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Digest of the latest articles and studies by CASEXE

The CASEXE team has prepared a topical review highlighting the main issues and popular themes of the world's gambling industry. Meet the top five major themes of the ongoing summer.

1. How to find a reliable online gaming partner - is one of the most frequently asked questions in the iGaming industry. We suggest a detailed information on who can be considered as reliable partners, how to find them, and what is important when choosing a company. The details are here.

2. The world has recorded an active growth in female players. You may ask why is it so, and the most important thing is what to offer women in order to attract and engage them in the game. Women and men have fundamentally different reasons to gamble - read about them here.

3. Online and offline gaming projects are extremely different. Today, the sphere of online gambling is confidently pulling ahead, snapping at traditional gambling operators' heels. Find out the key differences in conducting the industry activities here.

4. How much is it possible to earn as an online casino operator? How soon will your project become a sustainable one? The CASEXE team is confident that the precise handling of the figures on this issue is extremely difficult. Our studies show that business success depends on an array of third-party factors where a proper software plays a key role. Modern, smart, safe and reliable – these are crucial aspects of online gambling software. Read more in the feature article.

5. Digital currencies, virtual products, surrogate currency - today, cryptocurrencies are classified in different ways around the world. So far, the first cryptocurrency of the world — Bitcoin — is not giving up its leading position to other digital money in the crypromarket. However, we are frequently hearing about Ethereum, the second most demanded digital currency. It is currently on the second place, but will it take the leader's position in the digital currency market? This is mentioned in the relevant article.

Stay with the CASEXE team, and you will always be aware of the most up-to-date and relevant information of the World of Gaming!

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