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CASEXE’s 4th webinar: pondering over results and the next subject of discussion

Last Friday, November 11, 2016, we conducted the fourth webinar in terms of “CASEXE Education” project. This time it was devoted to licensing of the online casino activities. The majority of operators find this topic very complicated, however, it makes up an essential part of the whole system of running an online casino business.

Ivan Kondilenko, CASEXE´s СЕО, gave a considerable overview of the general conditions of getting a license for an operator, disclosed pricing policies in accordance with the most popular jurisdictions and dwelled upon the importance of allowances for the activities involved into online operators´ businesses. Additionally, the videoconference was structured as a step-by-step guideline to getting a licence under Curasao jurisdiction within mentioning all the necessary list of documents and the rest of essential details.

Here is the full video recording of the recent webinar:

It should be said, that this webinar was attended by more than 100 participants including actual and potential online casino operators. We do appreciate you for your participation and are happy to announce that we are looking forward to conducting a new seminar within CASEXE experts.

We are kindly asking our followers and readers to join us in structuring and organizing the next video – meeting. Feedback to all the obtained requests is guaranteed!

Please, send your requests and ideas via filling in an application form available on our website and keep up with the latest news.

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