Within the next couple of weeks, we’re going to complete upgrades for the client. Specifically, the integration and launch of the RoyalFoxy affiliate program, content optimization, as well as enhancement of the project bonus policy.”

Key of any online casino project success is a fully-functional dynamic platform supplemented by original quality games and verified payment systems. Operators get all that for cooperation with CASEXE. Results of RoyalFoxy demonstrate another confirmation of that.