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CASEXE professionals will tell about the value and prospects of Bitcoin in online gambling

On 24 of September, 2015, Kiev will host an international exhibition-conference Bitcoin Conference Kiev, where specialists will discuss many important questions, including what is Blockchain, how does Bitcoin works and how such technologies can change the financial system of the world.

At the conference, CASEXE will be presented by Brand Manager Ivan Kondilenko, who will make a presentation “Value of Bitcoin in online gambling”.

What specific aspects make Bitcoin a perfect payment solution in the world of gambling? How did the history of Bitcoin integration in the gambling world evolved, and what future development is ahead? These are only a few questions that would be answered by Ivan during his presentation at Bitcoin Conference Kiev.

Ivan Kondilenko,CASEXE Brand Manager:

“Today, opening of Bitcoin-casino is one of the gambling industry trends. Due to the unique nature, this relatively new cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular among players each day. We’ll try to find out the reason of that, and predict the further development of Bitcoin in the context of online gambling situation. Feel welcome to attend this bitcoin conference of 24th of September in Kiev, where you’ll acquire a lot of useful information, including on the possibility to establish a successful bitcoin business in the gambling sector.”