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How do potential customers feel about advertising? (by CASEXE Science)

Marketing and advertising are essential components of any online casino. A team of market research specialists from the company CASEXE decided to find out how average online casino gamblers feel about banner advertising on various websites and in social media.

According to the survey that covered around 200 participants from CIS and Europe, around 20% of the actual gamblers were proposed to flick through the ads belonging to the other casinos than they usually visit. As a result, approximately 80% of gamblers completely ignored it.

The gamblers were offered to tick all the reasons that made them click on the banner advertisements at that moment; each participant could mark several options.The participants pointed out the following reasons:

~ 70% - free bets offers

~ 60% - promos, special offers

~ 59% - bonuses

~ 29% - impressive jackpotamounts

~ 30% - the name of an online casino sounded familiar

~ 8% - gave other reasons

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