CASEXE: results of RGW2017

13 june 2017

So, on June 7, representatives of the gambling market gathered in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. The stand of CASEXE company has opened its doors for guests of the exhibition starting from 10 a.m.. Visitors were exceptionally excited by the VR attraction. Roller coaster and open space fights became the most popular games.

“Virtual reality draws people´s attention as a magnet”, commented Ivan Kondilenko, the CEO of the company. “No matter how many times you´ve been told about it, you should experience it yourself”.

At the RGW conference the thesis was repeated repeatedly that the main problem peculiar to contemporary VR, is transition. In order to tackle it, it is necessary to limit gamblers´ transition, shrink the virtual world and enable gamers to teleport to particular places like a virtual capsule or a sports car. 

¨We managed to show, that CASEXE´s potential is truly unlimited. There is no need for us to limit gamblers´ transition and our stand arguably proves it”, commented Kondilenko.

Besides, Ivan Kondilenko gave a presentation on the second conference day and shared his ideas on advantages and hidden pitfalls of turnkey solutions for online casinos. After the presentation CASEXE representatives had a chance to communicate with their direct partners including such gaming providers as Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming, Playtech, Ezugi, Play'n'GО, as well as with various representatives of companies ensuring payment services - ECommPay, RfiBank, UPI, VipDeposits, Fondy, etc.

“We are very pleased with the event as a whole. RGW traditionally embodies gathering of international experts and leading providers of iGaming software. We had a chance to share our experience and elaborate a brand new strategy of partnership, as well as learned more about some of the promising gambling startups. We have a lot to offer providing businesses with amazing opportunities”, concluded Kondilenko.

Features of XI RGW session

Summing up the results of this event, CASEXE argues, that RGW 2017 differs greatly from its previous sessions. The brand new feature – an open lecture-hall, where anyone willing could make a presentation including already renowned experts of the industry. Another feature includes the ceremony of Login Casino Awards appointing winners in three different categories. The third significant feature of this year´s event is its focus on betting solutions represented in developers´ zone. Moreover, there could be also seen some of the providers ofcasino equipment, betting terminals and slots, as well as unique games.

XI RGW – CASEXE features

The first and the most important feature is presentation of a brand new online casino Jolly Roger being demonstrated in the demo zone by a famous TV host and singer Katya Sambuka. ¨The logo of our online casino generated lots of buzz”, commented Kondilenko. “Once again we fully realized that the choice of the concept for our online casino was definitely right”.

CASEXE didn’t want to change all traditional approaches, so RGW audiences had a chance to:

  • žParticipate in the draw for discounts on development of online casinos;
  • žCheck out our brand new VR glasses symbolizing our advanced product line.

VR glasses were available for all the willing at our exhibition stand. That is what representatives of the company heard: "Wow! I was never felt myself so cool! May I stay here forever?"

CASEXE believes that RGW 2017 was definitely a success. CASEXE team is glad to be a part of such an important event and is looking forward to continuing developing and improving.

See you at the upcoming gambling meetings!


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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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